Brave Nigel Farage Tells EU Bilderberg Gangsters In Their Faces, You Are All Doomed


I have loved Farage for years now.  He is most entertaining and fights like a mongoose destroying a cobra.  He is now scolding in public, the entire EU division of the Bilderberg gang.  The masses of people in Europe have finally woken up to who is the real danger: NOT PUTIN but the Real Rulers of Europe!  Farage Blisters EU Parliament, Forecasts 2017 Populist Surge:  Even as the Bilderberg gangsters in the US toil nonstop to destroy Trump, Europe is slipping away.  Within a year, Trump and the new EU leaders will be united against the Bilderberg gang: this is war.


“I feel like I’m attending a meeting of a religious sect here this morning,” began Farage, with gusto. “It’s as if the global revolution of 2016 – Brexit, Trump, the Italian rejection of the referendum – has completely bypassed you.”


HAHAHA.  Maybe the EU tools who obey the Black Magic Overlords who run the Bilderberg gang in the dark and they will repeat history.  History runs in circles like a dog chasing its tail.  So France will have another very bloody revolt, for example, the Germans will commit mass suicide?  Good gods.


 “You can’t face the fact that this bandwagon is going to roll across Europe in the elections of 2017,” he chided, referring to key political races in the Netherlands, France, and Germany, that all feature anti-globalist, pro-national sovereignty candidates either leading the polls or gaining support.


“A lot of citizens recognize that this form of centralized government simply doesn’t work, whether it’s the miseries inflicting upon a country like Greece by the Euro, the unemployment caused by bad regulation, or the feeling that none of us are as safe in our cities as a result of the disastrous common asylum policy.”


It is easy to read the tea leaves.  The left is in full decline, it is going down in flames now and all the really good things they made possible is in danger now due to insane policies and the worst of the worst is the leftist embrace of Muslim goals which are to annihilate Western civilization!


That is a huge, huge mistake of the left, fatal mistake.  Stupid, too, indeed, insane is the best word here.  All ‘liberal’ Muslim nations are being destroyed systematically by NATO and Saudi Arabia.  Putin couldn’t convince the Bilderberg gang to stop attacking him but he peeled away Turkey from NATO for the most part, a huge victory for Russia.


Farage rejected a prior statement by former Belgian prime minister and current candidate for president of European parliament, Guy Verhofstadt, who claimed that Europeans desire to expand the powers and policies of the EU.


Guy Verhofstadt is a Bilderberg biggie:


He should be arrested as a conspirator in a massive criminal operation!


“The people want less Europe, and we see this again and again when people have referendums and they reject aspects of EU membership,” Farage said in rebuttal. “I have no doubt that many of you here, when you hear what I am about to say, will probably despise your own voters.”

“Just last week, Chatham House, the reputable group, published a massive survey from 10 European member states, and only 20% of people want immigration from Muslim countries to continue.”


I correctly picked out the issue of the Muslim male invasion as a gigantic turning point in Europe.  The European men are beginning to pull together for they finally have figured out that the Muslims want to eliminate or enslave them (and all women of all sorts, of course).


This force will grow in power very rapidly.  And it is aimed squarely at the Bilderberg gang.  Not one of these criminals will escape the revolt’s reach unless they all flee to…what?  Australia?  The USA?  We shall see.


The survey of 10,000 Europeans revealed that 55% of respondents desired all immigration from Muslim countries be completely halted – a nearly 3-to-1 ratio.


“(This) means your voters have a harder line position on this than Donald Trump, or myself, or frankly any party sitting in this parliament,” asserted Farage. “I simply cannot believe that you are blind to the fact that even Mrs. Merkel has now made a u-turn and wants to send people back.”

“The fact is: the European Union has no future at all in its current form, and I suspect you’re in for as big a shock in 2017 as you were in ’16.”


And yes, the EU is now doomed.  Borders must rise again.  Immigration will be controlled, again.  The fatal mistakes of the past will end abruptly.  The longer the liberals hang onto the Bilderberg gang, the worse the turnover will be and the more violent.  This is a historical force at work.  I am not saying it is wonderful, I am pointing out the future.


