All About Uniforms And Why They Are Required


Rutgers University apologizes for business fair dress code.  I used to live near Rutgers and did stuff there many years ago, it is in New Jersey.  Well, they had this dress code for interviews with businesses and the codes were to help students merge with Corporate America.  This means wearing the proper uniforms.  Uniforms are…uniform.  They are designed to make a person recognizable as an entity at work.


Look at rock stars.  They, too, wear uniforms that scream, ‘I am an irresponsible rock star who does stupid things!’ for example.  You don’t want to telegraph this in a business setting, even the rock stars won’t do business with bankers who look even remotely like themselves.


Rutgers University has issued an apology after it banned students from its annual career fair for not adhering to its strict new dress code.


Colored shirts, blue suits and brown shoes were all banned at the event on February 10, leading to students being turned away at the door.


Students were required to wear black or dark gray suits, according to the dress code and it is believed around 40 people were denied entry.


Even all those computer nerds who started businesses, tend to hire people who understand uniforms are for being all the same and easily identified.  Here is a typical example of lawyer uniformity:


Rutgers is being attacked for providing obvious valuable information for students.  If this trend for temper tantrums from students continues, it has a very bad ending, for the students.


Next news story:  I know this happens in prisons a great deal, prisoners kill or attack each other especially people who do horrible things to children are punished by fellow prisoners:  Man was beaten up by another inmate after he was charged in death of 11 year old girl, shot in the head.


A 19-year-old man charged with first-degree murder in the death of an 11-year-old girl who was shot in the head was beaten at the courthouse by another alleged murderer.


Antwan C. Jones, who was charged with the shooting of Takiya Holmes, was sitting in Leighton Criminal Courthouse in Chicago on Wednesday.


Surveillance video appeared to show him taking a nap while awaiting a bond hearing, when another prisoner, Renard Williams, 24, suddenly ran over to him and began pummeling the suspect with his fists. Surveillance video captured the odd scene.


This is not an ‘odd scene’…it is a common scene.  What goes on in prisons is kept under wraps by the media and government. I have had many interactions with prisoners and have been inside of some of the nastier prisons in the East Coast, doing business.  Yes, this is a very common event in prisons.


A black Amtrak officer faces murder charge when he shot dead a Chicago thug who ran from the cops and had his hand in his pocket.  This story is insane.  The shooter was a black officer.  He is now going to be slammed by the mostly white and top black power people who keep the streets ‘quiet’ by attacking cops who have to deal with dangerous people nonstop.


The photo here is the young officer and his family.


Robertson was taking a bus from Memphis, Tennessee, to Minneapolis and was on a stopover in Chicago when the shooting occurred.


Robertson and two friends went to Union Station to stay warm while they waited for their onward bus, but two officers aggressively confronted them so the three friends got up to leave, Robertson’s sister, Nina Robertson, has said.


The officers then confronted them again outside the station and accused one of them of smoking marijuana.


An officer searched the men and when he put his hands in Robertson’s pockets, he ran, the sister said.  That’s when one of the officers opened fire.  Chicago police say they found cash and narcotics on Robertson, but no weapon.


‘I’m very pleased that he’s been charged with first-degree murder,’ Robertson’s aunt, Theresa Love Williams, said Friday. ‘Now that he’s been charged, we need to get a conviction. So we still have a fight ahead of us.’


I recently posted a video of cops chasing a very dangerous, armed black male who was released from jail and immediately went out to commit more crimes.  It is obvious he pulled a gun on them.  The general rule is, if a criminal runs from the cops and sticks his hand in his pocket, often this is to pull out a gun from his waistband.


One has less than one second to react to this move.  Normal people don’t do this when running but criminals do.  In the moment it is hard to tell what is going to happen next.  The #1 thing is: do not run from cops.  Period.  I have chased down people in the past and even tackled them…a lot more than once.  It is now much more dangerous because criminals know the cops have to hold fire and so the urge to run is very high and…they run.


Getting criminals to surrender involves being rather nasty if they run and this includes shooting them.  If all criminals knew that running was dangerous but going before liberal judges is a piece of cake, they will not do dangerous things.


