400 Page FBI File About Trump Family Hiring Blacks

From 2015: Obama’s new program to force rich neighborhoods to ‘integrate’ by shoehorning welfare families into the community so they can mug and steal without having to travel long distances.


The Freedom of Information Act has the FBI releasing files from way back in 1970 about complying with the new Civil Rights Act. So now we have to dredge all the way back to then to howl at Trump? This file opens many, many questions. First of all, it reveals that our government under LBJ and Nixon was already turning into a New McCarthy Witch Hunt state which is what happens when Congress and the Pesidents are egged into hunting down people for ideological reasons.


Huge bureaucracies are created to supervise social issues of various sorts.  We see this process with the dying University systems.  Hunting down people who show the faintest signs of ‘conservative thought’ are ruthlessly persecuted and driven out while students riot in order to punish any students who don’t join the New Red Guard.  This resembles more and more, the dying Mao years when his crazy wife egged on students to attack professors and others to enforce ideology.


This was happening on the left in the 1960’s.  The 1950’s saw red scare mania and innocent people were driven out of the country or out of jobs and harassed mercilessly until they conformed.  There was great fear about being ideologically correct.


This repressive system was then switched to liberals who did the exact same thing as the conservatives.  Power does this.  Now on to the enforcement of racial integration: it was done via spying on people, attacking conservatives resisting this, passing laws forcing parents to send children to schools which black children gradually turned into chaos.  The very early days of integration saw a great deal of resistance but also good will.


Instead of slowly moving people to a natural embrace via making it pleasurable, the State did what States always do when on a mission: acted with massive force including prison, beating up people, shooting citizens, etc.


So…school integration was forced on cities and the whites began to flee because they could see the schools deteriorating rapidly.  I DID THIS TOO.  I had a number of good black friends and loved them all dearly but I couldn’t have children of welfare mothers beat up my very small daughter, she was one of the smallest in class.


After being terrorized in school, I had to withdraw her, put her in a private school and then flee NYC. All the liberals I knew without exception, did the same.  The ones who lived in a school district that was nearly all white, stayed.  The politicians running NYC didn’t impose desegregation on the richer, whiter districts, only on the working class districts so these became first, slums as lower class workers fled the city entirely and then the slums were set on fire and systematically destroyed.


Way back then, I demanded the government examine this destructive process and come up with better solutions but liberals dug in their heels and even though the lawyers doing this sent their darling brats to fine schools, they imposed this insane process on the entire region, forcing people to bus children from safe schools to dangerous, violent black inner city schools.


So I fled the system a second time, moving to the mountains where no one will penetrate because there are no cities within 30 miles.  So far, so good. I am not alone, this caused the exurbs to explode as young families fled integration via force.


I was all for gradual integration whereby everyone is following the same rules and has the same upbringing so they are not wild animals.  Instead, thanks to taxpaying families fleeing ‘integrated’ schools, the tax base in many major cities began to collapse and then when free trade came along, it fall totally to pieces and now many of our major cities are hell holes that still keep up the welfare money but are so crime-raddled, even black middle class families flee.


With only one exception in my own life, black middle class families did not want their children to go to schools dominated by the majority of black children who come from broken families.  They prefer white schools and that love is returned by white parents who happily embrace middle class black families.


Back to the Trump FBI files: that entire thing screams ‘Soviet Union’.  We now have everyone who has to rely on the government for money or help, extremely anxious to hire ‘minorities’ so they get the Red Guard Participation Star of approval.  This makes black middle class children lazy in school because they know if they slip through the easy classes, they are guaranteed a lifetime job!


So they do the minimum work to get to this wonderful goal.  Schools advertise openly for ‘only blacks or women’ and other protected groups are being hired…to fill these quotas.  As the schools churn out these students and as they fill more and more positions this way, everything degrades downwards because it kills competition.


