Milo And Muslims: Child Sex, Sex With Young Teens And How Both Right And Left Are Insane

The Pegasus constellation: I danced on the Yerkes Observatory design of this great steed when I was very little…and then hell happened.


The strangest things are going on here: we have the ‘liberal left’ that is supposedly ‘free speech’ and ‘free love’ of my own youth, demanding censorship and strict sex laws and zero discrimination against people who want all sorts of sex but we are to ignore this and embrace all forms of sex but some sex is evil…etc…and the far right that hates sex and wants censorship of all sorts of things and activities but can’t resist doing all these things they forbid because it is fun to sin.  These two forces are clashing very loudly and doing immense damage.


After scouring everything Milo has said, the left came up with this: The now cancelled CPAC speaker says 13-year-olds can consent to sex with men more than twice their age.


The videos also show Yiannopolous suggesting he had a sexual relationship with an older male priest as a young teen.


I was raped at age 5.  I didn’t remember it even when I was 13 years old and had to have emergency surgery to fix my messed up reproductive systems.  I was literally dying.  When I came out of surgery, my doctor accused me of having sex.


I nearly fainted.  I was horrified.  I thought I was a virgin.  Instinctively, after age 5, I never ever let a man touch me.  This led me to find out what happened.  It wasn’t until I was much older, the rapist confessed to me, he was a prominent man who was a Skull and Bones member!  Who knew my mother.


This is why I hate the Skull and Bones and at the same time, can penetrate their ceremonial systems.

Night on Bald Mountain which is where I ended up, when raped.


To go on: rape is rape.  And children can be also lured into sex by adults and this is why we have ‘under age’ laws.  Now to hippies: the free love people wanted to do away with all that and a number of them ended up in legal trouble due to sex with children.


Milos made his living ‘shocking people.’  He gets very careless about this due to being a celebrity.  Fame does this to people, I have hung out with famous people and they all do very stupid things thinking celebrity protects them.  We see this in the news all the time now because we have this weird double game going on.


Everyone is ‘free’ and ‘open’ and ‘more love’ more ‘sex’ and at the same time, ‘don’t hurt my feelings’ and ‘words hurt more than rape’ and ‘don’t mention someone is fat, that is shaming them’ and at the very same time, the crudest, obscene language is used by the neo-puritans to discuss political issues.


My great grandmother would wallop them with her umbrella!  She was quite stern and a frontier woman who was dangerous, too.


The entire sex issue is always a Freudian tar baby business.  I have been very interested in how all our elections are revolving more and more on sex stuff.  Obviously, the population is obsessed with this while at the same time, we have out of wedlock births overwhelming families that disintegrating, the rate of this is nearly 100% in black communities, it is nearing 50% in Hispanic and is over 30% in ‘white European’ communities.


The left continues to attack the institution of marriage, and inside the marriage business, divorce is driving men out because they tend to have to pay for everything when a woman decides to leave.


We have so much going on in the political sex thing, we just had to add the stuff about loving Muslims and embracing Muslims and importing more Muslims who hate women, believe in sex with little girls is OK and want to castrate or kill gay men.  And the left is supporting all this!!!


This is pure insanity at this point.  The schizophrenic view of sex, simultaneously more Puritan than the Puritans and more wild than Mohammed’s child sex exploits….this is insane.  It bothers me.  I freed myself of the Devil that is Death child rape by embracing personal freedom.


I ritualistically wrestled with this entire thing when Timothy Leary gave me LSD in 1968.  I went home and spent the trip with my cats, my rabbits, the chickens and the finches.  We had immense fun and I realized that I can love my own body again and Tim didn’t get to go along and have sex, I dumped him…HAHAHA.


But after that night, I felt just fine and had no trouble having sex thereafter.  Free love!  Fun times!  But when I got a baby on the way, it was get married, settle down and raise a family time.  Also fun.


What do people want today?  I wonder.  I see young ladies in school being taught to hate men, for example.  Oh boy, that is nasty.  In Japan, half of the young ladies there want to never be married, or at least, wait until the last minute.


Loyalty, honesty and concern for another person’s feelings: this is what a solid family is all about.  Children need a solid family.  I was born into a family surrounded on the outside by hostile forces namely, the Black Magic people who lived near my parent’s homes in Pasadena.


Tracking them down and confronting them was a huge undertaking and I am still involved in this since their stupid coven crap continues unabated for there are nasty fools born every day and in this recent election, they were doing their dirty work nonstop and far from stopping now, they continue and even doing it harder, it is annoying to me, greatly annoying.


And pisses me off.  And the fake morals on the left and right pissed me off, too.  Good heavens, can’t people just try to be somewhat sane here?  Stop this garbage?  Nope.  No way.  They all want power.



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7 responses to “Milo And Muslims: Child Sex, Sex With Young Teens And How Both Right And Left Are Insane

  1. Moe

    Breitbart dumps Milo

    So, it wasn’t necessary to kill Milo, merely out him. Now discredited, he can be ignored.

    And why would anyone think that homosexuals wouldn’t participate in pederasty? Or that it wouldn’t be a lifestyle norm?

    It was always a mistake to promote Milo to the rightest platform since it was predictable he would eventually be ‘hoisted on his own petard’.

  2. emsnews

    He was very careless,’pushing the envelope’. But then, as I point out, his position is exactly what the far left wing radicals want: wild, pointless sex!!!

    Isn’t that hilarious?

  3. Moe

    “Far left radicals want wild, pointless sex…”

    Hmmmm, I never considered there might be a meritable aspect…

  4. Moe

    Here’s a partial transcription of Milo’s offending statement:

    “I think in the gay world, some of the most important, enriching and incredibly life affirming, important shaping relationships very often between younger boys and older men, they can be hugely positive experiences for those young boys. They can even save those young boys, from desolation, from suicide (people talk over each other)… providing they’re consensual.”

    Once again, this is pederasty, not pedophilia. But how sick is this (redacted) to think homosexual engagement with physiologically developed adolescents can be “life affirming…hugely positive experiences…”? This is the typical philosophical and amoral screed spread by adherents to an aberrant lifestyle.

    It may be enlightened to tolerate the reality of homosexuality and acceptance of its practitioners, but it is life-denying to embrace it at any other level. In particular, as exemplified by Milo’s utterances, there is no room for tolerance of the proselytization of the homosexual creed.

  5. emsnews

    I have such a child who is getting a sex change operation and this person was born this way, yes, people are born along a very broad spectrum of sexual connections.

    We know apes of all sorts have complex sex lives. So do many mammals. Sex isn’t a strict yin/yang thing.

  6. emsnews

    Many women swing from wanting male sex to female love when they go into menopause. This, again, happens in nature, too.

  7. Moe

    New meaning for the term ‘Dog Lover’

    This was popular for decades in seedy showings in Mexico and pre-Castro Cuba. Just shows that sexual depravity has no bounds.

    “The pooch… has been left with family members.” LOL

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