Fake News Encourages Democrats To Riot And Whine: This Will Kill The DNC




A super PAC formed to reelect Barack Obama in 2012 is driving activists to congressional town halls. Veterans of Bill Clinton’s administration are joining marches and plotting bigger ones for the spring.

Democratic senators who had befriended Jeff Sessions in the Senate voted — 47 to 1 — against his nomination for attorney general.


Three weeks into President Trump’s term, the Democratic Party and progressive establishment have almost entirely adopted the demands of a restive, active and aggressive base. They are hopeful that the new activism more closely resembles the tea party movement, which embraced electoral politics, than the Occupy Wall Street movement, which did not.


The WP is nearly always lying about anything they discuss these days.  It is sad.  And stupid.  The screaming demonstrations against such terrible things as say, a gay right wing slender young man telling jokes…how insane is this?  Every violent leftist event is another nail in liberal coffins!


I know that warning liberals about this is foolish and will get them so angry, they might even be very nasty in return but…HELLO!  Doing stupid things end up with stupid consequences.  I was very deeply involved in the left in 1968.  I warned them about the road of radical violence they chose and they threatened me with fists and telling me I could be killed for not going ‘Maoist’ mad.


Well, they worked very hard to make Nixon the President.  They were so destructive, Nixon won twice even AFTER the Watergate break-in business.  It was only after he did many crimes did we finally nail him.


The left was never happy with what was going on, they wanted radical change and so they undermined Carter.  Carter was too cautious.  The far right was triumphant and we had Reagan.  The claims that Reagan would destroy us turned out to be greatly exaggerated.


But he did launch something very dangerous: endless trade and government deficits.  Since his day, our government has been off the rails in a very dangerous way and I stand around warning everyone and no one understands this danger, everyone on left and right want their ‘goodies’ no matter what so we continue our imperial collapse.


“He has a strategy to do so many things that he overwhelms the opposition,” Gov. John Hickenlooper (D-Colo.) said of Trump, “[but] he’s creating the largest opposition movement I’ve seen in my lifetime in the United States.”


Hickenlooper is only two years younger than I so I am now assuming he is insane or has Alzheimer’s disease.  What the hell???  I remember the late 1960’s! I was dead center in all the wild weirdness going on back then!  The violence in Vietnam was full roar back then.


Oh, this dude owns a brewery.  HAHAHA.  Sober man.  He barely won his elections in liberal Colorado and by the same margin as Trump so of course, Trump is not a real President and he is…HAHAHA.  Do these liberals really want to get rid of elections?  The answer is obvious: yes.  They want a dictatorship.


After previous defeats, the modern Democratic Party typically plunged into a discussion between a moderate wing and a liberal wing. George McGovern’s 1972 loss led to an internal party battle against the New Left. After Walter Mondale’s 1984 defeat, a group of moderate strategists formed the Democratic Leadership Council. After the 2004 defeat of John F. Kerry, a new generation of like-minded strategists launched Third Way, with a focus on lost moderate voters.


What Bill Clinton did was go for the middle of the middle class.  Oops.  His wife, on the other hand, went for the far left because the Democratic Party is on the verge of shattering.  This didn’t stop the process, it sped it up.


Middle of the road people are recoiling from the DNC business.  Now they are being viewed as terrorists attacking gay GOP men or crazy cat women screaming they hate men.  This is NOT a good base to build on!


The left is doubling down on the alienation of many people.  The depiction of the Press Secretary is utterly false.  The left comedian is pretending he is this loudmouth who is rather violent when this is the left looking in their own horrible mirror.


I watch the press conferences.  The young man at the podium is quiet, he is gentle.  He is also firm.  He simply ignores the fake media people and talks to people who are less rude and obnoxious.  The fake media thinks doubling down on the obnoxious and rude is the road to victory.


Too stupid and short sighted to see this leads to defeat, they will continue to attack and attack, the media giants, the entertainers, everyone in California’s Hollywood hell hole will be as nasty as humanly possible and this is already damaging studios, destroying the future of many people, the middle is going to hammer entertainers harder and harder by walking away from them all.


Hollywood depends on the concept of ‘mass entertainment’ and the few people there who have figured out that driving away the audience is fatal, have changed direction.  The Marvel Comix film business is already figuring out that the DNC game is going to drive away their audience and are changing their direction due to loud warnings from their male audience, for example.


Mad magazine has been dying a slow, painful reduction in influence when it went PC. That is, it is boring. What began as a satirical rollercoaster became predictable and one-sided. I never look at it now.



This video is an earlier hearing about immigration: the thread of our culture and history is the respect for and adherence to the law’.  This is an important speech by a Republican aimed at the DNC which has become an illicit operation by clinging to illegal aliens and rule via fiat under Obama who didn’t bother negotiating with Congress no matter how uncomfortable it was for him.


That is, one man rule was Obama’s methodology.  Due to this, the Democrats lost ALL power and now are the minority in all state governments overall, that is, there are more GOP governors by a long stretch, the DNC lost Congress, both Houses, and now the Presidency and soon the Supreme Court.


This epic loss rode a lame horse: violent anti-GOP demonstrators torching cities and campuses, running riot, screaming, yelling, temper tantrums, lying outright, etc.  How stupid is this?  How annoyingly dumb.  I do hope the DNC and the followers figure out before four years end, that this is suicidally stupid.


‘The ends do not justify the means,’ says Rep. Gowdy, he was a prosecutor and knows that all the I’s and T’s have to be written perfectly or the case is tossed.  ‘Weaken the law today you weaken it forever,’ is correct.  These are standard points and Gowdy correctly used them here while scolding the Obama people who want ‘Do as you will’ as the law of the land which is the Aleister Crowley self-centered saying.


Poor, stupid Aleister.  He had absolutely no idea how the Gates of Death operate.  There, one is interrogated about all sorts of interesting things especially stuff that is evil.  One should have ‘watch your step and try your best!’ as a slogan.  This is for real.

The 9th Circuit Court ruled against Trump and guess what?  He has to obey it even if it endangers us all.  Letting in terrorists has already happened.  The US won’t stop Saudi Arabia and Kuwait from doing this which annoys me greatly but even obvious places that are shipping out terrorists…are going to continue doing this until the US public gets fed up.


Europe is burning today due to illegal aliens.  Riot police attacked with missiles and cars are set on fire as more violence breaks out in France over alleged rape of man, 22, by officers. There is no excuse for the possible ‘rape’ if it happened and the solution by the aliens is stupid, it illustrates the need to remove all of them permanently.





Two different Muslim groups battle each other in downtown Paris this last year.

PARIS 2016: Scenes from the Apocalypse – African Mass Immigration ruins Streets of France – YouTube




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7 responses to “Fake News Encourages Democrats To Riot And Whine: This Will Kill The DNC

  1. Christian W

    The DNC is long dead…

  2. Lou

    In the ‘Jews want Whites dead’ category————

  3. Lou

    He is the son of Irving Kristol.

  4. Gee, who would ever want to visit Paris now?
    In the near past I was thinking of doing some traveling outside of North America but no more.

  5. emsnews

    Visitors to France who pay good money stuff is dropping like a rock and it is causing real financial hurt now. The Kim robbery didn’t help things, either.

  6. Claudeeyah

    Where you have Africans, you have Africans. Paris now equals Africa. George Soros, you and your friends have done a bang up job!

  7. Shawntö


    What about the Red Army Faction or Baader-Meinhof Group?

    Perhaps here we have another example you could point to where the Left made a mistake in going too extreme.


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