Liberals love this.  They can’t see the fatal end of it all.  Each generation, as it has more and more privileges while destroying any chances of unprotected groups such as all white males or the Asians who excel in intellectual pursuits, this leads to anger, disgust, assumptions that all minorities are stupid and need to be handed goodies which leads to envy and eventually an uprising that will be extremely violent.


This business has to stop.  Integration is getting worse, not better, due to these strong arm liberal tactics.  Instead of winning hearts and minds, it is driving everyone insane.  And yes, liberals are going insane now.  Spoiled white kids in college are delighted to attack everyone on race issues because, like Obama’s kiddies, they went to special schools for rich people who had the cream of both the white and black families and have zero experience with ghetto kids.


I have lots and lots of experience with ghetto kids.  When I ran patrols in NYC, we had the Junior Patrol and when we caught very young children breaking the law and believe me, they do this a lot, we would take them in and begin training them to be law enforcers and it worked.  I loved doing this and watching street kids change over time.


We did many things for them like start a summer camp fundraising program to reward the good kids for their work, saving the community.  All that is gone now because Park Slope is now one of the richest neighborhoods in the USA.  But back then, it was a slum.


Sensible solutions to the race problems has been hijacked by the government and the failure is painfully obvious: nearly all black children are born illicit with no known father or he is totally absent their entire lives, murder rates for black children and young adults is ten or twenty times higher than all other races, everyone is terrified of being near any black people when they see more than two at a time.


Our cities lie in ruins, the schools are totally out of control in black neighborhoods and Obama didn’t dare restart the bussing scheme to ‘fix’ this until after seven years!… because he knew he would have been driven out of office if he did this right away.


This is because the liberals want to feel noble and good while building one of the more segregated societies on earth!  Yes, they want good schools for their own kiddies.  Naturally, but are too dishonest to admit, the last thing they want are ghetto kids coming around and destroying their lovely neighborhoods and schools.


Instead of admitting defeat, they are on the warpath to destroy the careers of anyone who dares to point out the painfully obvious.  This means, there is no fix for this mess.  No one is going into black schools and saying, ‘We will no longer tolerate even the slightest disrespect for the rules.’


I did this in NYC: even dropping bubble gum wrappers on the ground would have one of us appear and demand it be picked up again.  I explained way back in 1979, this is the only way to clean up slums.  And it works.  But the people doing this cannot be cops. It has to be the Neighbors.  That is, everyone.


So we had neighborhood meetings and neighborhood joint clean up days and neighborhood patrols, etc.  It worked like magic and especially the lower working class blacks loved it greatly.  Their children were under control again, daddy knew what they were doing because the kid patrol would tell him.


But there are no real daddies now.  60 years of liberal rule has nearly totally annihilated the black workingclass family.  It is very sad, watching this.  And trust me, no one at the top will allow anyone to stop this destruction, the liberals have to do this to feel good about themselves which is why they embrace the idea of millions of alien Muslims coming here to make things even worse in the future.


BTW, if Trump has a 400 page file from the seventies, I wonder how huge my file is?  HAHAHA.



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6 responses to “400 Page FBI File About Trump Family Hiring Blacks

  1. Melponeme_k

    I went to private school and public school in NY.

    In public I was in the fast track program (I forget what they called it), but it was really more for well behaved children rather than true genius level. The fast track was well integrated with nary a problem. However the school finagled the class hours by having us start a half hour early and leave a half hour early. This prevented us from mingling with the out of control masses being bused into the district.

    You are right, mixed classrooms only work for children from middle class and working class families who take the time to actually parent their children.

    Everything else are mere holding pens.

    In private school, it was less mixed but still the same economic group. Oddly the violence I saw in my school years was at my all girls Catholic high school when the girls would fight in the bathrooms and sometimes at the bus stops. All over boys, of course. Nothing like what you see in videos today. Just a lot of screeching and throwing pens/notebooks. Sometimes the occasional hair pull.

  2. Christian W

    This business has to stop. Integration is getting worse, not better, due to these strong arm liberal tactics. Instead of winning hearts and minds, it is driving everyone insane.

