Tiffany Trump Fashion Snub Story Was Totally Fake News!



The Daily Mail from London is a good way to track goofy news stories cooked up by the Fake News mainstream press.  The entire media went nuts yesterday with the false claim, all the fashion idiots (they are horrible people and fashion now reflects this, very ugly stuff these days) were ‘shunning the first daughter’ and refusing to sit next to her.  It turns out that they were jockeying to sit next to her, not the opposite.  To cover up their lies, the media will either drop the matter with no apology on the front pages or will claim that it was true for a minute and they ran off to post the story and didn’t see it was false until it was too late.


Fake news is very, very dangerous.  Entire countries like the USSR, slide off of cliffs due to no changes being made to messed up systems because the population may be upset and seeing things going wrong but can’t discuss it or if anyone tries to stop the decline, the people in power can crush them and make up stories to justify persecution of reformers.


Our government is in desperate need of reform.  Congress hates this idea and the liberals hate this idea, they consider Obama’s wild spending years to be the best of all possible worlds.  A very dangerous thing has happened as Trump tried, for a short while, to dial down the war mongering: the entire DNC and most of the GOP desperately want to reproduce the Cold War so they can keep in power and change nothing.


So they are now demonizing Russia like crazy, demanding WWIII and desperate to scare Americans into fighting Russia while these same clowns are demanding we bring in millions of angry Muslim males from the Middle East so we can enjoy the crime waves and terror sweeping Europe.  Screaming we must protect the Homeland from Russia while screaming we must have open doors to Hispanic illegals and Muslims, both of which make it clear, they intend to bring down the US and carve it up…how about that?


Trump tries to explain that starting WWIII is insane.  He does this clumsily but he is correct.  The US media giants decided collectively, to howl about something that has happened for the last 70 years: Russia has ships that sail over here and we do likewise, over there.  This isn’t the beginning of WWIII.  But it could trigger it which is why the US media and people should be begging him to talk to Putin and lower tensions.


But they won’t let him!  They just had a coup and got rid of someone who could talk to Putin!  They want him replaced with someone who will be nasty to Putin.  This is insane and it destroyed the entire point as to why we voted for Trump: to stop the hysteria overseas.  America first!


No, we are being relentlessly driven into war by a band of vicious conspirators who hold very secret meetings: the Bilderberg gang.


This is a typical story: Rogen is a Jewish ‘comic’ who isn’t very funny.  Note that this clown…he is a professional clown…accuses Trump of ‘colluding with Russia’.  Amazing.  Anyone doing any diplomacy with Putin is ‘colluding’?  And this stupid clown, Rogen, is worried about global warming???  Hello, stupid!  WWIII will be super-duper-hot and will cause massive nuclear waste pollution, too!!!


Too stupid to figure out the obvious, the fake liberals are all going off this same cliff: they want the Cold War and are aping McCarthy to do this.  Whatever Trump is for, they are knee-jerk against.  This stupidity is leading them to say things that are astonishing.screen-shot-2017-02-17-at-6-14-40-am

Gays want to have bad things happen to them, too.  Their hatred is causing them to become stupid instead of smart.  Vast swaths of the US are turning against gays now because they don’t want to be bullied and mocked.  When trying to win over people’s hearts and minds, being sexually crude, vicious, nasty and dirty is NOT THE WAY TO GO.  It confirms to people that gays are nasty and awful people!


Unfortunately, NYC where gays won a long, hard struggle to be embraced, is the home base of destructive ‘let’s push the perimeter to the utmost!’ joy riding.  Flaunting porn is the worst thing gays should do.  They should have avoided this as much as possible.


Note how this agitprop is very much something that Stalin would have endorsed.  Too stupid to see that this is a bad choice if they want integration and respect, gays who live with mostly themselves think this is acceptable activity.


The entire ‘art world’ has gone off this cliff and declarations that horrible garbage and obscene materials are ‘great art’ has led to the destruction of modern art.  Being nasty is fun but it is also destructive.  Instead of elevating the mind, this reminds me of the late middle ages when artists depicted Hell on church walls by painting pictures that were pure pornography.


As churches filled with Hell pornography, the Church grew more and more corrupt and rich, of course.  It got so out of hand, when Protestantism rose up, they forbade any and all artwork in churches!  Seriously.  I am not joking, many paintings in England and Northern Europe were covered with whitewash because of these paintings of hell.  Then the Protestants turned to witch burning…all ‘reforms’ lead to witch hunts, too.


That is the danger of all changes.  There are positive things and very negative things when people suddenly change direction and try to fix things that are going very wrong.  Trump can make these mistakes, too.  So can the DNC and RNC.  One huge mistake the anti-Trump people are doing is, moving heaven and hell to create WWIII conditions.  That is unforgivable, totally.


This is the ONLY reason I support Trump in this fight with fake media and Congress.  I fear WWIII greatly, have all my life.  I know what nuclear war looks like.  I cannot believe the stupidity of what is going on with fake liberals demanding WWIII.


On top of this, it is over Crimea.  The US and NATO Europe have both happily supported the cutting up of former Soviet states into smaller and smaller ethnic enclaves.  They are doing this to Syria and Libya and other countries NATO has attacked.  Iraq is being carved up, too.  But no, the people of Crimea can’t vote to sever relations with Kiev!  This requires we start WWIII with Russia!


NATO also backs Turkey against the Kurds.  The Kurds wonder why the Armenians get to carve off a part of Turkey, why not themselves?  But no, in this weird case, Kurds can’t do what all the other people got to do.  The US has pursued this insane policy while telling us, the US will NOT allow ethnic groups like the Mexicans, to take over states and then do as they please.

But Mexicans waving Mexico flags assailed Trump supporters while the cops stood down on orders of pro-Mexican mayors.  They were demanding a carving up of California and Texas and New Mexico and Arizona…and so forth.  The DNC doesn’t talk about this.  Instead, they use this to win elections while ignoring the final goal of these elections.


This, in turn, means that when a pro-Mexico mayor takes over a city, he or she can make life hell for other people to drive them all out.  Black cities do this all the time, far from encouraging integration, black leaders gain more power if they chase out all other ethnic/race groups so they can reign supreme.  They don’t want their cities to attract renovators and people making life better because then they lose political power.


Looting the cities taken over this way is rampant.  Yes, this is a looting expedition by politicians.  This is why no matter how much money is poured into cities being taken over by various factions fails.  It vanishes down the maws of the leaders of mobs who are systematically driving out everyone else.  This is obvious ethnic cleansing.


Stopping this and having real integration is nearly impossible since the DNC, which started out asking for more integration, is now totally for segregation because this is their power base.  It is also very racist.  The GOP is also racist but these days, nearly everyone is racist and can’t see this clearly because they have fond delusions about how they are actually very nice and really want everyone to just get along…only there is no power in ‘getting along’.


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