Apple Computer Boss Wants To Destroy Real News: ‘Fake News Is Killing People’s Minds’



Yes, our liberal new techie bosses of every sort all of whom live in California, Washington State, NY City and suburbs and Washington, DC, are furious about alternative news systems created by citizens who are not rich at all and they want to destroy the alternative news which grew up out of the computer revolution run by these billionaire bosses.  They hate us users and wish us all dead and gone or at least content slaves.  I have published alternative news since I was 16 years old and used mimeograph machines and other tools to put out news due to the lying news bosses not telling us anything useful about reality such as the Vietnam War, for one major example.


I was a kid reporter.  I worked in the Free Clinic and talked to many soldiers who had many, many health and mental health problems and I would then turn around and publish stories they told, for example.  Then the President would lie and say I was making stuff up.  I was ‘fake news’ and LBJ and Nixon were ‘real news’.


These days, thanks to the internet, we can spread real news far and wide.  Fake news is, too, of course, but that is not our fault, it is the fault of the mainstream media focusing on propaganda, not real stories.  Since everything is warped by the propaganda, even simple stories like murder cases are screwed up by the mainstream media which has to prevent us from knowing exactly who is killing people.  This is life and death and totally concealed at this point.


When I read any story, even simple murder stories when the mainstream media knows exactly who did it and what race or ethnic ID the killer is, they conceal this from us so I go always to comments to discover what is going on as commentators to news usually dig stuff up from all over the place and haul it into the halls of the Fake Mainstream News asses.


Super Extremely Rich Apple Boss, Cook, Wants Pravda Not Real News:


Fake news is ‘killing people’s minds’ and a vast campaign is needed to combat the phenomenon, Apple boss Tim Cook has said.


Hey, Mr. Stupid Cook, before you destroy Apple, ditto in spades to Microsoft’s idiots, you dudes better watch out.  We see you and hate you.  Furthermore, why can’t you clowns call this effort you are initiating ‘The Ministry of Truth’?  HAHAHAHA.  Or maybe ‘Pravda’ which is Russian for ‘truth’.


The chief executive of one of the world’s largest companies said governments should wage information wars against phoney reports while businesses must create the tools to root out propaganda.


How about having thugs go around attacking citizens while screaming, ‘We need more illegal aliens for cheap labor’?


False stories have thrived on social media in recent highly-divisive political campaigns, in particular the US presidential election. ‘We are going through this period of time right here where unfortunately some of the people that are winning are the people that spend their time trying to get the most clicks, not tell the most truth,’ he said.


This Apple asshole obviously doesn’t understand what is going on because he is a cruel boss man who hates workers.  He fears them, too.  Not content with bringing in labor overseas, he has moved his manufacturing to…CHINA!  HAHAHA.  China!  A dictatorship!  That thinks nothing of running tanks over students in Tiananmen Square.


‘It’s killing people’s minds in a way. All of us technology companies need to create some tools that help diminish the volume of fake news.’


Tim, dearie, you better have someone check your brain.  I think it has been replaced with a Bilderberg Nazi computer machine.  Also, DUMMY, the internet and computers are what helps us distinguish ‘fake news’ for the ‘fake news’ is nearly always ‘mainstream news’ and this is nothing new, I have been at war with ‘mainstream fake news’ all my long life.  At no point in time could they publish real news, things happening right in front of my own eyes as well as to myself, doesn’t make the news in any shape or sane form.


In my own case, I could camp right next to the UN in the middle of Manhattan for a month and not one mainstream news service said a peep.  Even as I won my fight with Bush Sr. and hosted and organized one of the biggest demonstrations in NYC history, this didn’t make the news.  Here are amusing comments to the Daily Mail story (we get nearly all our news from overseas now thanks to fake news in the US):


Our super rich elites have gone totally mad which is funny since Trump is a classic conservative.  Here is another example and boy, has Calvin Klein gone stupid.  He is another smart idiot who is scared to death of the masses and I can see why the French Revolution had guillotines:



So, the fashionistas want a Mexican revolution?  Ahem…HAHAHA.  The genie in the bottle is chortling happily, it loves to kill humans.  Note the high class offerings which look like drunk teens acting stupid before being destroyed in car accidents, crime or drowning after falling into the water while being stupid.  Ugly, ugly, ugly…at least the French aristocrats wore stuff that screamed ‘upper class’.


