CIA/DNC/Fake News ‘Soft Coup’ Will Fail Due To Lack Of Raw Power

This doesn’t surprise me: the Democrats, seeing that they lost ALL power in DC after the election which swept Republicans into control of the White House, both Senate and Congress, and soon, the Supreme Court, they sabotaged all the WH controlled systems by screwing up the handling of wiretaps and other spy stuff, instead of waiting to get a court order to record government officials, they spread phone tap information, disseminating calls to the Russians with all agencies and thus, enabled ‘leaks to the press’.  This is illegal.


It is called ‘minimization’ when an agent sees a need to record someone and it isn’t yet legal, the last 18 days in office, Obama’s people put out a executive order all information should be shared with ALL 16 agencies BEFORE a wiretap is made legal.


This is highly significant.  It is a 45 year old rule that was suddenly and obviously maliciously changed by Clapper and the female attorney general to form a ‘shadow government’.  This is a panic move by the DNC because they knew they had zero power after January 20th so they set this trap, this legal landmine.


The system was activated too fast and too obviously and now Trump is quickly ending the Obama executive order and is changing who is running these systems which takes time.  Within the next two months, he will win this fight, too.


This was an act of desperation by the DNC machine and exposing this is hard when the US media giants are in collusion (via spreading leaks obtained this way) and hope to have a coup with the help of John McCain.  McCain is going to be in future trouble due to this scheme.


Eventually he will be shunned by the GOP leaders because if they wreck Trump, they wreck themselves and who knows what will happen next when our Real Rulers have to openly have a coup but they don’t have the soldiers behind them.


Generals can give orders but if the military people, the cops, the sheriffs, etc. rebel, the coup fails like the recent CIA coup in Turkey which drove Erdogan into Putin’s arms.  Attempts at a coup are going to fail because of this.




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7 responses to “CIA/DNC/Fake News ‘Soft Coup’ Will Fail Due To Lack Of Raw Power

  1. nclaughlin

    But are the DNC really smart enough to do this?

  2. emsnews

    Nope. My next news story is, Trump left the WH on ‘tour’ while his picked buddies tackle the leakers and saboteurs. They already have names.

  3. JimmyJ

    Will a hard coup fail, though? It’s not clear to me that there won’t be divisions within all organizations including military, intel, police that will face off at multiple levels. I suspect if it comes to overt action that first there will be small skirmishes in centres of power then broad imposition of martial law. After that anything can happen. But this is armchair conjecture. We are in uncharted territory and complex organized systems don’t break down predictably.

  4. emsnews

    The Dark Side does assassinations. This is probably why Trump suddenly left DC to talk to friendly people at this particular time.

  5. melponeme_k

    They are going to try the dark road. In desperation and with magic.

    The 92nd day. 9 and 2 equals 11. Its an inversion of the “Glorious 92”.

    April 22, right? A lot of freaky stuff occurred on that day. Most particularly, Hitler admitted defeat.

  6. Shawntoh

    Naw, forget the numbers racket ’cause–

    “Raw power is sure to come a runnin’ to you!”

  7. Melponeme_k

    Did you know that Punk Rock as well as the 60’s Counter Culture was mostly social engineering. The elites wanted to destroy Music. One of the subjects in the “Quadrivium”.

    In fact No school teaches the Quadrivium anymore not even remnants of it.

    No Music, No Math, No Geometry and No Astronomy. NADA . Thank you No Child Left Behind.

    Link to interesting podcast on the engineering of Punk rock.

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