Oroville Dam Emergency Overflow Barely Held, Might Still Collapse

“Highly noteworthy” is the engineering, flood protection, and water delivery assets of the tallest dam in the West…


188,000 evacuated, emergency declared as California’s massive Oroville Dam threatens floods because of the rain.  The drought emergency continues in California as the schizoid governor who warned everyone yesterday morning, that it is still too dry, meanwhile, Mother Nature is about to destroy an entire city as a dam which Reagan launched years ago, is about to fail.


 About 188,000 residents near Oroville, Calif., were ordered to evacuate Sunday after a hole in an emergency spillway in the Oroville Dam threatened to flood the surrounding area. Thousands clogged highways leading out of the area headed south, north and west, and arteries major and minor remained jammed as midnight approached on the West Coast.


Even as they fled, however, the flow of water over the spillway halted late in the evening, stabilizing the crisis. But officials warned the damaged infrastructure could create further dangers as storms approach in the week ahead, and it remained unclear when residents might be able to return to their homes.

Update Oroville Dam Overtops, Govt Still Refuses to Order Evacuation Preparations – YouTube

The emergency spillway was worked on as it was overtopping.  The government desperately threw down LOOSE DIRT and cement!  Which was all unable to ‘set’ so it was all swept away.


Note how the government is lying about everything as much as possible.  And instead of clearing the place out, they are claiming there is no problem and the dam won’t collapse.  The government of California knew something was wrong with the spillway for several years and ignored it.


The ’emergency spillway’ is going to be eroded away  now and the dam can collapse at this point.  The above video is correct about how dangerous the ’emergency spillway’ really was.  The electrical services from this dam are increasingly compromised.  Sacramento is right in the path of a potential dam bursting.


Even though the dam is still holding…it is by the fingernails.  It could go crashing down at any moment even though the water is no longer washing over the ’emergency’ spillway.


Government predicts more storms due to huge cold spot in the Pacific Ocean:    For once this winter, the Pineapple express isn’t banging into California.  But that is just a three day forecast.

The ‘evacuation’ was very poorly done, many stuck buying gas and roads clogged with vehicles.


Raj Gill, who manages a Shell gas station in the region, was torn between evacuating and staying open to serve the steady stream of customers who passed through his establishment.  “You can’t even move,” he told the AP. “I’m trying to get out of here, too. I’m worried about the flooding. I’ve seen the pictures; that’s a lot of water.”


There is still a cold spot in the Gulf of Mexico which is why hurricanes haven’t happened there recently.  The la Nina is going strong still but it is warming on the eastern Pacific.


Bursting dams are highly dangerous.  The town next to this dam is less than one minute away from being wiped out if the dam bursts, there is near-zero time to flee.  Yet they are letting people back in even though no one knows how damaged the emergency spillway really is.


Just three days ago, they said it was unlikely the spillway would happen and they released water on the main spillway only to see it totally destroyed.  Now, the vegetation on the emergency spillway has been wiped out and it is just dirt now!  How long will that hold?


The Mercury News, a newspaper based out of the San Jose area, reported that three environmental groups — the Friends of the River, the Sierra Club and the South Yuba Citizens League — filed a motion with the federal government in 2005, as part of Oroville Dam’s relicensing process, urging federal officials to bolster the dam’s emergency spillway.


Within that motion, the groups warned that the dam did not meet modern safety standards, the Mercury News reported.


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission rejected their request, the paper said.


The dam is still in high danger of collapse, we have no idea how saturated the base is and this is where most dams fail.  This dam is higher than the famous Hoover Dam at the Grand Canyon.







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6 responses to “Oroville Dam Emergency Overflow Barely Held, Might Still Collapse

  1. Jim R

    But wait, California is in a dustbowl-type drought. Because Global Warming.

    (I am so confused)

  2. Moe

    Elaine, thanks for the dam construction video. The scale of construction was amazing. What was more amazing was the example of what the US can do when focused on productive endeavors rather than destructive ones (ignoring for the moment any negative environmental effects).

    The State of California must have been negligent to permit the dam to deteriorate to this state, or else it was sabotage.

    Which brings me to a philosophical note. I don’t believe that decay of US imperium is entirely due to overreach or imperial exhaustion. Rather, I presume great evil resides in the shadowy US power structure and the expression of evil is always ruination. As you often state, these people hate us.

  3. emsnews

    Sorry, that earthen dam is doomed from day one. I explain in the next story.

  4. Lou

    California is in a dustbowl-type drought. –So Cal has gotten about 3x as much rain as average, in last few months.
    One day was a record.

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  6. Moe

    Extract from above document referring to the erosion from flow from the damaged spillway: “One challenge is that the quality of the rock does not appear to be high, which accounts for the rapid erosion in both cases.”

    It is to laugh. No structure would (i.e., should) be built without foundation rock core samples. Should be no surprise there at all.

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