The cops chasing for girls in Florida who stole a car and then drove at a high speed into a sinkhole and drowned, in that case, the lunatics on the left were pissed the cops didn’t rescue them from a crocodile infested pool!  If liberals and black lives matter people want the cops to be loving and caring, they have to be respectful and not cause problems when the cops ask them to stop.



And this is today’s last stupid story: this man obviously went insane.  Look at what he did: he went out and murdered a transit cop who was trying to make the center of Denver safe for passengers on public transportation.  The first crime was Bush Jr. lying about 9/11 and invading Afghanistan and not Saudi Arabia.  The second was bringing this soldier home and dumping him into the streets.


And third lesson here is obvious: cops have to react very fast to danger and this means, if the person is crazy and dangerous, they have to use full force, they can’t play ‘nursery maid’ with dangerous adults.



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19 responses to “All About Uniforms And Why They Are Required

  1. Cop can’t wait til he gets shot at, he will be dead then.
    A person waving a knife 20 feet away can be in front of you burying the blade in you before you can un-holster your service revolver.


    ELAINE: I have thrown knives since a little girl. I am very good at it. Yes, one can throw a knife and have it penetrate pretty good if they know how to do this. I once tried to hit a rapist climbing through my bedroom window at Berkeley when I was 18 years old. I had a severe migraine headache and I threw a proper throwing knife at him but missed and hit the frame. He got caught later when I overheard him complaining that I nearly hit him the night before. He greatly regretted this a few minutes later…ahem.

  2. Christian W

    Three of the people in your lawyer example are breaking Rutger’s dress code and would have been turned back at the door.

  3. Petruchio

    Yes, there are abusive cops. Corrupt Cops. Cops who should NEVER have been a Law Officer in the first place. Cops are people. There are good cops and bad cops, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. Cops today can get it from both sides. They have the ‘citizens’ who constantly scream about their Rights and then you have the PC crowd that wants to enforce their idea of Utopia. I can’t blame cops at all for getting frustrated–and sometimes overstepping their boundaries for executing proper level’s of restraint when dealing with bad guys. But the LEO’s are what stand between Us and the criminal element. You have to root out the “bad apple” cops, but you have to support the honest cops.

  4. Moe

    I could never be a cop. I’d be so trigger-happy I’d shoot anything that moved, merely out of an exaggerated sense of self-preservation. So I understand how police must react quickly to rapidly evolving situations.

    The other side of the coin from my personal and extended experience is that cops HAVE ALWAYS used excessive force. That’s a perfectly good reason to fear and hate them. This is not exclusively a North American phenomena.

    Much has been written about the cloisterness of police ranks. In fact, police during their initial training are conditioned to differentiate themselves and their unit from the citizenry. This initial demarcation is the beginning of eventual near absence of identification with their fellow citizens.

    This is a purposeful methodology: how else could police perform their primary function, maintenance of the status quo? What do you think the purpose has been over the past decade for militarization of police forces?

    We do not need police officers, we need Peace Officers. Police officers today are Peace Officers in name only, since their primary function is suppression, secondary function is revenue collection/confiscation and third function crime control.

    Police and the criminal justice system in the US are just like the rest of the US system: corrupt, violent, and self-serving.

  5. emsnews

    As a person who made many arrests, excuse me, have you ever wrestled with a criminal? I have! More than once! And guess what? I was never, ever ‘gentle’ or even ‘slightly forceful’. I made it totally clear every time, fighting me meant I would go ‘all the way instantly.’

    And…police have attacked me!! When I was a student!!!! And I was illegally arrested twice in my life. And…it is a long story, the bad cops feared me just like any criminal.

    The man who shot in this story was doing his ‘job’. Cities like Chicago have LOTS of thugs shooting everyone and everything every day. He HAD to assume a gun, you can’t wait to confirm this by dying. I wish more civilians would go on patrols and learn how this really works.

    BTW, I never carried a gun but I did use other tools (an axe, for example, throwing knives, pick axes, whatever was at hand).

  6. Moe

    I have personal experience and knowledge of police arrests that were not with a resisting or violent person and they still used excessive force, Many, many times.

    I also personally knew (past tense) many individuals who were violently assaulted by the arresting police AFTER their arrest and incarceration. Not a few of these sustained injuries that lasted a lifetime. One of the favored techniques was beating the arrested individual in the stomach area with a telephone book, which left no marks. A variation of this was to use the phone book to beat the area of the kidneys. An additional practice when police could not obtain a confession or had too little evidence to file a charge was to take the offending individual to a remote area far outside of town and beat him to a pulp, then abandon him there.

