NATO Expansion Hostility To Russia Isn’t Supported By All Europeans

Putin speech from 2015, talking about the Peace Prize President Obama who used NATO to box in Russia.


A Gallup poll has revealed that citizens of four NATO nations would sooner count on Russia to defend them rather than the United States, Bloomberg reported on Friday, reflecting the changing perceptions of the US’s role in global security.  This news story has appeared in Russia and Bloomberg news but the NYT and Washington Post don’t mention this story for it destroys the illusion that every nation in Europe wants the US to fight Russia.


Between October and December 2016, WIN/Gallup International asked around a thousand people in 66 countries who would be their go-to ally if attacked. While the military might of the US was still the first choice for most of the respondents polled, people from Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria and Slovenia – all members of the transatlantic NATO alliance – opted for Russia when asked whom they felt they could count on if they felt under threat.


I pointed this out the other day, it was quite obvious to me, Russia is making great headway with nations on its own borders and even one step away from its own borders.  This is due to the economic destruction of the EU system which is wrecking everything in sight including allowing illegal aliens to mob into Europe.


Other countries which preferred Russian over American protection included China, Iran, and Serbia. Russia itself chose China as their main ally, while Americans voted for the UK. Iraq, Bosnia, and Ukraine, countries with deep ethnic, religious and political divides, were split roughly evenly between Russia and the US.


See how dangerous and stupid this is?  The US has as ‘allies’ countries that have nearly no functional military systems anymore.  Britain has a shredded remnant of its former glory but is not a major military power anymore.  Japan’s young males are dying at home, going insane and the females are not reproducing, it is a dying nation, literally.


You need fighting males to win wars.  Of course, the plan is to  use only nukes and kill as many civilians and do maximum property damage, this is how wars are won these days.  At least, world wars.


“It isn’t surprising that Russians and Chinese chose each other, but it is new,’’ WIN/Gallup vice president Kancho Stoychev told Bloomberg. “It shows us something very important – that US policy over the last 20 years has driven Russia into the arms of China, which is quite strange because Russia is fundamentally a part of Europe.’’


Russia and China are two major things: they are physically huge countries and both have enough population to fight any wars.  That is, China in particular, has an excess of about 35 million, yes, MILLION extra males due to the ‘one child’ policy when mothers and fathers chose to keep male fetuses and abort female fetuses.  So sending the excess to war is no big deal for China.  Europe, on the other hand, has virtually no young men to send to war, either.

Merkel suddenly changed her insane mind yet again and said she wants MORE Muslim males to invade Europe!  She also said Europe should unite with Russia and Putin to stop ISIS.  Schizoid diplomacy, no?  She let US troops mass inside Germany to menace Russia…and now wants cooperation?  Unreal.


Video news from during the election: US built up military confrontation with Russia during Obama’s last months in office, trying to boost Hillary’s run for President.  It backfired badly.


I read the Russian news because it is saner, sounds much more adult than the childish propaganda pushed by our Fake News giants, the press conferences sound like naughty children who won’t listen to the teacher, and the teacher seems uncertain about what to do with everything going on in the world:  ‘Post-truth’ & ‘post-fake’ crossroads: Russian FM’s top quotes at Munich Security Conference.


“They say that all wars begin in the minds of people, and by this logic, that’s where they are supposed to come to an end. However, this hasn’t been the case with the Cold War yet, [at least] judging by some speeches of politicians in Europe and in the US, including statements that were made yesterday and today at the beginning of our conference.”


He is correct.  The rhetoric coming from especially ‘liberals’ in the dying DNC sound like McCarthy.  Totally!  No exaggeration, they have morphed magically into Red Scare Stupidity.  I am amazed that all the mindless followers of the Democratic party who read the NYT and WP and other propaganda rags, have fallen for this scam.


Responsible leaders have to make a choice now, and I hope the choice will be in favor of a fair and democratic world order – you can call it post-West if you want to – where every country, based on its sovereignty and within international law, will seek a proper balance between its national interests and the national interests of its partners.”


This sentence should be carved into granite and every capital on earth should have that engraved so all can see.  Unilateral dictates are bad no matter who is doing it.  Respect and persuasion is how diplomacy is done.  Diplomacy collapsed under Bush Jr. and Obama both committed war crimes.  Both invaded illegally innocent bystander nations.


“We strongly disagree with those who blamed Russia and new centers of global power for trying to undermine so-called liberal world order. The crisis of this model was pre-planned (when the economic and political globalization concept was created as an instrument that would increase the global elite club and provide for its domination over others.)”


The Russian ambassador is talking about the Bilderberg gang.  You would have to put a gun to the head of our ‘leaders’ to have them mention anything about this elite club and its dominion.  I talk about it all the time because I recognize this gang as the people responsible for destroying Europe and the US.  Yes, they are destructive for us all, not just menacing Russia.


