Twitter Profits Collapse—The Fix Is To Ban All Trump Supporters! :)


I have never wanted to use Twitter.  Trump loves using that ugly platform.  So do most of the Fake News staff.  They like it because it is dumbed down conversations which is right in the sweet spot for our rulers.  I, on the other hand, don’t like it.  Now, Twitter’s growth is near zero and more people leave it behind despite Trump posting online with the stupid tool.


Watching yet another flash in the pan online scheme go belly up is fun.


Shares of Twitter dropped 12% in New York, partly on a low earnings forecast. For the first quarter, Twitter projected adjusted earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization between $75 million and $95 million—far less than the roughly $182 million analysts expected. Twitter, which has posted net losses every quarter since going public, reiterated its goal of moving toward profitability in 2017…


Revenue in the fourth quarter, which coincided with the election, a time of intense political debate and conversation, rose just 1% to $717.2 million.


I despise Twitter.  The idea is, Twitter turns people, even Trump, into morons because it is a stupid platform.  One cheeky comment to the article is this, ‘Maybe Trump will nationalize Twitter.’  Heh.


The problem with Twitter is, they can’t really make money (advertisements) off of it.  Many an online platform has started up, shot to the heavens and the just as fast, fades and dies.  They all have the same problem: they can’t charge people lots of money to use or someone will come along with a ‘free’ system.


It is worse: all systems end up with people demanding they censor everyone and everything and scream and yell especially fake liberals and Fake Media people pick up the demands to cut out others and then all the rest storm out in a rage when their favorite people like say, Milo, are banned for no good reasons.


This kills a site and that is all Twitter is: a place to yap and fight.  Fighting is fun and if people hate fighting, all they have to do is not enter the Ring.  I don’t do Twitter because it bores me.  It seems to not bore leftists who think they own the place so give it to them!  BTW, the chatter I get from very young people who don’t like the Nanny, nanny, stop that gang, aka, ‘leftists’ are forming a new system which is still beta but will be fully functional soon.


Conservatives abandon Twitter.


I’ve started seeing people say that minor accounts were being banned, but it was hard to know why they were being banned and if it had anything to do with the fascist committee protecting everyone from getting their feelings hurt. Apparently, Breitbart’s @Nero lost his “verified” blue checkmark status over a joke he was tweeting that he was working for Buzzfeed.


Then the big one hit: Stacy McCain is an anti-feminist blogger, and he often critiques them on Twitter – it looks like that just isn’t allowed anymore.


Of course, the scumbags on the left are praising the action, because if there’s anything they can’t deal with it’s conservatives with a chance to debate and speak freely…We know that Facebook is already shutting down people for criticizing Syrian refugees, and conservatives have often believed they get the short end of the stick there too. And Tumblr is a cesspool of drooling, rabid LGBT and transexual advocates. I guess it’s back to the only refuge from conservative free speech: email chainmails and tincans linked together through strings.


Since last year, many people have been banned without warning.  This means all the followers of famous people who are not PC enough for Twitter’s owners are leaving, too.  Duh.  Here is news from 2 days ago: Twitter takes MORE steps to curb ‘hate speech’!


The company said Tuesday that it has begun identifying people who have been banned for abusive behavior and it will stop them from creating new accounts. In July, the company banned conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos, an editor of the right-wing site Breitbart News, for “participating in or inciting targeted abuse of individuals.” In November, it suspended a number of other accounts linked to “alt-right” or white nationalist activists, citing policies that forbid violent threats, hate speech or harassment.


They should hire Merkel and the other commies in the EU to run Twitter after the people in Europe kick them out of office.  Censorship of this sort is totally rad if you are a communist.  Go for it!  HAHAHA.


But the company had been under fire for failing, for nearly a decade since its founding, to address hate and abuse on the site. Balancing its reputation as a free speech haven has at times come into conflict with efforts to protect users. In an internal memo in 2015, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo told employees, “We suck at dealing with abuse and trolls on the platform and we’ve sucked at it for years.”


