CIA Ran Psychic Program In 1980—From Day 1, Psychics Were CIA Interests

Culture of Life Religious News: Strange Children, Lightning, Death and Art and Christmas where I explain how the Outerdarkness operates.


I grew up in this extremely strange world.  My father was NSA secret agent in WWII who was in charge of grabbing the Nazi rocket program for FDR/Truman.  The CIA was born soon afterwards as was I, when they began their psychic program, they first tested it out on us kids because we were close at hand.  I was hit by lightning and had the oddest experiences and I learned by age 9 why Cassandra was doomed because no one wants to listen to her.  Ahem.  This, I explained when I was a teenager, is why all ‘psychic’ attempts by the CIA were doomed.


But hope springs eternal!  And foolish humans do the same thing over and over again and can’t seem to learn from history, either.  I figured long ago, this is why the gods love us so, we are most amusing like hamsters on a wheel.


The CIA used ‘psychics’ in 1980 for Iran hostage crisis and it was, obviously, a failure.  A 3% ‘correct rate’ which is lower than pure guessing.  And why not?  There is nothing on earth that pisses off people more than psychics who are correct.  Ahem.  People HATE this and will move heaven and earth to prove a psychic wrong.  This utter hatred is no surprise to me.  HAHAHA.  Sigh.


Those figures would suggest that the program as a whole didn’t work, with the rare right answers likely attributable to dumb luck. Officials, however, defended the program, saying psychics were the only method of obtaining such intelligence, and that the degree of success was “at least equal” to other methods generally used.


Which is perhaps the scariest lesson of all from these reports. That psychics aren’t a thing is not particularly surprising, naturally, but that something which objectively didn’t work was considered to “at least equal, if not surpass” other intelligence gathering by the United States is an extremely bad sign.


This happened under Jimmy Carter.  My father was an advisor to Carter.  I would assume that this program was run with Carter having no idea it was happening.  Seriously.  In the dark. Otherwise, my father would have suggested the Pentagon talk to  me.


That would have been extremely amusing since the Pentagon ignored all my Vietnam war warnings.  Indeed, they said I was stupid and crazy.  Well, since childhood, I was told that even as events unfold.  My descriptions on how the Outerdarkness works and how information is gained there (lightning bolts play a huge role in this) was ignored by the CIA operatives.


Even when the Vatican knew what I was doing, no one approached me except to ‘debunk’ me which failed each time.  Since the CIA knew all about this, the fact that they didn’t tell Carter or my dad (he was, after all, ‘one of them!’) is immensely funny to me.


The one good thing was, my father always listened to my warnings and thus, was preserved.  Except the day, when I was still 9 years old and I told him a lightning bolt was going to hit us and he insisted on going to the car anyways and got hit.  He listened to me ever since.


Psychic ability is a very strange thing.  The ‘psychic’ has ZERO control over it.  What the Watchers share about the future is parceled out in strange ways only They understand or care about or just for the fun of it, yes, they are often bored.  But it cannot be commanded.  I explained that to the CIA when still a child but of course, the idiots wanted Power over Humans!


That alone, irritates the Watchers to the point of poking at these sorts of humans with a very sharp stick.  All despots desperately want to have a psychic tell them the future but anyone who really does this is killed by them because nothing irritates them more than knowing when they will die.


There is this double blind thing going on: once a person is tagged to be killed, attempts at evasion leads to a much worse death!  When I was a child, I figured, the irritation of the Entities rises if you annoy them.  Deals have to be made, of course.  This keeps them all happy.


I sit here on my mountain making predictions and explaining historical forces at work and try to sound sane and only once and a while I mention the Dream World where most human/Watcher interactions happen.  The CIA could not understand this delicate balance, the ‘reveal the future’ versus ‘humans will move heaven and earth to ignore all warnings.’  I learned this very harsh lesson at Kansas University in the summer of 1967.


I gave very specific warnings to a very specific sweet young lady and to prove me wrong, she did exactly what I told her to not do and she died.  I was and still am, distraught about this.  It was a very harsh lesson.


Which is perhaps the scariest lesson of all from these reports. That psychics aren’t a thing is not particularly surprising, naturally, but that something which objectively didn’t work was considered to “at least equal, if not surpass” other intelligence gathering by the United States is an extremely bad sign.


Ditz, the writer of this story is totally wrong about ‘psychics aren’t a thing’ for they definitely exist.  It is true that the failed psychic experiment did nothing much but the fact that pure guessing by amateurs was better than ‘military intelligence’ tells us what is wrong with ‘military intelligence’.


Functional ‘military intelligence’ comes from insiders on ‘the other side’ betraying their rulers.  A very, very dangerous game if caught and being caught is quite possible.  So it is rather hard to find insiders willing to spy for another government.


The CIA knew all about my warnings about psychic messages from the Outerdarkness.  They chose to try to prove me wrong.  I was very loud about all this when arguing about these matters.  I even gave a few speeches on this topic way back when I was young and crazy.


‘She’s lying, she is crazy,’ the government would say and I would laugh.  I did scare the pants off of the previous Pope this way, though.  He then saw my files and learned the truth which freaked him out, I am assuming.


Yes, the spooks and the religious kooks (all religions are rather kooky) all know about how the Cassandra Paradox works yet they always want to see if they can trick the Watchers and gain temporal power this way.  Ahem: nope.  It doesn’t work.  If anyone has odd ‘morals’ it is the Watchers.


They are closely related to the Dire Sisters who are the Furies who deal with punishing humans.  This is why trying to be evil while using Watchers is verboten.  The door is locked.  It only opens to the innocent or people who get hit by lightning bolts more than once or twice or many times.



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3 responses to “CIA Ran Psychic Program In 1980—From Day 1, Psychics Were CIA Interests

  1. Jim R

    They are fearful that psychics would be on to their creepy dirty tricks.

    And, because they take sides they have enemies. And their enemies might employ psychics. Who would be on to their dirty tricks.

    But it never occurs to them… aahhhhh, nevermind.

  2. melponeme_k

    “I mention the Dream World where most human/Watcher interactions happen.”

    They like people who see for however length of time. Usually they appear when people are in deep depression or fear. Either they can make things feel better or a hell of a lot worse.

    It’s best to ignore them or not attract their attention. They offer nothing without debt. Their reasons are their own. If I feel as though my dreams are being influenced and are not like my own brain processing information…I wake myself up. They have nothing a humble human like myself needs to know. Nor do I ask or wish for anything.

  3. emsnews

    Hard to ignore someone who enters via lightning bolts. 🙂

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