EU Leaders Whine That NATO Is Necessary But They Won’t Pay For It


The world is changing and Europe is very nervous that the scheme to piggy back ride on US taxpayers to protect Europe (and Japan doing the same) might end.  They actually discussed having an ‘EU Army’ but then ditched this and went back to whining like little babies, that they need the US to protect Europe’s leaders, not themselves.  And no, they are not going to pay for all this.  UK Minister says NATO is Europe’s defense and so why have a Euro army when they could use the US military and save lots of loot.


DW: Sir Michael, you’ve reiterated that the new defense policy of the UK will put NATO at its core. How much does talk about NATO, talk about how much it is still a stable structure, damage the alliance itself?


Sir Michael Fallon: The alliance needs to stick together now. The alliance is being tested. It is being tested by Russia; it is being tested by terrorism in the Middle East. There has never been a time when Europe and NATO really needed to stick together more. And Britain is going to be a part of that. We are leading the Very High Readiness Task Force, the response unit of NATO, all this year. We are deploying troops to Estonia. We are deploying RAF aircraft to Romania for southern air policing. We will continue to lead in NATO to help bring that reassurance that the alliance needs.


Good lord.  Russia is not invading Europe.  Europe declared war on Russia when Russians in Ukraine voted to sever relations when there as this coup in Kiev.  Terrorism: the stupid EU leaders invited in the million Muslim male march. Not the US.


Europe can’t defend itself because they grew fat and stupid sucking at the US taxpayer’s teats.  We are funding the vast majority of the cost of protecting Europe and since we have zero control over the Bilderberg politicians who are destroying Europe, we can’t stop them from doing very stupid things.


There was a lot of talk here of strengthening alliances to avoid a fall back into spheres of influence. Now you are about to leave a very strong alliance: the European Union. How much are you becoming a sphere of influence of the United States?


We are leaving the political European Union. But we are not leaving the continent. Europe remains our continent. And we are going to go on contributing to the security of our continent. We also have this trans-Atlantic relationship. Our oldest and strongest ally was the United States. It is a very strong defense relationship. So we see that benefiting both. We see that benefiting the United States, where we will be a bridge between Europe and the United States. But it also benefits the alliance as a whole that Britain is able to link with the US in that way.


What is the US benefit?  Well, a gigantic budget deficit and…they get to export to us while not buying from us…and…there is nothing.  We have near zero benefits from all this.


‘We stand with Europe’: Mike Pence vows the U.S. will hold Russia to account at tense Munich security summit.


Merkel stresses that Germany wants only NATO because Germany has cheated the US out of many billions of dollars by refusing to pay even the 2% pittance.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel has told the Munich Security Conference that multilateral efforts are needed to cope with current challenges. She stressed that NATO was in the interests not only of Europe, but of the US.


Note that this crazy bitch won’t say how we benefit.  This is because the US has no benefits from NATO at this point.  Russia can attack us easily from afar if there is WWIII.  All they have to do is launch nuclear missiles at us.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday emphasized the necessity of international alliances, such as NATO, to cope with the challenges currently facing the world.


Like, say, stopping millions of Muslim males from invading?  HAHAHA.


Speaking on the second day of the Munich Security Conference, Merkel said that problems such as those posed by Islamist terrorism could not be mastered by one nation alone, and called for a “networked world.”


Germany exists on exports.  They are terrified that free trade will end.  They are huge movers in the Bilderberg game business.


At the same time, she said it was necessary to improve and streamline multilateral bodies such as the European Union, while stressing how vital they were.


Even EU citizens are now scared of what the Bilderberg gang has done to them.  The Bilderbergers have shoved Europe off the cliff.  The people below, the people who are kept in the dark, are increasingly scared of what is going on now.  They want desperately to change course and the rulers won’t let them.


The UK prime minister assures Europe’s rulers that she is going to continue to lean on the US and not conspire to create an EU army.

At a summit of the EU’s 28 defense ministers in the Slovakian capital, Bratislava, on Tuesday UK Defense Minster Michael Fallon vowed to oppose any plans to create an EU army which would “undermine” the NATO alliance. Three months on since 52 percent of the UK voted to leave the EU, British Prime Minister Theresa May is yet to trigger Article 50, which will begin the Brexit process. So what weight do Fallon’s comments have when the UK’s already boarding the ferry at Calais? Little – if any, says editor of “European Security” and senior lecturer in European Politics at the University of Newcastle Dr. Jocelyn Mawdsley.


The UK has long opposed the idea of an EU army and any duplication of what already exists in NATO has been considered a waste of rather scant resources. How much influence could Fallon’s comments have on the bloc’s decision to develop a united military?


The question is obvious to me: the EU is against the EU army because this means the US can withdraw and then the EU would have to pay its own way when it wants to argue with Russia.  This would force Europe to begin using real diplomacy instead of playing the old, battered ‘Cold War’ games.


They had the excuse back in  1960, they were still recovering from WWII.  Ditto, Japan.  By 1968 it was obvious to me, as I lived there in Germany back then, that they were living a fine life while we paid for it all.  Ditto, Japan.


Why are we doing this imperial overstretch which brings us nothing good in return?  This is the #1 question we should be debating in the US and it is the #1 verboten question we are not allowed to discuss.


The US has had this many million march of illegal aliens, too, and our ‘ally’ Mexico has enabled this invasion and they are loudly claiming they are not going to ever be real citizens but will remain Mexicans and their plan is to take over and rip apart the US itself.


