Listen To Entire Trump Speech That Mainstream Media Is Lying About Nonstop


This week the news media is making a huge brouhaha about an excellent speech made by Trump in Florida.  I actually watched the entire speech and it hews so close to my own activities, is sounded like I wrote it.  It was a near-perfect speech.  Instead of debating his speech points, the Bilderberg gang chose to MISREPRESENT one sentence in the speech and yell about ‘he lied about Sweden riots’ when it is obvious he was referring to the near-constant disorders in Malmo.


screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-9-24-27-pm screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-9-26-31-pm

Note the rage of the lunatics.  The head of the foolish government in Sweden attacked Trump.  ‘I don’t see any riots’ the lunatic said!  Yes, all the Bilderberg/EU heads claim nothing is happening.  Merkel has doubled down and claimed Europe can take in more illegal alien Muslim males.  This is pure insanity.


Here is the entire speech:


I encourage everyone to listen to his entire speech.  See everything in context.  The mass media giants are furious with Trump who openly attacks them.  This is a battle between giants: giant assholes and a man elected by citizens!


Do not doubt me on this: I am finding this totally hysterically funny as hell!!!!  I have been fighting the media giants all my long, long life.  I hate them and they hate me.  I make fun of them and they pretend I don’t exist.


So does Alex Jones…and they made the gigantic mistake of talking about him on the  news over and over and over again!  Sheesh, why don’t they talk about me?  HAHAHA.


He is reveling in this, of course, his watchers are rising like a rocket, his business is expanding, the more they flail away at him, the stronger he is.  In the above video, Alex describes how this dynamic works.


YES, listen to entire speeches.  Why?  Because the media lies about this.  Below is a fine example of lying:

The media deliberately misrepresented what happened, claiming this firebrand sister was calling for peace and calm when she really was yelling, people should destroy and loot businesses in WHITE neighborhoods and don’t loot weave stores or she and her buddies won’t have wigs to wear!  It didn’t astonish me, this blatant lying about reality which our media giants do reflexively.


At his speech, Trump made many points about his future policies and explained the opposition correctly and I found myself agreeing nearly totally with him which is extremely rare.  The fact that he talks about the very same world I live in, that is, as a victim of mass media giants conspiring to hide or destroy him…wow.


You can’t imagine how that makes me feel!  For the first time in my life, a President is talking about my own world openly.  He is literally opening the door to the Crypt.  And the Zombies there are freaking out.  About time.


True, he can’t fight one very huge part of the Outer Darkness machine but even exposing one room of the Crypt is amazing, historic.  Huge!  I give him a lot of credit for this.  About time.  I feel a lot less lonely and strange now that someone else who has real power, is telling people things I have been saying for so many years.








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2 responses to “Listen To Entire Trump Speech That Mainstream Media Is Lying About Nonstop

  1. ziff

    old saying, everyone hates an honest man

  2. Shawntoh

    To Elaine…

    [… and to all who support her]

    Would you, Elaine, be willing to appear on the Alex Jones Show?

    If so, then I want to suggest that we lobby Mr. Alex Jones that Elaine be on her show.

    Well, what say all of you? I’m serious about this– would this work for you, Elaine?


    P. S. … or how about Democracy Now with Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez? I fear they might be more difficult about having Elaine on the show but I’m attempting to figure out something here folks– c’mon, please help me on this one. Please.

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