Governor Moonbeam Demands Trump Save California From Stupid Dam Mistakes


Hoover dam in the Grand Canyon region, is a Federal run business.  The Oroville Dam, on the other hand, is not.  It is owned by the State of California!  Yet today, I saw this headline at Google Left Wing News:  If Trump wants to make America great again, he can start by fixing the Oroville Dam. A story by Yahoo News.  Yahoo is a super liberal, dying operation on the West Coast.  And all the hot shot computer lunatics live there in La La Land of volcanoes and earthquakes, huge forest fires and meteor strikes and all sorts of geological/astronomical hazards and they want the rest of us to fix everything when reality hits.  That is, save them all the time from their own poor planning or foresight like building houses on cliffs on the ocean.


Last November tens of millions of Americans voted for Donald Trump precisely because he wasn’t a normal politician — and so far, his presidency hasn’t proved them wrong.  But can Trump act like a more normal president when circumstances require it? The Oroville Dam crisis in Northern California is a perfect test…


So, all the lunatics in La La Land on the West Coast are demanding that Trump save them or else.  Save them from what?  Why their own stupidity, of course!  The State of California is run by a man who believes we are all going to roast to death.  The governor is a Democrat that thinks driving cars and flying private planes and so forth is pure evil and we should fear global warming more than anything.


HAHAHA.  The concept of ‘practice what you preach’ never occurs to these liberals.


Now, my granddaddy was born there right after the Civil War and he used to rock in his chair and say bitterly back in 1958, ‘Why don’t all these people go away, don’t they know this is a dangerous place to live?’  Having been in every possible disaster from blizzards in the mountains, droughts, floods and earthquakes, in his 86 years back then, he knew exactly what could happen there.


But no, more poured in and he died.  Big towers were built where his small Victorian home once stood.  There is zero realistic preparation for the looming event of the San Andreas middle section leaping forward more than 20′ in one minute.  The state just ignores this terrible future fact.


Of course, they will demand the rest of us rebuild the cities that will be destroyed because we are all responsible for idiots building on extremely unstable ground!  Instead of running a realistic tax on California to pay for this INEVITABLE event, they depend on the rest of  us to plan and pay for it while they run around half naked in winter, making fun of the rest of us.


Earlier this month, operators tried to reduce pressure on the dam by releasing water over a concrete spillway. That’s when they discovered a huge crater in the concrete. Even so, they continued to use the spillway — and the damage got worse. On Friday, the gash was 45 feet deep, 300 feet wide, and 500 feet long.


The Yahoo article tells half the story.  The water was very high in the containment area because the State of California asked them to do this because of the imaginary drought that is supposed to happen forever due to ‘global warming’!  The state caused this disaster to unfold, in other words.


So what does this have to do with President Trump?


The writer in California is obviously going to blame Trump who is in office not even one month.


Let’s start with the short term. On Monday, California Gov. Jerry Brown officially requested a federal emergency declaration to assist in the potential failure of the Oroville spillway, saying that the situation is “of such severity and magnitude that continued effective response is beyond the capabilities of the state and affected local governments and supplemental federal assistance is necessary to save lives and to protect property, public health and safety, and to lessen the effects of this serious situation.”


Trump didn’t have to greenlight Brown’s request. FEMA and the California National Guard are already on the scene, and presidents deny this sort of disaster request all the time, for all sorts of reasons. (For instance: Barack Obama said no to Florida Gov. Rick Scott when he requested that the Federal Emergency Management Agency help with an algae problem, and he also refused to declare a federal emergency over the water crisis in Flint, Mich.)


The author goes on to sneer openly:

But a normal president would consider California’s plea for help on its merits and decide how to proceed accordingly.


Then at the bottom of the article, admits:

(Late Tuesday, after this article was scheduled to be published, the administration finally approved Brown’s request.)


Damn, foiled again!  Trump will help but not pay for everything, this mess was created not by the weather but by the people in the governor’s office, Mr. Moonbeam, himself.  His people ordered the containment area to be filled to the brim.  They thought no more rain would come during a la Nina winter and it came as it nearly always comes.