This junk is so crummy now, second hand stores carry better stuff and it isn’t so good, either.  I bought second hand clothing during the 1960s because stores like Value Village had beautiful, well made stuff from 1890-1945 that was fantastic, beautiful, well sewn, attractive.  My 1941 women’s mink collar/cashmere business suit went over big in Manhattan in the mid-1970’s and was copied.  I wore it to the office back then (this was before I went into construction outdoors full time).



The same stupid clowns who did that ugly, nasty, ass-dirty ‘fashion show’ want us to bring in million of angry Muslim males. Note this lovely ad for a ‘peace conference’ in Australia shows the women as blank nothings!  Good lord, ship these clowns out of the country!  Why these ‘let’s write stupid stuff on panties and publish this’ people want a bunch of screaming men who hate women and want them under total concealment, support each other?


This insane alliance is being imposed on us all by the people at the top who lie about everything all the time.


Organizer Wasseem Razvi apologized for the incident but placed the blame on “right-wing extremism” – claiming the images were needed to protect the females from “Islamaphobia.”


Give this imman credit, he has learned how to lie openly with a straight face.  So, his ugly little mug isn’t freaking out the rest of us, it is us seeing the face of his poor females that causes us to hate?  This clown can’t say, we hate him BECAUSE of what he does to his wife!


“Muslim women are particularly (being) humiliated and targeted in our streets, threatened and abused on social media,’ Razvi said. “Due to the growing Islamophobia our campaign team wanted to be extra cautious with female guests so they wouldn’t be targeted in the streets.”


And these lies are how he and his ilk justify their hideous behavior.  He knows perfectly well, any ‘Islamphobia’ is due greatly to how Muslims abuse women. The present ‘women’s movement’ is a total fraud now since women are telling each other, the enemy are normal white males and the Islamic jihadists are friendly to women’s rights.  How this insane ideology grew out of things is amazing to me, it shows a complete collapse of liberalism as an ideology.


“So the organisation decided to put their first flyer out without images of the female speakers.”
Razvi made headlines in 2015 after meeting with notorious Muslim Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a vocal supporter of “jihad” in Syria and suicide bombings against Israelis.


Yes, the man saying all this garbage is a jihadi.



Yes, MIT has this course about ‘Gender and Media’ which is illustrated by a woman wearing a scarf which ‘liberal’ Muslim women wear.  She is also taking a ‘selfie’ which is verboten for real Muslim women.


Course Description
This course examines representations of race, class, gender, and sexual identity in the media, with a particular focus on new media and how digital technologies are transforming popular culture. We will be considering issues of authorship, spectatorship, (audience) and the ways in which various media content (film, television, print journalism, blogs, video, advertising) enables, facilitates, and challenges these social constructions in society.


So, this course teaches young puppies how to TRANSFORM popular culture via doing media stuff which Apple Dude Tim is screaming about right now and wants to stop as fast as possible.  HAHAHA.  They are all seriously going insane.  This MIT course even teaches how to start blogs and do the news!  HAHAHA.  Wow.  Nuttier than squirrels at my bird feeder.



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17 responses to “Apple Computer Boss Wants To Destroy Real News: ‘Fake News Is Killing People’s Minds’

  1. Jim R

    In other news, the city of Munich has decided to switch back to Microsoft, after ten years of running Linux on all the city computers. Their story doesn’t make much sense, but there it is. Accenture has prepared a report showing how much money they will save. Insane…

    You might as well know, nobody normal gets very far in any political or civic organization any more. Only a psychopath can lie with a straight face like that.

    The psychopaths are running Munich now, and Europe, and here in the USA. And as you said, they really hate Trump. He has a big ego, and likes to boast, but isn’t enough of a psychopath for them…

  2. emsnews

    And look at Merkel: a mackerel fish face!

