Bilderberg New York Times Push Hard ‘Putin/Trump’ Lies, Will Overthrow Election

The New York Times is a major, major original Bilderberg gang operation, it is their Voice for 70 years.  The ‘leaks’ to the ‘reporters’ are actually tools of the mega-international conspiracy delivering propaganda to the masses.  They have been pushing the ‘Trump won the election because of RUSSIAN SPIES’ story like mad while ignoring, of course, the DNC/Hillary/Obama war crimes.  This is the fourth attempt at undoing an election, the ‘CIA-coup’ part.  Many governments elected by voters in other countries over the years have been overturned by CIA/military/banker coups.


First, the Bilderberg gang has to pry voters away from who they voted for.  Every possible trick in the book including some very, very crude propaganda has been gushing like crazy since Trump won.  I have a memory despite old age and I remember clearly way back in the Ice Ages of last early October, the elites were screaming at Trump in their headlines to surrender to the Wicked Witch because he was doomed to lose anyway.  Based on biased polls, they claimed he had only a 1.95% chance of winning the election.


So they yelled, ‘Why bother with voting?’  I was astonished at this naked attempt at eliminating an election.  Patiently, those of us on the outside of the power nexus explained that many, many elections are unexpected because voters get the last word, not pundits or pollsters.


When voters actually voted, the Real Rulers had a meltdown.  For 48 hours, they were too stunned to do anything except accept the election results.  Then notice how they began whining and whinging and making up stuff.  When the ‘recount’ increasingly showed either DNC vote ballot box stuffing in Michigan and illegal aliens voting in ‘sanctuary cities’ and other votes were fake votes for Hillary, they dropped this.


They went on to simply bribe electors to drop Trump and switch but more switched away from Hillary than Trump so they went on the ‘Congress do it’ but the GOP refused outright.  But now, the GOP is in total power and the DNC will NOW be allowed to get rid of Trump so the top GOP can take over and impose Bushism on us a third time.


Yes, the stupid Democrats are cementing GOP power.  Isn’t that insane?  And doing this via outright lies.  I still remember Kennedy and my father was one of his ‘trusted advisers’.  My father nearly fled the country when Kennedy was assassinated.  There was a lot of very murky darkness around that violent removal of the President.


Lots of stupid conspiracy theories pop up around various Bilderberg gang sponsored assassination/terror events which keeps nosy people off the real track and into goofy stuff that is pointless.  They love fooling people and will gleefully scatter false evidence all around to distract from the real information.


Outsider love to imagine they know what is going on. Clintons and other power people caught in sex/black magic ring:

Trump Tarot Reading Horrible Mirror Image Of Hillary Reading from January 17th:




Also from November right when the election happened, I published ‘This election reveals Crowley Coven work for Hillary Clinton.  This was big news and the mainstream media had a number of shocking stories and this also led to Hillary’s defeat.  Feminists actually love black magic so they didn’t get turned off by the news.


A most important story was this one, ‘Pedophile Death Skull and Bones Geronimo Cult magic and the Clintons.  This was called ‘Pizza Gate’ by the elites and the fake news system.  I avoided that part of the story for it was typical of covens: have a cover that is stupid so anyone pointing it out will look stupid.  I focused only on the inside information that was in our faces like the Swiss tunnel celebrations of black magic last year which flipped me out because they used my own dances on stage from way back in 1970 to do black magic.


Time to explain further how black magic works: it is ‘widdershins’.  That is, it is upside down, inside out, mirror backwards and I learned this when I was a very small child.  People who have brains can see obvious things going on.  For example, it has been snowing repeatedly in Sahara Africa including in Egypt, Libya, Morocco, not in the mountains but the desert.


It has been snowing in Saudi Arabia!  This is unheard of!  We are sliding into another cold cycle.  The government is conspiring with corrupt ‘scientists’ to lie about this.  The Pope is lying about this.  The entire DNC is lying about this.  The media giants are lying about this.