This is a failure of the global warmists who can’t predict the future if it kicked them in the butt.  They are stupid.


The early thinking — and this goes to show how far American politics have strayed from “normal” in the Age of the Donald — was that President Trump might not. Trump and Brown — not to mention Trump and the rest of California’s Democratic politicians — have been feuding since the day he was elected, with Brown telling Trump not to interfere with California’s progressive policies and Trump threatening to cut off the state’s federal funding in response. (“California is in many ways out of control,” Trump told Bill O’Reilly.)


Brown started feuding with Trump.  Now he wants Trump to save him.  Way back in my childhood, I had a similar situation.  It was during the 1963-1965 wet cycle caused by a la Nina and volcanic eruption so Tucson had massive, epic floods.


I would ride out on my old rodeo horse, Socksie to stop traffic from driving across depressions where very fast water was running from down Mt. Lemmon.  These water courses are very highly dangerous even in ankle deep water.


I was blocking the road with my horse when this lady drove up.  ‘You have to turn back, the water is too high and moving too fast, ‘ I told her.  I was only 13 years old.  She sneered at me, ‘Little girl, you can’t stop me.  Get out of the way.’  So I clicked to my horse and he stepped aside.


She drove into the stream, the car was lifted away and she faced drowning in the deeper waters below.  ‘Help, save me, ‘ she yelled.  I had this momentary reaction.  I was a child.  I was severely tempted to watch her die.  But I clicked at my horse, he moved forwards, I threw her a rope and saved her life.  This is how I feel right now.


Why save California from its own self-created messes?  Especially when they are being so rude and nasty to us?

“California’s Battle With Trump Could Impact Disaster Aid Request,” read a headline from CBS San Francisco. (“It is possible that Trump will take this opportunity to remind Brown of California’s independent streak, and say no or approve a limited declaration,” the story added.)


The ASSHOLES who run California and the fake news mainstream media have to be nasty even when asking to be saved!  At least that lady cried and begged for help, she didn’t sneer at me while ordering me to help her or else.  And I could have shot her, after all.  We were alone in the desert and I was a child.


These adults are not just stupid, they are mean and stupid.  They are also spoiled rotten.  I want to spank them all.  Maybe use my horse whip on them.


A normal president might seize on the dire news from Oroville to start enacting the legislative agenda he campaigned on. After all, concerns about the spillways have been raised before, and both state and federal officials failed to intervene. As Bloomberg View’s Conor Sen recently put it, this provides the president with the “perfect Trumpian setup — a crisis brought about by bad infrastructure [and left] unaddressed by ‘all talk, no action’ politicians.”


Look, the California political asshats did NOT do their own job. They boast that California’s economy is the biggest in the nation.  Well, you clowns…why can’t you rich assholes pay for this yourselves????  Eh????  What?  Oh, you don’t want to tax the rich people building houses on cliffs and earthquake rifts?  HAHAHA.


These rich billionaire clowns have plenty of money.  Have a 99% tax on them for one year and they can pay for a new dam nearly instantly.  Why bother the rest of us for money?  Why should poor people in say, black Detroit, subsidize dams in California, the richest state in the Union?


The Oroville Dam is owned by California’s Department of Water Resources, not the Federal government.


Since its completion in 1968, the Oroville Dam has allocated the flow of the Feather River from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta into the State Water Project’s California Aqueduct, which provides a major supply of water for irrigation in the San Joaquin Valley as well as municipal and industrial water supplies to coastal Southern California, and has prevented large amounts of flood damage to the area — more than $1.3 billion between the years of 1987 and 1999.[10]


And here are some FEMA facts about dams:



A guide, Pocket Safety Guide for Dams and Impoundments (FEMA P-911), was developed as a quick reference to help dam owners and others assess low hazard dams and impoundments. Uncontrolled release of a reservoir resulting from a dam failure can have a devastating effect on people and property downstream. Safely maintaining a dam is a key element in preventing dam failure and limiting the liability a dam owner could face.