    So please Elaine, don’t confine the limits of police behavior to your own experience in the field, where a certain amount of force is both required and expected for self-protection. It’s futile to sugarcoat what has always been epidemic in America, police aggression and violence.

  7. emsnews

    And I happen to know people who were arrested and then became very violent in the police headquarters.

    REALITY: if cops stop working all literal hell breaks loose. I have lived with zero police protection in NYC during the 1977 blackout. I wished I had a machine gun nest that night when my darling neighbors decided to loot the entire neighborhood and then burn it all down. It was pure hell.

  8. emsnews

    Also, I now live in the wild countryside. There are no cops. You call the sheriff it takes a long time for someone to show up.

    We are all armed and are polite. We help each other. And cross us, we do draw guns, I have done this more than once in my life at the ranch in Arizona when I was a child, and here on my present mountain.

  9. Moe


    On a lighter note, but remaining within the topic of police excessive use of force, here’s a personal anecdote, with a twist, since it also involves excessive use of force by my father.

    My father once was once assaulted by two plainclothes detectives. He had broken an ankle some months previous and was walking with two canes. The detectives drove past, spotted and recognized him and once they realized that he was walking with canes, stopped to roust him.

    Now there’s a bit more to this story. My Old Man was an ex-boxer and roustabout and frequently engaged in fisticuffs. He had had previous run-ins with these two cops related to these pugilistic altercations, which undoubtedly resulted in a few landed punches on the cops, and they saw an easy opportunity to even things up since my Dad was partially immobilized. Not only did they know him from interaction while on duty, one of the cops, named White, had gone to primary school with him.

    So they started to harass him and pushed him around. He dropped one cane, balanced on his single good leg, and with an overhand swing hit the first detective over the head, breaking the cane in the process. Well, the cop was cold-cocked, and down he went. His partner, (Dad’s former classmate). now realized that it was not going to be nearly as easy as thought, and with my Old Man bearing down on him, one-legged and one-caned as he was, the officer determined the better part of valor was to call for backup.

    They never did beat Dad up in the holding cell, and I know why. Because they knew unless they killed him, he’d eventually catch up the them, one at a time, and beat the living shit out of them.

    There’s at least two morals to this story. One, don’t go through life (like my Dad) being a violent asshole and maybe people won’t go looking for you to get even. Two, a genuine possibility of reprisal is very effective in curtailing aggression and usurpation of authority. Adhering to the first is easy, just be a nice guy. The second is more problematic and a primary issue in an effete populace: you’ve got to have the cojones to initiate violence when necessary. That’s what the Revolution was all about, and non-violent revolution is a rarity.


    My father eventually appeared in court over this issue charged with assaulting a police officer and threatening another. My brother and I attended to provide moral support and met him pre-trial to assuage his nervousness. He was so sure he’d be off to jail in spite of the circumstances that he’d liquored himself up sufficiently to overcome his anxiety, a condition that was to have an unusual bearing on the trial outcome.

    The trial was held in the courtroom of one Judge Tuchtie, now long deceased, but who had a reputation as a tough judge and partial to the police.

    The two cops got up on the stand and, as is done so frequently in real life (never on TV of course) lied their heads off, which is their wont.

    It was then the Old Man’s Turn, and Tuchtie called him to the stand.

    Tuchtie advised: “Mr. B—-, please tell us your story in your own words. Now we’ve heard the officers’ side, tell the court yours.”

    Dad: “Well Judge Tuchtie, you can see I’m walking on two canes with a broken ankle, as I was that day these two officers stopped me, just walking down the sidewalk, and they started to push me around. So I defended myself with the only thing I had, my cane.

    Tuchtie: “The two officers were in plainclothes, were you aware when you hit them that they were officers.”

    Dad: “Yeah, I knew they were cops. Hell, I went to school with White, I used to do his math homework.”

    The courtroom burst out laughing and it took a minute for Tuchtie to quiet the crowd.

    Tuchtie continued: “So you knew that you weren’t being approached by two civilians, but you still persisted in hitting the officer.”