But one thing about severe cold: humans being lied to can plainly see these are lies because it is cold as hell!  When one is actually freezing, being told we are roasting won’t work.  This is why the liars created ‘climate change’ and then launched the false charge that people noticing it is cooling down again, are insane, look at the temperature data, this is the warmest, ever!


Which is a lie.  They don’t dare say, ‘Go outside’ because then the truth comes out.  They say, ‘Look at our graphs and figures!’  The Pope says this, too.  ‘Humanitarian’ leftist leaders say this while simultaneously cutting energy to poor people.  See how that works?  Anyone disputing this fake story is labeled ‘climate deniers’ and anyone putting out real news is called ‘fake news’ by these gangsters.


History is twisted by these magicians.  ‘1984’ was all about how rulers would twist history daily re-writing it and then, torturing people until they surrendered to these daily lies and constant shifts in the storylines.


I have said since day one that the Real Rulers will do anything to prevent Trump from getting control of the Systems they run especially the CIA and NSA and the Pentagon.  The problem for them is two fold: many workers at the lower levels of these organizations support Trump and voted for him.


So, to peel them all away, the fake story that Russia is still the Soviet Union, that the people of Crimea have no right to vote to split from the Ukraine Kiev coup organization but any other country the Real Rulers want to split up like say, Syria or Yugoslavia, well…they can and the US and NATO will help them and protect them and even bomb…SERBIA…to assist in dismembering former countries!


So, our rulers will bomb European countries to support breaking up countries along ethnic/religious lines while lecturing Russia, ‘You can’t do this, too.’  And these same magicians tell us, we have no right to our ethnic/race identity and must let in millions of aliens or else while telling these aliens that they should celebrate their own identity and religious beliefs!


This is a two edged sword which they use to gain power over the economic and military systems which is their goal but they are also very, very stupid.  Let’s look back in history:  ahem…ancient Roman emperors gained their positions via the very rich and the military conspiring to kill off or replace various emperors.


Over time, the rich who did this didn’t like using Romans to do this because some of them wanted to fix things so the decline would cease.  But that would end the internal looting going on…so they hired ILLEGAL ALIENS which they called ‘barbarians from the North.’  That is, the ancestors of modern Europeans.


Pretty soon, waves of barbarians swept away the entire ancient Roman power structure and they took over and destroyed everything in sight.  In some places like England, they were so good at wiping out (killing) all the Romans and Romanized Brits, only one, yes, one structure was left sort of intact: the baths at Bath.


All other Roman buildings and there were many, were not just ruined, they were razed to the ground.  Totally removed.  All excavators can find today are the mosaic floors.  That’s it!  All were covered with dirt and I say, deliberately covered.


The core of my story is, in victory lies defeat.  Our crazy rulers are too stupid to see they are repeating Roman history.  Their anxiety to stop smart, educated people from figuring out the Truth leads them to torment or delude the smartest (note how stupid our university staff is today!) and drive them insane so they can’t figure out the obvious.


The fools in our schools are aping McCarthy tactics as well as lying about simple reality anyone can figure out by walking outside without a coat.  They are paid to do this, anyone who refuses to do this is eliminated, they literally are driven out of their jobs.  They are forced to resign.  Students who are too infantile to figure out what is going on, chase out teachers who tell them things they are trained to not know.


THIS HAPPENED BEFORE!  .  Christian fanatics were vandals.  They hated old information and wanted to eliminate it.  Oddly, the people who saved the remnants were…ancient Muslims in Spain.


The Dark Ages were created by humans.  The destruction was tremendous.  Why are there huge ruins in Rome today?  Well, only the biggest survived the mass destruction which hammered the city after 400 AD.


The US created ISIS.  ISIS is blowing up Roman ruins.  Why?  Well, to wipe out history.  WWII got pretty close to this, many places bombed by all sides were historic structures which were hit deliberately.


Revolutions destroy history, too.  This need to destroy to ‘fix’ things is very deep and very powerful.  The problem for our super rich, super powerful rulers is…they want to ‘fix’ the middle class by preventing us from having any power at all and enslave us but their ‘fix’ will turn on them eventually and burn down their palaces, loot their palaces and destroy their ‘art’ and so forth.


