Russia And Snowden Deny Fake News Story About Putin ‘Gifting’ Trump


The endless stream of Fake News from our major media and the DNC headquarters continues like a burst dam.  Everything and everything possible is being thrown about in this mass delusional temper tantrump.   Yes, that isn’t a typo.  Temper Tantrump is a good word for what is going on now.  ‘Evidence I never worked for Russia’: Snowden on NBC report claiming he’s to be ‘gifted’ to Trump, says Snowden who is now fearful Fake News will continue to attack him.


“Finally: irrefutable evidence that I never cooperated with Russian intel. No country trades away spies, as the rest would fear they’re next,” Snowden wrote on his Twitter. While it was not immediately clear if he was being sarcastic or seriously concerned, the CIA employee-turned-whistleblower accompanied his tweet with several pre-inauguration retweets from January, when the topic of Snowden becoming Vladimir Putin’s gift to Trump was all the rage in US media.


“I’m actually kind of encouraged… It wasn’t so many years ago that people were saying, ‘This guy’s a Russian spy.’ But countries don’t give up their spies,” the renowned whistleblower told Couric, alleging that as a critic of the Russian government policies he might have turned into a burden for Moscow.


The whistleblower went on to suggest that his handover to the US authorities would clear him of any suspicion and serve as a “vindication…of the fact that I have always worked on behalf of the United States.”


READ MORE: Snowden’s Russian lawyer hopes for clemency from Trump


The spy business is the gravest danger to any leader in the US who isn’t also a Bilderberg gangster.  Note the contented, quiet lives of Bilderbergers!  Nothing much happens to them.  Even on 9/11, non of the planes aimed at our Real Rulers in DC.  Reagan was not a Bilderberg man.  He was an outsider and an insider, a friend of the Bush gang, tried to assassinate him but had poor aim.


Since that shooting, the Bilderberg gang has ruled the roost in DC.  They are not used to some outsider poking around and getting into the secret files and learning what is really going on.  They actively conspired before the Inauguration to either lie or keep from Trump, all CIA/NSA secret information and people like myself speculate they spent much of the previous two months wiping out all the information or squirreling it away so he could not see all their schemes and conspiracies.


Why do our stupid media owners print fake news all the time?  They bellow the same fake stories at the top of their lungs and print it without corrections and only when it is way too embarrassing, what they do is delete it without comment.  They are beyond criminal, they are stupid because we see them doing this.


Meanwhile, Snowden’s lawyer Ben Wizner appeared to be in the dark about a possible radical change of his client’s status, telling NBC News nothing indicates such a move.

“Team Snowden has received no such signals and has no new reason for concern,” Wizner said.


This Russian article is like so many Russian news articles from this RT source: nearly uniformly confirmed over time as true.  No US mainstream media has such a fine record which is why they are demanding that the government in particular, censor RT news! This infuriates me greatly.  Either they compete with ‘the truth’ or they shut up.  Instead, they want to kill the messenger.


While the latest report has not attracted any attention from Moscow yet, in January the idea of Russia utilizing Snowden as an “inauguration gift” for Trump was slammed by Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova as an “ideology of betrayal.”


Back then the suggestion came from the former CIA director Michael Morell, who alleged that by presenting newly-sworn US President with Snowden, Russia not only would court Trump, but also make a “poke…in the eye of [Putin’s adversary] Barack Obama.”


Zakharova argued that by proposing to trade Snowden for a potential favor, Morell shows that “it is normal [for CIA] to present people as gifts and give up those who seek protection.”


<a href=”″>Mike Morell said THIS last month:

The Washington Post report on a secret CIA assessment concluding that Russia intervened in the U.S. Presidential election with the intention of helping President-elect Donald Trump win is only part of a deeply concerning and incredibly significant risk to national security. It would be bad enough if the Russians were able to influence a democratic election, but the reaction of President-elect Trump and his team is causing equal alarm within the intelligence community.


The President-elect called the allegations “laughable,” alarming intelligence experts, regardless of political background. Alarming, because the comments indicate a deep distrust between the President-elect and the nation’s premiere intelligence agency charged with providing non-partisan intelligence that the President must depend on to keep all Americans safe.


This idiot has been pushing the totally fake story that ‘Russia HACKED the election’ based on zero proof of anything.  Yes, there were leaks in the CIA/NSA ship and who was leaking this junk?  Why people within these organizations, duh!  If they are all so stupid that, after 60 years+ using computers with top of the art equipment and endless money, they still get hacked by Russian teenagers…HAHAHA.  We are doomed.


And of course, it was Hillary, Obama and their staff who used unsecured computers which is where the hacking happened.  They did stupid things which isn’t a surprise, they are very stupid people.  But also very powerful and malign.  And criminals, all of them, even some outright cannibal criminals!  Yeesh.


Does the President-elect’s response indicate that there is an open feud between the CIA and Donald Trump?


This is not a good sign, obviously. In a world with so many threats and challenges facing the United States and in a city where politics and policy disputes color so many views, a President, if they’re going to be able to protect the country, they need someone to provide them with an objective, unbiased view of what’s going on in the world, and why it matters to them, and why it matters to the country. That job falls to the Intelligence Community led by the CIA, and that’s why the relationship between a President and the Intelligence Community and the CIA is so special, and the President and the DNI (Director of National Intelligence) and the Director of the Agency need to nurture that special relationship. And right now that special relationship is being undermined.


HAHAHA…the greatest threat to Trump is the CIA bosses put in by the DNC/Bilderberg gang.  They want him dead.  Very dead.  They hesitated just before the Inauguration and are now kicking themselves for not killing him outright on that day.  They never expected him to move at the speed of lightning, undoing Obama’s illicit proclamations right after Hillary lost.


He is also instituting his own agenda immediately which they are trying desperately to stop.  They are so freaked out now, the push to kill Trump is now the highest levels and will the CIA staff prevent their bosses who still infest the system, to carry out yet another assassination?  I must consult Kennedy’s spirit in the Afterlife or at least his Watchers.


Oh, almost forgot: funniest EU headline of the year!






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2 responses to “Russia And Snowden Deny Fake News Story About Putin ‘Gifting’ Trump

  1. Moe

    I wonder how effective Russian intelligence is within the various alphabet intelligence (an oxymoron) agencies. If they have a couple of moles, they would certainly keep Trump informed about planned assassinations.

    It is also becoming apparent that CIA/FBI/NSA are not really that efficient. They’re really just the ‘muscle’ for the Deep State.

  2. emsnews

    As always!

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