The Future happens because it must.  Railing against it is stupid.  Making plans for some actions is required and the left seems to have lost its head entirely and cannot figure out why all the masses are rising up against them, more and more.


Frankly, they are increasingly unpopular and will end up very, very unpopular in just one more year.  If the left changes direction and embraces security, strong borders and protection of citizens, it will flourish.  Can they do this?  So far, I doubt it.





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11 responses to “Brave Nigel Farage Tells EU Bilderberg Gangsters In Their Faces, You Are All Doomed

  1. JimmyJ

    “President Trump has made it very clear that he expects the Russian government to de-escalate violence in the Ukraine and return Crimea,” Spicer said at the daily news briefing on Tuesday.

    IMHO this demonstrates that Trump is now fully compromised by the neocons, through an intelligence community soft coup.

    Crimea was set to be under US control as I discovered looking at FBODaily US Navy contract bidsheets right after the coup in Ukraine, but then Putin moved quickly and delayed that plan.

    It’ll be a tough call for Putin to nuke NATO targets over Crimea. He still will wish to protect Moscow at all costs and won’t use nukes till it’s directly threatened. By then he will be out of power for losing Crimea and the Atlanticists will have won.

  2. JimmyJ

    Interview on FOX, a stark warning from Dennis Kucinich about deepstate and intel meddling in Trump administration: “Be very careful. That’s my warning this morning.” and “This is about whether the American people are bystanders.” and “The White House in under attack from the intelligence community.”

  3. DM

    No, JimmyJ, no chance of Russia ‘losing’ Crimea because Crimea is Russia. Anyone really think that there will be another Siege of Sevastopol? Not a tough call at all. Nukes would fly.

    Simple question and follow-up for Americans.

    Do you want to go to war with Russia over Crimea, and if so, do you really think you will win?

  4. Pete

    Thanks for that JimmyJ

    Looks like a real version of 7 Days in May coming up.


  5. Pete

    Russia denies planes buzzed USS Porter in Black Sea.
    There is so much fake news out there it’s getting scary.
    What to believe in a blizzard of disinformation.

  6. Moe

    WTF? Why is Spicer announcing policy? I never heard this anywhere else.

    If true, Trump is truly compromised. And Spicer’s comment advocating reduction of Ukraine violence and return of Crimea is beyond bizarre. Firstly, because Russia is not the aggressor here and secondl, because Crimeans voted overwhelmingly to return to Russia.

  7. emsnews

    I said the Bilderberg gang would try WWIII with Russia as the solution to losing power in Europe.

    THEY ARE INSANE. Crazy people do horrible things.

  8. Ken

    Regarding Crimea, how come no one ever focuses on the fact that the people voted to leave Ukraine and join Russia? They mostly speak Russian, and it seems natural that they would prefer to be part of Russia.

    There was never any dispute that Scotland could vote to leave the UK, or that Britain could vote to leave the EU. Why are the Crimean people not entitled to the same right of self determination? It seems that there is a lot of saber rattling over nothing at all. Of all the reasons to start WWIII, this would seem to be among the stupidest.

    I suspect that the real concern is a bigger picture. The entire eastern part of Ukraine used to be part of Russia, and I suspect its people would vote to return if given the chance. The whole fuss over Crimea may be just a cover up for concern over the breakup of Ukraine as a whole.

  9. Ken

    Oops. The comment under No. 8 was posted before I saw Moe’s comment under No. 6

  10. emsnews

    You are still correct, Ken. This is all an excuse to restart the Cold War so we are terrified of nuclear war, WWIII, and thus, stay in line with our ruler’s demands. Yet these same idiot rulers are demanding we let in millions of angry Muslim males who hate us. Ahem…HAHAHA.

    This suicidal stupidity is going to eventually run into a very big brick wall.

  11. Jim R

    @Ken #8,
    The vote doesn’t count unless the planners at the CIA say it does. So if they can get a handful of locals to vote in Serbia, presto! Independent Kosovo!

    On the other hand, if 99% of Crimeans vote, it isn’t legitimate. They didn’t have any choice.

    The same “freedom and democracy” planners unfortunately failed to rig the US election, or didn’t press their thumbs hard enough on the scale. So Trump won very much in spite of them. And that’s where we are today.

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