    The ‘liberals’ are irrelevant. The hand moving the ‘liberal’ sock puppets is the Deep State.

    Trump has to get serious about draining the Deep State swamp or he will be flushed out sooner rather than later. You can’t threaten war criminals with all kinds of nasty things and not expect them to retailate.

    If Trump continues to merely talk and waffle, he is toast. He needs to show serious decisiveness and ruthlessness now and act before it is too late. His problem, of course, is that he is only a front for what appears to be a much smaller faction than the neocons in this internal Deep State power struggle. His second problem is, that he doesn’t seem to have a clear plan how to proceed. His third problem is, he doesn’t seem to know who the Court Eunuchs with the poisonous tongues are. His fourth problem is, he doesn’t get reliable information from the intel services.

    Look at the Neocons. They started their feast during the Reagan years, ate the GOP alive during the Dubya Bush years and are now devouring the sorry remains of the Dems.

    Start there, and at the same time fire anyone who doesn’t give him exactly the information he demands from the intel services.

    But this will not happen. Already he has started to sing the neocon tune. Not that it will help him, on the contrary. The Neocons can just rip him apart, and know they will have unchallenged power for the next few decades. If they choose not to, it will be to keep him as a pathetic front figure they will build up and laud in the media once he is totally tamed.

  3. Claudeeyah

    Trump is a neophyte who, one hopes, is a quick learner, for he is surrounded by sharks. The boys and girls in Congress now smell blood in the water and they won’t stop until a full scale feeding frenzy occurs. Christian W. is correct on that note.

    I also attended public and parochial schools. In public schools, the whites caused as much trouble as the blacks, and the school was fairly mixed. I begged my dad to send me to Catholic high school, where I learned I was at least a year and a half behind the other students. I struggled to make up for it, but it was a hard, uphill battle.

    Fast forward a few decades when I was shopping for my first home. I told the realtor, “The neighborhood is much, much more important to me than the house. I would rather live in a cardboard cracker box in a great neighborhood than a mansion in the hood.”

    Apparently he didn’t believe me, because one of the first few houses we looked at were located and owned in negro neighborhoods. So I tried one more time, saying, “I really want to be in a good (white) school district.”

    To which he replied, “What do you care? You don’t have kids.” I realized then it was a losing battle. Thankfully, a friend I worked with pointed me toward a condo in his building that was in my budget and in an upscale, inner ring suburb. I have lived here for over twenty years with nary a problem. Indeed, my most irritating neighbors invariably are white. Not a problem with the very few blacks here.

    A young(er) couple I have become friends with are enrolling their child into kindergarten this year. They toured the mixed school and liked it a great deal. I cautioned them, “If the negro population ever exceeds 20-30%, take him out.”

  4. Petruchio

    The media is at it again! There is another “Special Report Live” on CBS (the one I’m watching) with Trump going toe to toe with the media over the debate over Fake News. As of right now, a CNN ‘reporter’ is asking multiple questions challenging Trump on his Fake News charges. Two things strike me. One, the MSM must be worried about Trump’s charges of Fake News. They wouldn’t be attacking him if there wasn’t some real concern on their part. And Trump is really nailing the media for their biases. Two, you never saw Obama getting in front of the cameras nearly as much as Trump already has (!) and Obama never got “raked over the coals” for things like not closing Gitmo or his endless and fierce attacks on whistleblowers.

  5. Ken

    Mel @ #1

    I think that a lot of the current problems with the schools is that there is no way to get rid of the disruptive children. In olden days, it was common to take them out and put them in “reform school” where they could receive an education without preventing everyone else from being educated. Somewhere along the way, this became politically incorrect and the schools have suffered greatly as a result.

  6. emsnews

    Our ‘reform school’ in Tucson half a century ago was called ‘Mother Higgins’ as a joke by the tough kids who were sent there (you can see who I knew back then!!! HAHAHA) and we could discuss that joint while in school and no one would know what we were talking about.

    I learned of this only because I was chosen to tutor young men when making the transition back into the regular school system. They were also my body guards.

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