The Low Pressure System Is Going Right Over Damaged Oroville Dam


The gods of Nature have a sense of dark humor.  California has been praying for rain.  And now has it in spades.  And as the dams struggle to deal with all this rain and snow, more comes piling in.  And guess what?  The dam operators are going to slow down the discharge of water.


The ‘experts’ told everyone, the storms were going to stop so the gods decreed that the storms won’t stop at all, they are going to get water and more water.  Bwahahaha.  Now, they are ‘dialing back’ the discharge of water just in time for more rain.


Officials monitoring the stricken Oroville Dam in Northern California say they’re confident the damaged spillway and eroded hillside can withstand approaching storms.


Are they insane?  Yup.


Department of Water Resources Acting Director Bill Croyle said Thursday that officials identified three areas where erosion caused the most concern about potential flooding.


He says one area has been 100 percent repaired, while the others were 25 percent and 69 percent fixed.


Good lord.  No, these are not ‘fixed’ at all.  They dumped a bunch of bags of rocks on the scoured landscape and shoved some loose dirt around.  This is not a fix at all.  It is stupid.  Laying down dirt on a steep hillside doesn’t stabilize it.  I dig mountainsides and the ‘dirt’ in the Northeast is all put there after giant glaciers melted and then, for over more than ten thousand years, we  have ‘topsoil’ and ‘dirt’ where there used to be only solid rock.


Where this dam is today was glaciers back during all the Ice Ages.  This shaped the valley that was filled with water.  All the dirt on top of this is from after the last Ice Age.  The rocks under this dirt is SLIPPERY due to glaciers wearing down the rocks.


Croyle says officials are reducing the amount of water released from the lake, but he still expects the level to continue falling through the duration of storms forecast in the coming days.


Like I said in the past, these people are nuts.  They are also stupid.  Trusting people believe the lies from these dam experts.  If anyone dies because of these lies, I would like murder charges be leveled.


California officials are slowing the release of water from a lake behind the nation’s tallest dam so crews can remove debris from the bottom of the structure’s damaged spillway.


They want to restart the power.  So to hell with reality.


State Department of Water Resources officials said Thursday that removing debris protects Oroville Dam’s power plant and will allow for it eventually to be restarted.


Officials had been releasing 100,000 cubic feet of water, or enough to fill an Olympic-size swimming pool, each second from the lake since Sunday, when the sheriff ordered an immediate evacuation. They didn’t say how much water is now being released.


They don’t dare say anything or people will ask questions.  Hello?  The reporter covered this story and did any assail these guys demanding answers?  Oh, they just do it to Trump and then misreport his answers.




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17 responses to “The Low Pressure System Is Going Right Over Damaged Oroville Dam

  1. Moe

    I guess I’m just twisted. Some abstruse part of me just wants to see this thing fail. A symbol of the system and establishment.

  2. floridasandy

    no part of me wants to see anybody get hurt because of high level government stupidity, but a lot of me fears that they think they will get more money in a catastrophe.

    Reporters are either lazy, or can’t think of intelligent questions to ask anymore.

  3. Lou

    Coastal rain started a few minutes ago.

  4. Joseppi

    Apologize for interrupting the weather report…

    Once again NYT helps us grasp reality with this article…


    Many of the authoritative quotes are from:

    Amy Zegart, the co-director of the International Security and Cooperation at Stanford University.

    Elaine, I would love you to sink your forensic teeth into this!

  5. Jim R

    The NYT can no more see the deep state than a fish sees the water.

    It’s all the same thing — the ‘deep state’ or the ‘blob’ or the ‘bilderberg gang’ or the ‘MIC’ or the ‘spookocracy’. It’s the cabal of crooks that have been pulling the strings for five or six decades. They sit in the same offices and write the same reports, while the ‘government’ swaps one set of politicians for another. There was a BBC TV show about this back in the ’70s, Yes Minister.

    Now they’re scared because Trump is not a politician, and he might actually want to run things.

  6. Melponeme_k

    This negligence in California over the dam is exactly the same mindset that caused Fukushima. The ones in charge don’t care. There will be no consequences for them.

    So what if people lose their homes forever. So what if everything is poisoned. Who cares?

    One thing is for sure, they will find a way to blame President Trump.

    And if they threaten secession again, CUT THEM FROM THE UNION. I would highly enjoy watching a desert “nation” survive on no water, no arable land with millions of uneducated third world troglodytes as “citizens”. Oh and yeah, no people moving to our country from Hollywood or Silicon Valley. No NEW YORK for them. Let them deal in the mess they helped create.

  7. Jim R

    @Mel, in other words, we’re gonna build a wall around California and make the Californians pay for it!

    This tweet has some recent pictures of activity around the auxiliary spillway. You can see the concrete pumper squirting cement on the piles of rock they have put down to patch potholes (if you call a 30 ft deep cavern a pothole).

    They are saying the lake is down 40 feet now in advance of the incoming storm. Of course an inch of rain can raise the level by more than a foot, …

  8. tio

    Oroville Dam = The Fed.

  9. “No, these are not ‘fixed’ at all. They dumped a bunch of bags of rocks on the scoured landscape and shoved some loose dirt around. This is not a fix at all. It is stupid. Laying down dirt on a steep hillside doesn’t stabilize it.”

    No, a temporary fix requires the application of rapid-set cement like SET-45 or DURACAL to fill in the voids around the rocks placed in the holes in the spillway. If bedrock is exposed, drill into the rock and add rebars and do a mass rapid-setting concrete pour! DUH.

  10. emsnews

    Too bad that isn’t really happening.

  11. Jim R

    We were looking at some pictures a couple days ago, and it looked like the ‘bedrock’ isn’t much better than the dirt that was over it. This isn’t like Elaine’s solid granite mountain, it is metamorphic rock. Like puddingstone.

    But, from the pictures you can see that they are pumping concrete onto the rocks. Maybe there is some rebar in that mess as well. I’m sure they have added gypsum or calcium chloride to the cement to make it set fast, but unfortunately they don’t have two weeks for it to cure. Even rapid-setting concrete will not be ready for the kind of pounding we could see in the overflow pictures earlier.

  12. Well its performance could’ve fooled me… when I worked in the Mass Highway Department we used to patch interstate highway bridge decks with this stuff and let me tell you, the patches really took a pounding from the Mass. expressway traffic including heavy tractor-trailer infestations and gave us a few extra years until we could do a proper deck replacement. Sometimes the years turned into decades!

  13. Jim R

    Interesting stuff, SET-45, I had to look it up. For road patching.

    My experience in the construction industry was about 50 years ago, and if you were working with concrete in cold weather, you’d add some calcium chloride to it to speed up setting. Just get a scoop of it, and add it to a truckload of sand-gravel-cement-water. I don’t know why it works, but it does.

    The end product is pretty much the same old concrete, but it will still set when it’s 40 degrees outside. In warmer weather, it would set too quickly to even strike it off.

  14. Well Mass Highway stopped using the calcium chloride to regular concrete–because the traffic was so bad they needed to reopen the roadways as soon as possible after pouring the concrete patch–before I was even hired almost right out of college! Plus over the long term it made the rebars rust even faster.

  15. Jim R

    Rust faster —

    Well, that’s definitely true. Calcium chloride is significantly more corrosive than rock salt.

  16. Jim R

    Here, Elaine, I thought you might like this —

    They are predicting a Meinel Minimum, apparently. Starting 2022.

    I had to look around for a thread to put this in — weather seems more appropriate than politics.

  17. emsnews

    Thanks for the reminder!

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