Here is the FEMA safety guide:  Note that California broke the rules here by not having a proper level for the spilling of excess water, keeping too much water.




Here is the official State Information About Laws and Regulations Of All State-owned Dams:




So, state laws says that the STATE regulates all dams and this includes orders about how much water they can hold back.  This was obviously violated by the dam operators who now are lowering the level to only 60% of the water which will take some time to do and which will lead to water shortages during the dry season which happens to begin in April.


Ahem…when I was a child, we would be told in school about ‘April showers bring May flowers’ and as a 7 year old brat, I would point out to the teacher that this was false.  ‘There is no rain in April and the flowers bloom after the Fourth of July, ‘ I told one teacher.  ‘And that is when the bats fly to the saguaro and fertilize the flowers at night,’ I added.


She didn’t believe me so my grandfather had to explain that I was right.  California is filled with aliens who haven’t lived there for 150+ years.  Most are new comers.  They have no idea how to run things there because they have no memories of the past and with these same newcomers lying about the present and lying about the climate is very stupid, you get stupid events.


The Water Wars out West 100 years ago were very violent, by the way.  And here we are with the liberals demanding we fix their water messes and pay high taxes on various things so they won’t be warm lest this cause water shortages in a state that has been mostly desert for thousands of years.  To hell with them all.



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10 responses to “Governor Moonbeam Demands Trump Save California From Stupid Dam Mistakes

  1. Petruchio

    NEWS BULLETIN: While surfing the Internet, regular programming was interrupted to report on a Joint News conference between Trump and Israel’s Netanyahu. The soundbite shown was Trump ripping the MSM, calling it Fake News for the way the media handled the Gen Flynn firing. What was really interesting is the media’s response. After the Trump soundbite, Scott Pelley introduced some Face the Nation guy to refute what Trump said AND THEN Pelley switched to Major Garrett to (allegedly) further refute Trump’s claims of Fake News and that the leaked Flynn allegations were revenge by the Clinton’s because Hillary lost the Election. Check the video segment yourself. Worth the time.

  2. emsnews

    A video from April, 2016 last year, the Oroville dam lake was near overflowing, just before then, it was 250 feet down. Today, it overtopped. The fact is, just one month of rain fills it to the brim.

  3. emsnews

    Petruchio, there is a very easy way to post videos like the one I am showing you now.

    You drag the url of the video into the comment box.

    Then you type in this: [

    Then type the words

    with no spaces between you and tube.

    Then go to the end of the url and type in another ]

    The two brackets and the run together word, youtube is what works.

    Then you add an =

    It looks like this: youtube=

    Then go to the end of the url and type in this: ]

    Try it out. Have fun.

  4. Moe


    I don’t have to go through that process for video, but I’m on Linux using Firefox. I only have to right-click on the video, select “Copy video URL” and past the link directly into the comment box. I’m going to see what happens on my other computer which uses Microsoft.

  5. Moe

    Below I’ve typed in the Youtube link directly on Microsoft Windows 7 with Firefox browser. Gonna see what happens…

  6. emsnews

    Yes, it worked. Each system has different protocols.

  7. ziff

    next up,, Trump kisses net’nyahoo ass , but i bet its not reciprocal , trump not being a ”real ” leader. i mean beyond Net’nyahoo not ever kissing anyones ass.

  8. Lou

    Meanwhile, in Puerto Rico, Government ‘workers’;

    20 tons of cocaine, in Puerto Rico, all spanish sur names;

  9. Except when the feds gave it a clean bill of health 12 years ago, Shrub was POTUS and Arnoldt was the Governator.

  10. “Why should poor people in say, black Detroit, subsidize dams in California, the richest state in the Union?”

    Well the middle-class people in California (and the rich, if they PAID THEIR TAXES) have been subsidizing the the poor and the “Time for US to loot” politicians of black Detroit for decades. Thing is, the rich and middle classes of all the Red and Brexit States got sick and tired of subsidising them. That’s why Snyder is the Gov of Michigan and Trump, POTUS.

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