Often ‘Hate Crimes’ Are Done By ‘Victims’

Sociopaths Everywhere. Hoax Nation – YouTube a Jewish female student had the FBI called in to investigate and they discovered she did everything, herself.  The school didn’t want the girl prosecuted!


This story was the top headline at the British Daily Mail website this morning:  Jewish Community Centers get anonymous bomb threats but all were hoaxes.  The ‘all were hoaxes’ is my summation of the story.  When papers published this news, it was not the top of the headline.  People get hoax calls all the time.  Any child can phone in hoax threats and teens tend to do this more than other people.


Ivanka Trump took to Twitter to show her support for the Jewish community after 11 Jewish Community Centers were targeted with bomb hoaxes on President’s Day.


She tweeted: ‘America is a nation built on the principle of religious tolerance. We must protect our houses of worship & religious centers. #JCC.’


Nothing happened.  Real bombers don’t call.  They simply bomb.  Why call in the first place?  These calls are nearly universally done as pranks.


On Monday 11 JCCs were evacuated in Birmingham, Cleveland, Chicago, St. Paul, Tampa, Tulsa, Nashville, Milwaukee, Houston and Buffalo after receiving the threats. All appear to be hoaxes and no one has been injured.


Making long distance phone calls is ridiculously easy.


They come after the FBI launched a hate crime investigation into JCCs after 60 threats were received in January.  The FBI has labeled these bomb threats hate crimes, not terrorism.


I hope they find out who did this stupid thing.  If an adult is doing this, I hope they are punished.  This is the old ‘crying fire in a theater falsely’ sort of crime and it is understandably totally illegal.


In January alone, JCCs received 60 bomb threats in the US and Canada.


David Posner, director of strategic performance at JCC Association of North America said in a statement: ‘While we are relieved that all such threats have proven to be hoaxes and that not a single person was harmed, we are concerned about the anti-Semitism behind these threats, and the repetition of threats intended to interfere with day-to-day life.’


Assuming it is ‘anti-semitism’ is totally wrong.  We have absolutely no idea who did this or why or if it was a group of people doing this.  Nothing is known so assuming it is ‘anti-semitism’ is jumping the gun.  There is a fairly high chance it is a Jewish person doing this, for example.


There are many, many hoaxes like this or open vandalism that is done by either the ‘victim’ or someone trying to frame another group of people.  Black people who spray paint KKK stuff on churches and homes, for example, happens much too often.


The Washington Post has this story, too: ‘Jewish cemetery vandalized. Jewish centers threatened. ADL calls on Trump to step forward.’  So the WP is in hysteria and wants the President to pause in his own business to ‘condemn’ this?  Why on earth?  Since we don’t know who did this or why, simply having the mass media, much of which is owned or run by Jewish people, they can carry this news and talk about it endlessly if they choose.


Since nothing real has happened except grave stones being knocked down…BTW, doing this is very, very common as is stealing old gravestones.  It happens to all graveyards.  Staff at graveyards, if there is any staff, constantly have to set up grave stones again and again.


Assuming this is something terrible is ridiculous.  It is common and happens to all graveyards all over the nation all the time.  It is due to the period from 1900-1970 to put grave stones on top of a squat, flat stone.  This fad created gravestones that are easy to tip over.  Before that, grave stones were slabs half buried in the ground and these are nearly impossible to knock down.


An example of a white man trying to blame anonymous blacks for vandalizing his car when he did it, himself.  Unlike the girl at the top of the story who got sympathy, he was arrested and put in jail.  Now,  In this story, a gay You Tube personality faked a physical attack on himself.  There are many other examples of this sort of mentally ill behavior as people try desperately to be ‘victimized’ and profit somehow.




The above is from the NYT.  Yes, protesters who have tons of time on their hands because they have no real jobs right now, will pour into the streets to be obnoxious.  Too stupid to understand they are getting people very, very pissed off at THEM, they think they can hound the President.  Imagine if racists had done this to Obama!


The third item is the Jewish news item.  Obviously, the Jews who run the NYT for Mexico’s richest man don’t think this was all that important news.  Interesting.  Even they probably suspect the phone calls were from someone who is Jewish, not some evil Nazi clone.



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  1. Lou

    ‘The president should condemn this’—Reminds me of (((Bloomberg)))


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