Raving mobs will wreck the rich.  What?  This is why the Goddess of History writes with human blood.  And She laughs so hard sometimes, She falls off Her throne.  She is laughing at us now.


Trump was not the Messiah, he is an ordinary human who lost a bet with me years ago.  He is taking on the Machine with all his best efforts but the ability to do this in the teeth of all of Congress, both DNC and GOP leaders, that is, as well as the entire Fake News media propaganda regime is nearly impossible.


If he were to dare to appeal to his voters to protect him, the elites will draw their last tool, assassination.  They can’t expect the military staff to kill Trump because they still support him and they hate the media propaganda already and are, I dare say, increasingly angry at the Russia phobia junk.


They ask this obvious question: ‘Who collected bribes from foreign governments?’ and the answer isn’t ‘Trump’ but ‘the DNC and Hillary.’  Why isn’t Congress, the media and the top officials in the spy community furious that Hillary and the Bushes collect foreign bribes?


I have the answer: way back when Reagan did this, the media and our Congress and everyone said, ‘Isn’t that WONDERFUL, the Japanese think so highly of Reagan they gave him millions for a mere speech!’  And that event opened the door to foreign bribes which is now a tsunami of money flowing into our government, destroying our democracy, our control of our own politicians.


Who pays half a million, a million, 2 million dollars for stupid speeches?  This is insane.  It is ridiculous, it is obvious bribery and way back when some media mentioned that Reagan shouldn’t have gotten that loot, I was yelling ‘arrest Reagan, he betrayed us!’  Now, all our politicians betray us.  None are arrested.


Note how there is zero demand in the media that Hillary be arrested for accepting a billion dollars in bribes from foreign governments and Wall Street.  This is set forth to us all as ‘normal business’ and not’ ‘utterly illegal and illicit.’  This mass crime going on in DC probably won’t end now, too many are doing it openly.


What will end it is the bankruptcy of our government, the end of our currency and invasions of aliens who hate our culture, our civilization and our very selves.  Remember: barbarians invaded England and killed off all the Romanized people there.  These invaders were my own ancestors.





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7 responses to “Bilderberg New York Times Push Hard ‘Putin/Trump’ Lies, Will Overthrow Election

  1. tio

    Yes they can stop Mr Trump, but at what cost? The deplorables are taking notes like never before.

  2. floridasandy

    again, the media representatives reveal how clueless they actually are about the interests of the average American. They have beaten the Putin bandwagon to death, and still they are the only ones who care.

    Keep it up until nobody cares about the NYT anymore. They are increasingly angry because they are increasingly irrelevant.

  3. emsnews

    I want to pause here and thank everyone for bringing in links, I read many of these (I am a speed reader and typist). I greatly appreciate this.

    Regular readers are a treasure and I feel we are a force, small as we are, for History keeps track of all this! Fantastic, isn’t it? Our good intentions are recognized.

    We are fighting a huge battle against a giant machine that lies all the time and has been driving good people crazy, lying to them like the obvious lie that Muslims are a great addition to our culture and society when Muslims want to destroy both.

    It is stunning to watch this unfold.

  4. Sunger

    100F in Mangum, Oklahoma on Feb. 11, 2017.

    Two years ago this month, in a well-publicized and much lampooned political stunt, Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) brought a snowball to the Senate floor to highlight the “unseasonable” cold and cast doubt on climate change.

    The Republican lawmaker would have been hard-pressed to find a snowball anywhere in his home state this past weekend.

    Oklahoma just endured a spell of exceptionally hot weather. Mangum, Oklahoma saw temperatures close to 100º F, setting a state record. The average February high in Mangum is 56º F.

  5. emsnews

    Yes, this happens all the time. We call these ‘heat waves’ and they happen in the Great Plains in particular. Just like all Ice Ages put NY state under a mile of ice, too.

    Then this week, it snowed in Saudi Arabia where it nearly never snows, ever, even in Ice Ages.

  6. emsnews

    Snow and below freezing for me all this month so far. Very cold.

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