Bernie Sanders Calls CNN ‘Fake News’ Joke And Is Terminated By CNN

WOW! Bernie Sanders Gets BOOTED From CNN After Joking Calls Them “Fake News!”

For everyone’s amusement: Sanders was on CNN talking the usual Bilderberg bilge about Russia hacking the election and starting WWIII and being the Evil Empire when he was being interviewed by this mega-doll female when…he decided to make a ‘joke’ about CNN being ‘fake news’.  The poor old doddering dog even said, ‘I am making a joke’ but too late.


They cut his feed!  This is a  must watch video.  Always, whenever anyone says something sane to the media giants, their feed vanishes and the puppet on the screen pretends it is some sort of technical error of mysterious origin.


This was so naked, it should be shown only in nudist camps!  Poor, pitiful Bernie looks bewildered and wonders what happened to his feed, he can’t hear the questions of the buxom puppet woman.  He blunders to the camera, wondering what happened when the puppet suddenly cuts his entire feed and says, ‘Technical difficulties’.  HAHAHA.


The comments to this video are very funny, there are so many possible jokes about this.  One main suggestion is, whenever anyone sees any media going on, yell, ‘Fake news’!  The story at CNN with Bernie was put online…and they cut the end where he tells his feeble joke!


HAHAHA.  They couldn’t even leave it in.  As if the entire internet won’t see the original.  This is so sad.  But also very, very funny.


Look, our Real Rulers have lost their heads now.  They bribed Bernie to ape their stupid pet lines and he did so but they hate him a great deal, he is also an outsider and they will soon be rid of him, I am guessing.  The poor idiot.  Why can’t he denounce them and go off and live life like me?  The media hates me much more and ignored me whenever possible.  To hell with them all.





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9 responses to “Bernie Sanders Calls CNN ‘Fake News’ Joke And Is Terminated By CNN

  1. The look on Erin’s face PRICELESS!

  2. KHS71

    Being fired for being right.

  3. DM

    “buddy-buddy with a thug and a murderer”

    You are far too kind with the comment “poor old doddering dog”.

    He, and all the war-spruikers, are committing indictable crimes. But, hey, it’s a job.

  4. emsnews

    Pay a leftist enough and he or she would endorse Hitler. This is the problem and the only fix is for leftists to open their eyes and see who’s cheating them.

  5. floridasandy

    He really is a suck-up, and that was entertaining.

  6. Moe

    Bernie really blew it here. Doesn’t he know how to stick to the Company line? Old fool.

    But his miscue is like the the child who uttered: “The King has no clothes.” Bernie merely brought attention to the obvious. Fake news indeed.

  7. Claudeeyah


    Ole Bern is part of the network. The part he plays is the old, outraged, anti-establishment, Jew. Before this gig, he played the young, outraged, anti-establishment Jew (circa 1964).

    Same dance, different decade. He’s just getting a little slow on the uptake is all.

  8. emsnews

    We will probably never see him again on CNN. HAHAHA.

  9. Petruchio

    “Pay a leftist enough and he or she would endorse Hitler. This is the problem and the only fix is for leftists to open their eyes and see who’s cheating them.” These people remind me of the Religious Right fanatics who first became noticed with that a##hole Reagan. These religious types supported Reagan for 8 years–even though Reagan didn’t do a thing to push their agenda. And this continued, with Presidents and members of Congress. The Leftists in the Dem Party are just like these religious nut cases. Facts DO NOT mean anything to them! The Leftists, just like the Religious Right are a faith based belief system, so facts are meaningless to them. Leftists who think supporting Hillary Clinton is good and pure are being f#cked over by the very same people they support so blindly. To me, they seem hopeless; by the time they figure out how screwed they have been there won’t be anything left. Maybe they will never figure it out.

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