So why are all the leftists allowed to be obnoxious, use every possible cuss work, do hate speeches, even call for the assassination of elected leaders?  Eh?  Seriously, something is weird and wrong in leftist brains at this point.  Oxygen starvation in the Big Cities?


The company has taken a number of steps since then to improve the way it responds to the problem, for example updating its rules against threats and abuse last year and suspending thousands of accounts suspected of links to terror.


In additional steps announced Tuesday, Twitter also said that it is creating a “safe search” feature that removes tweets with potentially sensitive content and tweets from blocked and muted accounts from search results. The tweets will still exist on Twitter if people look for them, but won’t appear in general search results.


So, they plan to copy Google which has totally screwed up search engine results.  Years ago, I got lots of information and perfect results, today, it is garbage, nearly unusable at this point.


Twitter is also singling out and collapsing potentially abusive and “low-quality” replies so only the most relevant conversations surface. These replies will also be accessible to those who seek them out, but Twitter is making them less visible.


Yes, hide opinions the rulers of Twitter dislike and that is…CENSORSHIP.  Period.  And I hope Twitter dies.  I don’t use it.  Reporters use it all the time now, being lazy and unable to craft sentences longer than 10 words, anyways, not the long, running around the world sentences I love to write because I am a speed typist, learned this skill many years ago but never was a secretary, it was so I could write my papers in college easily…HAHAHAHA.


Twitter says their way of burying any right wing tweets will begin soon, it hasn’t happened yet.  But it will…and I get to say, ‘Die!  Twitter!  Out, damn spot.’


One last stupid thing here: Twitter’s home page has an update on ‘safety’ talking about this very clever method of censoring users and on the same page they have an example for us:


Yes, Twitter’s own account has a charming conversation with @fart.  ‘You wild.’  What the hell?  Why isn’t @fart banned for being a dirty creep?  Eh?  Hello, Twitter, you stupid twits.  Mirrors!  Or are you all vampires and can’t look at your own ugly little warty mugs?




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14 responses to “Twitter Profits Collapse—The Fix Is To Ban All Trump Supporters! :)

  1. DeVaul

    I hope Twitter does go under. I find it embarrassing that this form of communication does not allow a person to write complete sentences.

    A nation or empire ruled by men who cannot write in complete sentences and must use slang and vulgar terms in an official capacity usually does not last long. Rome was like this at the end.

    It’s strange, but the white working class men and women I know here in KY do not use Twitter or Tweets, so I cannot figure out how they keep track of what Trump is up to. I don’t think they care. They voted on “hope” alone.

  2. KHS71

    I have no idea what Twitter is. Never used it. But then I do not have a cell phone and have no desire for one. I find them obnoxious and demanding. If I had my way, I would do away with our land line. Don’t read newspapers. Don’t listen to local or national news. Feel they are no more than entertainment. I keep up quite well with the internet. Read the sites I want. Elaine’s is one of them. She speaks her mind and has information from world sites. Much better than any self serving “news” station.

  3. DeVaul

    I hear you, KH71, although I am Deaf. 🙂

    I still don’t know which device is used to send tweets and twitters. At the law firm where I work, most people “seem” to have a cell phone of some kind, and I know from asking my boss that these fancy cell phones can actually receive emails. So… what the hell?

    I only realized just recently how stupid these twitters are when I noticed that tweets (?) sent by Trump (his preferred method of communication, unfortunately) are posted 2-3 at a time because he cannot fit a whole sentence on one twitter. That is bizarre!

    When you add in the weird symbols and names attached to them, it is like a completely different language, only it has been reduced to short strings of four letter words mixed in with computer slang.

    I suspect that it may have something to do with the failure of teaching typing, as in the use of a qwerty keyboard, to younger kids so that the CAN write full sentences, although I don’t know how they would do that with just their thumbs. Typing was one of the few real skills I learned in high school, and I made a lot of money typing rich kids’ papers at college the night before they were due (and editing them).