There is nothing ‘controversial’ in stopping this flood of illegal aliens.  It is a nation’s right to control population movements!  Mexico does this, it stops people on its own southern border and is building a fence there to stop them from invading.


The DNC is all for invasions because part of the Mexican plan is to vote for the DNC and then take over and destroy the US from within.  The DNC has to know this plan for it is rather obvious!  But they think they can still have top control via the Jewish Mafia to control things and stay in power since many Democrats are also Jewish in far more power positions than their ethnic quota.


They can’t think ahead and figure out that Catholics don’t like Jews all that much.  But then, look at the present Pope who followed in the tracks of the German black magic Pope.  Ahem.  Something very interesting is going on inside the Vatican these days.


A final word about our ‘allies’: Japan took in 28 refugees in 2016, despite record applications!




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12 responses to “EU Leaders Whine That NATO Is Necessary But They Won’t Pay For It

  1. Nani

    The gradual decline of Europe and America will pave the way for other empires rise to prominence, most notably Russia and China. When it comes to empires, the issue of smart vs. stupid leadership is a matter of life or death.

    If an empire is run by clever and farsighted leaders, it can thrive and prosper for centuries. If it is run by stupid, short sighted, arrogant leaders, it is bound for decline, and eventually it will collapse.

    At the moment it seems like the EU-empire will collapse first. This is for certain. The stupidity of Europe’s current elites is mind boggling.

    The US will be next if Trump does not manage to turn things around for the better. Will he be successful in rebuilding the economy, and can he avoid a major war? Those are important questions. A devastating war with Russia or China will ruin any chance for the US to regain its former glory.

    These are exciting times indeed, but not necessarily in a good way.

  2. Christian W

    The UK is not exactly a chump when it comes to spending on it’s military. Only the US and China are clearly ahead with the US in a league of it’s own when it comes to military spending. The UK, at 5th place, joins Russia, Saudi Arabia (4th place thanks to Petrodollar recycling/MIC welfare spending) and India in the $50 billion dollars a year military budget category.


    ELAINE: Our Budget is high but the Russians and Chinese do the same for half the cost. So tracking things by cost is stupid.

  3. Christian W

    The UK, Germany and France together have a larger military budget than China, the number 2 on the list. So the EU nations clearly spend more than enough on their militaries already. The only reason they would want to spend more is to build, or rather, beef up their armies of conquest, rape, pillage, plunder and occupation.


    ELAINE: No, they just make us spend a lot more money for often not so good stuff. It is hideously expensive and we will learn how expensive when WWIII begins and we are annihilated by cheap deadly stuff. Look, the Muslims fighting us succeed while spending virtually no money. Then there is Vietnam…remember how we outspent them ten to one?

  4. JimmyJ

    New York Times has great propaganda piece on how Trump is creating a Deep State that’s justifiable in it’s illegal responses to his recklessness. The article confronts the idea of a Deep State openly but spins it 180degrees for the naive and gullible. Quote:

    “Though the deep state is sometimes discussed as a shadowy conspiracy, it helps to think of it instead as a political conflict between a nation’s leader and its governing institutions.

    That can be deeply destabilizing, leading both sides to wield state powers like the security services or courts against one another, corrupting those institutions in the process.”

  5. emsnews

    THANKS FOR THE LINK! Hahahaha. Yes, as Trump destroys the Deep State the NYT of course accuses him of creating a Deep State.

    The NYT is pure Bilderberg, it is a founder of the Bilderberg gang, it IS the Bilderberg gang.

  6. Christian W

    ELAINE: Our Budget is high but the Russians and Chinese do the same for half the cost. So tracking things by cost is stupid.

    This claim is pure nonsense. (It also directly contradicts Trump’s claim that the EU needs to spend more money on NATO btw).

    The ONLY PLACES ON EARTH not covered by the US military boot print is basically RUSSIA, IRAN and CHINA.

    Everybody else are under the boot. Europe, The Middle and Far East, Africa and so on.

    There is a reason
    – Russia is under sanctions and decades long attacks
    – Iran is under sanctions and decades long attacks
    – China is firmly in the Trump administrations crosshairs.

    Look at this map, the only US military free zones are Russia, Iran and China. And that is the reason the US attacks them.


    ELAINE: What I was saying is, using ‘how much money is spent’ makes the US look stronger than it actually really is. It is amazingly WEAK and the military is ridiculously EXPENSIVE and even stupid wars like the one we are still in inside Iraq and Afghanistan drag on day after day after day, draining our treasury and driving up debt for little effect. See?

    And NATO ‘allies’ and Japan refuse to pay 100% of the cost of ‘defending them’. See? We should force them to pay and then they can sabre rattle Russia to their heart’s content.

  7. Christian W

    Btw, the US attacked China for many long decades starting in 1949 and only ending when the Communists finally managed to kick the stooges for foreign powers (the US et al) out in the 1960s.

  8. Lou

    The NYT is pure Bilderberg,–The guy [Thompson?] who covered for
    Savile, when Thompson ran BBC, now runs…guess what?

  9. Christian W

    Yeah, NYT/BBC Thompson covered up Saville’s predation on children.

  10. Lou


  11. emsnews

    I like the fact that people argue here. The whole point is to have more than one point of view. Very few blogs allow this.

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