NATO EU Mass Suicide Continues, Wants WWIII With Russia While Muslims Destroy France


US mainstream news is nearly totally useless if you want some idea of what is going on in Reality Land.  The Saudi overlords who gave many millions to US and EU politicians so they could run for office, are in the news in Europe again and the millions of ‘migrants’ are too, due to violence and crime and of course, rioting like mad in France, the riots have moved to the Eiffel Tower parts of Paris instead of staying in the suburbs.

screen-shot-2017-02-15-at-9-20-29-pm screen-shot-2017-02-15-at-9-20-39-pm

The Bilderberg gang is planning to let illegal aliens voting rights just like in NYC and California.  This way, they hope violent, idle immigrants who marched into the country will vote for liberals who left the front and back doors open.  This way, the Bilderberg gang which is increasingly unpopular with the bulk of citizen voters, will remain in precarious power.


Fooling feminists that these deranged men will be good for their cause happens to be one of the most bizarre propaganda schemes cooked up, ever.  And the sad part is, feminists actually believe this clap trap.


Note the top story of the woman who is a ‘princess’ who tied up and beat this poor designer she summoned because he took pictures of the apartment before working on it, as a study device and for security reasons.  She never paid him (this is a common tactic of the Saudi royals, by the way).


Now let’s leave the Russian news for the Daily Mail of London:


The Deep State wants WWIII at least, for us to all live on the precipice of WWIII so we are scared and run and hide and lash out at…people who are not menacing us.  Meanwhile, hello!  I remember the Red Scare Years!  Did McCarthy demand we let in millions of illegal aliens and Muslim men during that time?


No.  At least he was one step saner than the present crew of DNC and RNC clowns!  They have this bizarre game going whereby we must be terrified of Russians while they, our rulers, deluge us with angry Muslim males who then attack us in very violent ways.


I still remember 9/11.  We were attacked mainly by Saudi suicide lunatics.  Now, this is who has to come in and run riot here? How nutty is this???  Are we insane?  HAHAHA.  Yes, we are insane, obviously.



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5 responses to “NATO EU Mass Suicide Continues, Wants WWIII With Russia While Muslims Destroy France

  1. Pete

    Idiocracy News

  2. DM

    These two morons for real? It’s not a spoof? I mean, both of them even look seriously challenged, never mind the drivel that comes out of their mouths

    Well, seems we didn’t have to wait ’till 2505 for Idiocracy. Great word! Love it.

  3. emsnews

    The mainstream media fake news system has been fake for much of my lifetime. This level of stupid fake is new. It has gotten entirely out of hand.

    I wish we could take these clowns by the hand and direct them to their real calling: the circus. Ringling Brothers Circus is going bankrupt due to the competition from these clowns.

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