    Recently, most of our secretaries were “retired” and now almost all of the lawyers except for a few hold-outs sit in front of their computers talking to them while the computer takes dictation for them. I know they cannot be better than a real live person because my Deaf iPad cannot seem to understand much of what I say, so computer addiction where I work is out-of-control, and the IT department deliberately encourages it.

  4. emsnews

    Wow, DeVaul, thanks for the inside view! Yes, dictaphone writing isn’t as rigorous as real writing. I speed type because I wanted to write a great deal and the typing teacher was stunned when I went to a local high school while in college and asked to sit in on the classes. It was fun! It comes quite naturally once one masters the art and it is an art.

  5. DeVaul

    So, your high school did not offer typing as an elective? You had to go to a different school to learn it?

    Wow. I went to Paintsville High School, a tiny city school, and if they had typing, I just assumed that all the big county schools had it. I still remember the pain and agony of hitting the “q” key repeatedly with my pinky on those old typewriters. I got an electric one as a gift for college.

    My boss and I talked about it recently. He told me that they were “embracing the new technology” (he is a believer in infinite progress), but I told him that they no longer have any face to face interaction with other people now, and it’s kind of sad.


    ELAINE: Obviously, no. I left high school at 16 and went back when 20 to learn to type so I could write papers faster. It was great.

  6. JimmyJ

    Scott Adams, author of Dilbert, talks a lot about this in his blog. Twitter censors his posts often. But he’s a lefty. They censor him because he talks rationally about Trump. He’s actually quite concerned since he uses social media to build and reach his audience. He adds he doesn’t think Twitter is evil and thats when I laughed. He dreads censorship but still supports the censor.

    I think Twitter is the inevitable future, not Twitter itself, but the form of short bursts of shallow communication, as we move closer to embedded chips in humans and wireless brain to brain connections. The interesting part will be the emergent properties of billions of instantaneously connected human brains (ie cyborg singularity).

  7. Christian W

    Twitter isn’t evil as a tool. It is evil beause it is being twisted like all systems that challenge the US propaganda line in any way. I get a lot of information through Twitter, about Syria, Palestine and Donbass eg I would struggle to get anywhere else.

  8. JimmyJ

    @Christian W.: Marshall McLuhan said, “The medium is the message.”

    Twitter is evil, or at least immoral, if it is wielded by its creators as a weapon, which is certainly happening. As an impartial, objective “tool” it does not exist. But people are free to walk away, more or less.

    Trump will eventually leave Twitter in favour of a more sympathetic service.

  9. Christian W

    What ‘service’ in the West is outside of US control? All companies that have been allowed to emerge as global entities have been designed as part of the CIA system. Facebook, Twitter, Skype etc etc etc all go throught the NSA’s systems and has CIA handlers pulling levers and strings regarding content.

  10. JimmyJ

    @Christian W.: Agreed, under it all lies NSA and others of the more than dozen US intel agencies or departments. Meanwhile there are “right wing” websites hosted in the US allowed to run, so far. If the hosting companies start to shut alternatives down there are others to step in. is a alt startup alternative to Twitter, with big promises but we’ll see how it goes managing an “open” social media web service. Many forums have found it’s not easy.

    But then, there can “easily” be created from scratch a service like Twitter for Trump and other alts that would take off with alt support.

    If it comes down to executive vs intelligence (ie Pentagon vs CIA) there’ll be more to worry about than social media choices.

  11. emsnews

    Computers started out as a CIA operation. I grew up inside of that and one the earlier memories of my life was playing with my kitty, Door Kitty, at the University of Chicago computer complex way back in 1956.

  12. Christian W

    Thank you Twitter…

    The CIA honours Saudi Crown prince for fight against terrorism…

    The US is beyond parody at this point.

  13. emsnews

    Yes, remember, the Secret State is run by the GOP and DNC Co-conspirators. This is not an award being handed over by Trump, himself.

    He is alone, a person who is trying to change this mess. I don’t know if he can stop all this stuff…but at least he is making a stab at something which is a million times more than what Obama or Bush Jr. ever did.

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