Trump Duels With Fake News Press

Click here to see the video of Trump, talking in a kindly voice, even, he asks CNN to stop the fake news.  The media still is at war with Trump, Congress is corrupt and thus, limping along as it has done for years now.  Corruption at the top continues and can Trump clean this up?  Don’t know, it is a huge mess, can any single human do this?



The black caucus can throw more temper tantrums as their districts either burn up or crime destroys everything in its path.  Sorry they have chosen this road, the DNC road was a literal paved road to hell as money poured into the dying cities and people with choice, fled for their very lives.


The problem as I see it is simple: Trump wants to change direction and our rulers do not.  This conflict has happened before.  Declassified CIA report concluded director led ‘cover up’ of Kennedy assassination investigation. This is from today’s news:


The 2013 report, declassified last fall, concludes that McCone, who ran the spy agency when Kennedy was fatally shot in November 1963, kept information from the Warren Commission during its investigation into the assassination.


The report’s author, CIA historian David Robarge, writes that McCone and other top CIA officials were part of a “benign cover-up” to keep the commission focused on what the agency believed at the time was the “best truth … that Lee Harvey Oswald, for as yet undetermined motives, had acted alone,” according to Politico Magazine.


Alone or not, Kennedy was killed.  Reagan was nearly killed, Ford also barely escaped death…the Grim Reaper is never far away from anyone who annoys too many people.


I just talked to my elderly father-in-law who faithfully watches the news.  He is convinced and he is a life long Republican, that Trump is nasty and stupid.  He has no idea how the media lies about everything, he is very trusting.


Fewer are trusting but this doesn’t mean we see reality.  Reality is a tricky business, sometimes it hammers us.  It is annoying to deal with because we would far rather have things go as we wish or please.


Trump is on a tight rope.  Below are crocodiles and above are vultures and he has to negotiate his way while everyone screams at him.  I do not envy his job right now.



This last story annoys me. The liberals want us to cry for this guy.  I was deported at age 17, for crying out loud.  He came illegally and now has to go home again.  Like 90% of the illegal aliens in Europe, too.  Anyone who says I came home to a nice house, no.  I was an ‘adult’ and took care of myself and lived in run down shanties near the universities or in my truck for a year or in a tent, sometimes.  I wasn’t coddled any.



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5 responses to “Trump Duels With Fake News Press

  1. Ken

    The fact that Elaine’s father-in-law believes the constant press attacks on Trump is very telling. It is human nature to believe that where there’s smoke, there’s fire. If the media attacks Trump non-stop for the next 4 years he will not be able to get anything accomplished, and the swamp will not be drained.

  2. floridasandy

    Switzerland has been floating a guaranteed minimum wage around. You can bet they won’t be doing that while immigration is unchecked.

    that would be country suicide.

  3. floridasandy

    Mexico wants a wall on its southern border.

    Trump and Peña Nieto have a great deal in common. The Mexican president already applies mass deportation policies, of the kind Trump promised, against Central Americans trying to cross Mexico towards the United States. Peña Nieto has also already begun construction, with U.S. help, of a high-technology equivalent of a “wall” on Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala.

    most countries want defined borders. I see Canada is getting a lot of nervous immigrants from the US. I know that’s what Trudeau wants, but I can’t imagine the average Canadian wants that at all.

    Today is destroy the economy day for illegal immigrants to show just how special they are. Here it was business as usual, if not a little busier than usual.

  4. emsnews

    Yes, I talk about all this in today’s article about Trump’s daughter, the fake media story that she was being shunned…they have gone mad, our bitter, angry rulers. This proves that Trump is a total outsider, by the way.

    I hope his own base figures this out. It is a tsunami of filthy lies right now.

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