Officials Knew 5 Years Ago, The Oroville Dam Towns Can’t Be Evacuated Fast Enough


This photo illustrates the futility of the ‘dam repairs’ which is ridiculously inadequate.  The scouring of the ground has removed at least three stories worth of dirt holding up the cement spillway wall.  The gravel is about 4 feet thick which is about 25 feet less than the original fill.  And today, epic rain is falling, around 10 inches or more.  Officials knew FIVE YEARS ago that towns near the damaged Oroville dam wouldn’t have time to evacuate if it failed.


They did nothing.  Not one thing about this because they expect all of us to do things later and pay for all of it because…this is how Europe and Japan operate, too.  If they can shift the burden and cost onto the general US taxpayers, they cheerfully do stupid things.


This is bad in the dam case because the Real Rulers are convinced we are all going to roast to death so we are in a permanent drought and so forth.  Two dead and dozens more rescued: Most powerful storm to hit southern California in years barrels in bringing up to 10 inches of rain and 70mph wind.  When the storm was approaching, the mainstream news claimed it was a smaller storm than the one that caused the dam to nearly fail.


I said, looking at the satellite data, it was going to be a really big storm with well over six inches of rain.  And further, there worst rain would be over where the dam is.  And so it was.  The mainstream media is so used to lying, they can’t even talk about the weather…nay, especially the weather.


They have taken to lying about the weather nearly nonstop this last ten years.  It is amazing to see how terribly wrong they are nearly consistently.  Even simple seven day forecasts are screwed up due to them being onboard the Global Warming choo-choo train.



Wow, even Arizona which is ‘arid zone’ as its state name, is getting lots of rain and snow but not as much as California.  The spectacular end to this ‘drought’ will be played as ‘more global warming’ even though much of the moisture has turned into snow and snow is piling up rapidly in the mountains.


Everything is global warming which is why our rulers can no longer forecast weather.  Their scientific basis is screwed up.  This forces them to lie about everything because they are scared.  Citizens are wondering if the global warming stuff is a scam.  The ultimate warm/cold device, the Sun, finds this amusing if a star could be able to think.








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7 responses to “Officials Knew 5 Years Ago, The Oroville Dam Towns Can’t Be Evacuated Fast Enough

  1. Jim R

    You’d think lying about the weather would be sort of self-limiting … someday someone might look out the window.

  2. Jim R

    The top picture is a little stale .. here’s one from the tweet I posted last evening.

    You can see they’ve built a temporary road for the gravel/rock trucks to get to the spillway area, and a concrete pumper drizzling cement on the rocks. They’ve actually filled in some of the craters. And you can see the main spillway running in the background, and the spray from its broken end in the upper right corner.

    Also, the picture gives a sense of the scale of this thing. Those gravel trucks and the concrete pumper are BIG.

    Here’s hoping the concrete has a little more time to cure before it really gets tested again…

  3. ziff

    seems to be an oroville news blackout today

  4. Jim R

    Patience, grasshoppah.

    Today’s Oroville news is that it is raining. Nobody wants to go take pictures because the weather is bad.

    Either those hasty patches will hold, or they will not. We probably won’t find out for several days.

  5. emsnews

    Yes, it was all futile as I said: no time to set. Even putting rocks on things takes time for the rock to bond with the other materials. Fresh laid stuff is very vulnerable to rain and when pouring cement, we have to look at the weather report.

  6. Lou

    This is less than 2 minutes,

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