From the Daily Mail of London:



Speaking of devils:  Washington Post: Breaking News, World, US, DC News & Analysis – The Washington Post

screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-7-31-28-am screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-7-31-40-am

McCain is hilarious.  He is paying his Bilderberg dues to the Real Rulers by aping their wishes and carrying the polluted water for Fake News Media giants.  Note that the WP is happy to report that California wants to break from the rest of the US.  Half of me and I lived there for years and my family came there during the Gold Rush (half then went to Arizona): to hell with California.


It is run by crazy people.  It does many stupid things.  Oh, another storm on the heels of yesterday’s storm is coming and almost all the dams there are filled to the brim or at 150% fill and it isn’t just the Oroville dam that is near collapse.  And then there is the monster in the closet: the San Andreas fault in Southern California is about to blow.  It may happen in the next five minutes or the next five years.


It has to jump at least 20 feet northwards to relieve stress and if this happens, the destruction will be epic since California’s leaders encouraged people to build anywhere and anyhow.  So there are lots of houses right on top of all the many faults that zig zag across the Los Angeles basin.


A major earthquake can throughly wreck California’s economy.  Taxes would have to be doubled to pay for future earthquakes except any money piled up for the future would be raided for other purposes.  Then there is the Colorado River problem for California: if they become a ‘country’ they will have to negotiate a treaty for buying energy from the other states which provide the water that flows into the Colorado River and the dam is owned by our government.


California contributes not one drop of water to the water catchment system of the Colorado river.  My family lived in both states and…we all remember this business: How a 1930s water war between California and Arizona delayed Parker Dam –the Arizona folk were willing to fight a literal war over the issue of who gets the water from dam projects.


Arizona Troops Leave For (Water) Front.

“Without any flare of trumpets or a band playing martial airs, this squad of Arizona National Guardsmen left Phoenix and arrived at Parker yesterday preparatory to patrolling the dam site to prevent ‘encroachment’ on Arizona’s rights by the Metropolitan Water District. Maj. Pomeroy, commanding the detail, is shown on the extreme right.”


For the next several months, the troops patrolled the Arizona side of the dam site.


In November, the construction of a trestle bridge from the California side prompted action. On Nov. 10, Moeur declared martial law. He dispatched more than 100 National Guard troops to block construction on Arizona’s shore.


U.S. Secretary of the Interior Harold L. Ickes intervened and halted construction. The troops were recalled.


The Supreme Court sided with Arizona.  Every child in school in Arizona learned about this event, by the way, back when I was a child, it was a big issue and the people involved were very much still alive.  How on earth can the US dominate the planet when it is disintegrating?  This is the real question.  And will be forever the real question.



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7 responses to “NATO Expansion Hostility To Russia Isn’t Supported By All Europeans

  1. Nani

    So Mrs. Merkel thinks she speaks on behalf of all of Europe when she claims that Europe needs more muslims migrants? I can assure you that she does not! In fact, Germany is the only country in Europe, maybe alongside Sweden, who thinks that letting in hundreds of thousands of muslim men is a good idea.

    To any sane, normal person this is INSANITY. This is the exact reason why populist and nationalist movements are making huge gains in many European countries right now.

    People have had enough of Merkel’s lunacy. We are not the servants of Germany anymore. We have not forgotten WWll, and we will never accept the Germans as our overlords again. Never ever!

  2. Nani

    More “good” news from Europe:

    Angela Merkel’s migrant failure exposed as up to ONE FIFTH VANISH as Germany UNPREPARED

    Le Pen SLAMS Hollande’s handling of Paris riots & leaving France on brink of ‘CIVIL WAR’

    Sweden ‘covering up’ migrant rape and violent crime for the sake of ‘humanitarianism’

    GREECE IN PANIC: Citizens withdraw £2.1bn from banks in 45 DAYS amid default fears

    Economic collapse, riots, rampant crime, fear of civil WARs, and stupid politicians are in charge of it all. Yeah, Europe is doing really well!

  3. tio

    I get the feeling that people in the USA think that we belligerent Europeans want the US to fight a war on our behalf. However, whenever I hear a European politician talking tough about Russian aggression I always think he is obeying Washington’s orders. Put it another way, no sane European wants conflict with Russia OR interference from Washington. I suspect we are all being played.

  4. emsnews

    Oh, that is why all the EU leaders are demanding we bring in troops! HAHAHAHA. Wrong.

    They wanted this they asked for this they did this at their damn BILDERBERG MEETINGS which are held mainly in Europe, recently in Austria, for example.

    These meetings are totally secret. Zero reporters even though all the major news media giants and reporters are there co-conspiring. See? We must pry that operation open.

  5. emsnews

    Hiss…the Ring of Power…Gandalf: no, it is an engagement ring. See?

  6. tio

    That’s not Ian McKellen 😀

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