Bilderberg Conspirator Oregon Rep. Blumenauer Wants To Remove President For Being ‘Insane’

The desperate Democrats want to change the Constitution.  They want a ‘mental incapacity’ be used for ‘delusional Presidents’…HAHAHA.  Oh dear.  Much of Congress should be removed due to this disability.  Some are so senile especially the top levels like Nancy Pelosi, are so out of touch with reality, they can’t even figure out what they are saying at any time.


Representative Blumenauer wants to  remove a President if he tries to say, remove a cabinet minister (all of whom serve at the whim of the President!).  The desperate Democrats have zero power now and can only holler on the side.


What is amusing is a Democrat claiming sanity?  Who is ‘sane’ is a real question.  I want to know if this Blumenauer fellow is sane?  Earl Blumenauer -is from OREGON.  HAHAHA.  The ‘sane’ state that has infantile riots due to losing an election?  Wow.  This clown is from Portland, the most liberal district of Portland.


So, the rest of us are crazy and not he and his buddies? ‘He is active in pressuring the United States to take greater action on the Darfur conflict,’ according to Wikipedia. Yikes.


Blumenauer is a supporter of the World Trade Organization (WTO)[27] and has voted for “free trade” agreements with Peru, Australia, Singapore, Chile[28] as well as Africa and the Caribbean.[29] Blumenauer’s support for these free trade agreements has angered progressives, environmental and labor activists. In 2004, he voted against the Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA). On September 24, 2007, four labor and human rights activists were arrested in Blumenauer’s office protesting the congressman’s support for the Peru Free Trade Agreement.[30]


So, he is also a BILDERBERG creep. I want him removed for treason.


On July 24, 2014, Blumenauer introduced the Emergency Afghan Allies Extension Act of 2014 (H.R. 5195; 113th Congress), a bill that would authorize an additional 1,000 emergency Special Immigrant Visas that the United States Department of State could issue to Afghan translators who served with U.S. troops during the War in Afghanistan.[37][38] Blumenauer argued that “a failure to provide these additional visas ensures the many brave translators the U.S. promised to protect in exchange for their services would be left in Afghanistan, hiding, their lives still threatened daily by the Taliban.”[38]


And of course, he wants more Muslim fighters like the ones who attacked us on 9/11.



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4 responses to “Bilderberg Conspirator Oregon Rep. Blumenauer Wants To Remove President For Being ‘Insane’

  1. Moe

    Blumenaur’s And The Left’s Theme Song:

  2. emsnews

    I loved that song way back in the late 1950s. All the songs are funny as hell.

  3. Lou

    I thought it was the 1960s.
    Mocks the mentally ill.

  4. Moe

    @Lou #3

    “Mocks the mentally ill.”

    It sure does, and in this case the mentally ill are leftist libtards.

    Relax. Don’t go Politically Correct on us.

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