Media Refuses To Describe Man With Gun Holding Up Mayor Right Next To University of Arizona!


The Mayor of Tucson, Arizona, was held up at gunpoint and car stolen…media gives zero description of criminal who is still loose.  The map above shows the neighborhood where this happened.  The University of Arizona where many young people go to school, is at the top of the screen shot.  My old home was on the southwest corner of the campus.  I fought crime there, big time.  It was a bloody business.


The criminal who attacked the mayor of Tucson whose name is Rothschild (!!!) is not described in any news articles.  There is more than one witness, for this blatant criminal operating at 11 am, tried to hold up a  mailman at gunpoint, too.


So, I scoured the web to find a description and…nothing.  This means it was either a black man or a Hispanic man.  The Obama years has had this terrible result: no one in the government dares alert citizens to criminal activities because the race rioters will attack.


So dead, literally dead silence reigns.  Mayors even boast, like Mayor Beame did after black rioters destroyed entire neighborhoods like the one I lived in, literally overnight when the lights went out in 1977, that ‘no one died’ when rioters destroy neighborhoods.


I was enraged when he boasted, ‘The police killed no one’ back then, when I wanted to shoot a lot of people in the hood.  My neighbor’s son did shoot and killed a rioter when they tried to torch the building he was in.


I ran my very first street patrols in Tucson in the very neighborhood where the mayor was robbed at gun point.  My main tool for taking down criminals was to get a total description of the criminal and then make ‘wanted’ posters so the entire world knew who to look for.


It worked great.  We were under siege and we had to use very violent tactics to drive off criminals.  We used guns.  Criminals were all over the place and one day, two friends and I witnessed an attempted kidnapping and I pulled the victim out of the hands of the criminals and my friend shot out the tires so they couldn’t get a way and we captured them.


As per always when I and my friends do things, the news media didn’t report it at all.  In this case, the University of Arizona wanted to pretend it was safe there and young ladies weren’t being raped or kidnapped one block away.


Two other women were violently raped and kidnapped and I rescued one and the other…well, the guy who did it to her had a very bad end.  He was captured and put in prison and was killed there.


It got so bad, for example, one day a man in a pick up truck was opening the door to scare little school girls by showing his penis.  They ran up to me, I came over to him, yanked him out of the cab of his truck and dragged him in the streets screaming, ‘Show everyone your junk you jerk!’


He then drove off but I had his ID.  I chased rapists and robbers around, swinging my ax or using other tools of the trade, once, Killer Rabbit chased a criminal down the alley and into the street and this was witnessed by a neighbor who nearly laughed to death.


The fact is, we were under siege and the news media ignored this, virtually none of the stuff going on made the news but then, when I moved to NYC, that remained true in spades. Not one of my citizen’s arrests made the news even when the Daily News called me ‘The Housewife from Hell’ it was all carefully concealed.


There is a criminal running around Tucson and Arizona and people at the upper end of the government, the mayor, knows what this creep looks like and…he and they won’t tell the citizens.


How on earth do you catch a criminal if no one has the faintest idea, what he looks like?  They can’t call the cops and say, ‘A suspicious man is lurking here.’  I kept files of ‘suspicious people’ and generally, people would call me, not the cops, and then I would order the cops to do their job.  Every mayor of every city I lived in hated my guts.  Big time.


They loathed me greatly because I caught criminals over and over and over again.  And I advertised criminal descriptions so citizens could tell us where they were so we could catch them.


Political correctness is literally killing us.  The media will go nuts screaming at Trump for things he didn’t even say such as the brouhaha over ‘riots in Sweden’ which he mentioned in a speech which are very, very real and the Bilderberg gang is telling everyone, there are no Muslim riots in Sweden, Trump is lying.


They did this to me!  They pretended there was no crime wave when it was a tsunami.  It was ridiculously easy to catch criminals because there were so many of them doing crimes nearly nonstop, day and night.  Nary a week went by, we took down a criminal.


Sometimes, up to 30 a week.  It was ridiculous.  When I argued with Mayor Koch about this in the middle of devastation caused by continuous riots, two gangsters shot at each other up the street. I told him in no uncertain terms, he had to OBEY me, not argue with me.


After that, if he saw me doing business, he would literally run away in the opposite direction.  This was even filmed by news crews who…didn’t put it in the news!  HAHAHA.


But it is not funny that the Rothschild mayor of Tucson is being stupid.  He is endangering citizen’s lives.  Good grief in hell.  But I no longer live there so there is no one around to take him by the neck and shake him for being stupid.




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3 responses to “Media Refuses To Describe Man With Gun Holding Up Mayor Right Next To University of Arizona!

  1. Lou

    That is funny.
    Not the crime but that the victim is the mayor and the perp must be ‘minority.’

    Its good you survived the mean streets of NYC. John Lennon did not.

  2. Kinda poetic justice if he is a Rothschild.

  3. vengeur

    I live here in Tucson not far from the Mayor’s neighborhood and one report did come out that did indeed describe the perp as a black male. But we all new that already.

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