    Dad: “I figured right away that they were picking on me because of my injury and that they intended to beat me up while I was infirm, so when they pushed I hit back.”

    And then the Old Man lost it. He was convinced pretrial of being found guilty, saw how the officers lied on the stand and now interpreted Tuchtie’s line of questioning as leading to a pronouncement of ‘Guilty’, and he was sufficiently under the influence and uninhibited that he erupted at the top of his voice:

    “This is fucking ridiculous! This is fucking ridiculous! I only defended myself against these two Dicks. This is fucking ridiculous!

    The courtroom exploded with laughter. It took Tuchtie fully three minutes of shouting and finally threats to empty the room to get the courtroom to quiet down.

    Tuchtie, very patiently and understandingly, said: “Mr. B—-, you can’t say that in my courtroom. Now please, control yourself and continue your story, with no invective.”

    Well, the Old Man couldn’t do. Each time he’s attempt to further his explanation he’d revert back to his previous outburst and declare “This is fucking ridiculous! This is fucking ridiculous!”

    Tuchtie, realizing that further cogent testimony was a lost cause, recognizing that the optics were very bad for the police and court, and entirely fed up with Dad’s antics declared: “Not Guilty! Now Mr. B—-, get out of my courtroom! And don’t you dare come back!”

    We quaffed a few beers in unexpected celebration of the Old Man’s liberation but didn’t buy a round. All were bought by spectators to the courtroom spectacle!

  10. ziff

    Elaine the tough guy ,,,, when u tied to do youtube you seemed a very kind and gentle person

  11. ziff

    wanna see another goddess from Hell ? watch @ 1:54,, holly crap

    [the entire episode is about the use of media in kenya ]

  12. Moe

    @ziff, #11

    Scary as hell. No way this lady is balanced. At least she’s off the street and no longer killing people, which is a good thing!

    Perhaps this level of insanity is the normal response to a culture as insane as found in the lower strati of Kenya.

  13. ziff

    Ross Kemp, BBC , goes about the world interviewing various gangs & thugs , even in remote locations the men are smart and articulate.

  14. emsnews

    Just because someone isn’t rich doesn’t mean they are stupid. To be a ‘gangster’ and survive past age 21 requires survival skills. What we see when they are old and I known old Mafia bosses, one was my neighbor, for example, and they are crafty, not stupid.

    The thing here is, when society sides with the criminals, it collapses. Period. End of story. And this means criminals run the systems…ahem…so people complain the cops are criminals but the solution isn’t ‘let’s be drunken criminals and rip up the town and be nasty’ but the opposite.

    This is how civilizations survive. Even when the people at the top are nasty, if they don’t encourage law and order, it collapses quickly and history says, ‘All civilizations fail due to criminals at the top.’

  15. emsnews

    When I meddled with the political system in corrupt NYC, I did it for one reason: the criminal thugs had free run of my community and were systematically stripping it of everything including blowing up/burning down buildings and frequent murder.

    I carved out a ‘safe zone’ and who opposed me? Why, street thugs, drug dealers, MIDDLE CLASS DRUG USERS, hippie types, lazy people who wanted to airmail their garbage out of the windows, double parkers, litter bugs, you name them: they all hated me greatly.

    And I went after all of the above and they all hated my guts and even threatened my life but I won because I was right and they were lazy/stupid/vicious and self-centered. I fought for the neighborhood, they fought for their own greed and laziness.

    It isn’t easy doing this! It is very hard, in fact. But teaching people to be civilized is life and death, literally. The slum kids can’t get real jobs in the real world if they are raised to be foul mouthed, self centered, violent and lazy.

    And look at what has happened to the black inner city community! A catastrophe, big time and I had a number of hard working, honest black friends and neighbors who were stuck in the middle of hell due to their neighbors being all of the above.

  16. Flor

    It is a reptilian, reptoid, tailess system misruled by reptilianians who are hiding underground tunnel eating people alive while the looted victims kill one another’



  17. Lou

    if they don’t encourage law and order, it collapses quickly and history says, ‘All civilizations fail due to criminals at the top.’

    Studies indicate that the more corrupt a government, the poorer the nation is.

  18. Moe

    @Flor #16

    Please, NO SHOUTING!

  19. emsnews

    Flor sometimes falls off the train of thought.

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