  3. Lou

    ‘ not one mainstream news service said a peep. ‘—Is AIPAC ever mentioned by NY T and WaPo?

  4. emsnews

    AIPAC meetings are now almost as secret as Bilderberg meetings. Same crew, too.

  5. More and more MSM sites are wanting money or ad blockers turned off in exchange for reading their crap.
    Can’t think of any alternate”fake news sites” that do that.
    Which one does a poor peasant read??rhetorical question.

  6. emsnews

    They are driving away readers. HAHAHA. I find this immensely funny. I don’t pay good money for bad lies. I only read them to make fun of them.

  7. DM

    Tim, dearie, you better have someone check your brain.>/b>


    Too much lead in the water in America.

  8. ziff

    you have squirrels on your bird feeder ?

  9. emsnews

    Not in, they try to enter but can’t. It is all about construction techniques. It is amusing to watch them slip and fall but none are hurt. They do chitter at me angrily.

  10. ziff

    good, you had me worried ! , getting outsmarted by a squirrel

  11. Jim R

    Many people do get outsmarted by squirrels. I think you can find a genre on Youtube —

    Endless fun.

  12. Christian W

    Disney, Apple, Sony etc conspire to keep wages down:

    Disney shells out $100m in digital animator wage-fixing lawsuit

    The class action was filed on behalf of staff at several studios including Disney and DreamWorks who alleged that they operated a Silicon Valley-style, anti-poaching pact to suppress animators’ wages. DreamWorks settled for $50m in October, the Hollywood Reporter notes, while this week Disney and its subsidiaries Lucasfilm, Pixar and TwoPic followed suit with $100m.

    Plaintiffs made three serious allegations. Firstly, that the animation studios agreed not to poach staff from each other. Secondly, that when an animator applied for a job at a rival studio, the rival would notify the animator’s employer. And thirdly, that the company making a job offer would not enter into a salary bidding war for the employee. The suit alleged that the studios engaged in “direct collusion” to maintain these practices.

    Sony and Blue Sky Studios had already settled, lobbing $13m and $5.95m respectively into a damages fund. However, Disney’s $100m contribution dwarfs this.

    Judge Lucy Koh noted that the “High Tech” wage-fixing settlement – in which Apple, Adobe, Google and Intel ponied up $324.5m in damages – provided a guideline for the VFX discussions. That case was also settled before a trial, but differed in that the US Department of Justice’s antitrust department was involved in the indictment.

  13. emsnews

    Disney is pure evil. And yes, all these operations are California/West Coast LIBERAL operations run by clowns who hand out millions of dollars to politicians to get them to do liberal things like…oppress workers, depress wages, deny services, etc.

    See? Nearly all ‘liberal’ leaders are in cahoots with these evil liberals and the liberal movement is dead unless followers wake up and see who is leading them: the wolves who eat them for lunch.

    Damn…do note my warnings fall on people who refuse to listen to this message. And the violent far left is extremely dangerous. Come home to the middle class middle! Maybe I should make this our slogan.

  14. Petruchio

    “Yes, our liberal new techie bosses of every sort all of whom live in California, Washington State, NY City and suburbs and Washington, DC,” I always enjoy reading about where these bozos live: the most expensive place to live in the WHOLE country. NYC has got to be THE most expensive place to live with D.C. and the San Francisco areas being not too far behind. Of course, Billy Gates has built Xanadu in Washington State and the FB guy Zuckerberg is trying to become the Land Baron of Hawaii.

  15. Petruchio

    @#’s 5,6 and 7: I noticed that recently the local newspaper just raised their Daily newspaper price to a Dollar. It doesn’t seem that long ago when it was 25 cents for their Daily. Then it went to 50 cents and now a buck. Now let’s see… their readership is skyrocketing downwards, which means their revenue is declining. Solution? Raise prices! What Planet do these guys live on? What color is the atmosphere in their world? I suppose trying to grow your readership and thereby increasing revenue is not an option these Media bosses even considered. That might actually take some real work. Spouting liberal/conservative talking points is so much easier.

  16. Lou

    Foxcon [slave labor] in USA,

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