Alternative News Is Being Stripped Of Finances By Left Coast Liberal PC Police


Alex Jones can be strange and odd and has his quirks and beliefs but this is true of all online hosts, universally.  He is to the right.  Well, all the ‘conservative/alternative media’ is under assault from the California/West Coast/NYC elites and super rich online dictators who want only one information format and position and in retaliation for their utter defeat at the polls, losing the Presidency and losing even more seats in Congress, they have decided to defund all right wing/conservative web sites as much as possible.


I am against censorship.  Both left and right sites limit comments due to censoring readers which is most annoying and worse, boring.  I only censor online piggy back ads here and in general, readers here are fairly polite and respond pretty well except maybe a temper or two or three, when I ask for some civility.


But what is happening now is, the Big Shots who are also…Bilderberg gang members have collectively decided to crack down on dissent and to dig dirt up about people and destroy them like with that gay celebrity, Milo.  The idea is to ban all but lockstep left wing ideology.


This is so beyond stupid.  It is also futile.  I use to run or write for ‘underground newspapers’ starting in 1967.  I would listen to the short wave radio and then write down the news from overseas and distribute it.  The US NEVER had ‘free press’.  It has always controlled conversations and going against this is dangerous and difficult.


The stupid left thinks, ‘we control the systems and we can wreck the opposition instead of winning hearts and minds, we will force them to shut down like it is Communist China.  HAHAHA.’ This is stupid. The dumb left doesn’t understand, they are the MINORITY group now.  Yes, illegal aliens and criminals are siding with the DNC but not for long.  They have been brought under the control of the right wing which controls increasingly the courts as well as DC.


Here is a screen shot of Alex Jones showing the letters he just got from the liberal business operators:

screen-shot-2017-02-21-at-7-16-04-pm screen-shot-2017-02-21-at-7-16-56-pm

Yes, Comrades: no political opinions allowed!  HAHAHA.  So, will these clowns pull the ads from all the other news media outfits and organizations?  Nope.  This could be taken to court, I suspect.  This stupid letter was written by some young cheap lawyer who can’t see past her nose.


Crack down on all alternative news sites begins to bite harder:  Britbart had all French and German ads pulled last December after Trump win with their help. Kellogs pulled out for the same reason, to censor the news.  Meanwhile. Facebook workers admit they routinely suppressed conservative view points.


Then in January, Google bans 200 sites from receiving money from ads online.  Yes, aren’t the liberal owners oh-so-clever.  What they are doing is pushing more and more towards an Alternative Internet.  These platforms didn’t exist way back when I first got online via my father’s government run internet connections at the University.


All this stuff grew out of the roots of the systems and the ad systems is fairly recent, less than 25 years old and I have been online since 1973.  Adroll, for example, is only 9 years old!  They are infants on the internet.  Not even teenagers.  I am very old on the internet.


I would suggest to all the right wing people to develop their own platforms.  Look at the babies running AdRoll Plots Its Evolution | AdExchanger:


 AdExchanger: How did you decide to make the move from ad net to retargeting provider?


Aaron: Our mission has always been to make display advertising work for everyone. Obviously, Google has scaled AdWords to a very large audience of advertisers ‑‑ big, small, Fortune 500, enterprise to local. But no one has been able to do the same thing in display advertising. Back in 2007, around the time we started the company, display was typically made up of two different kinds of advertisers. There were the biggest named brands like Doritos buying ads across premium sites. They would call Yahoo and say, “Hey, Yahoo, we want to put an ad on the front page of your sight (MY COMMENT: THEY CAN’T SPELL!!!) for the next three months.” Then, Yahoo would put together some rate card for them where they’d go over the prices. There was no performance element to it at all.


DR was 90 percent of the spending online, and about 10 percent of the impressions. The other 90 percent of impressions were just carpet-bombed ads across the web. The DR ads just trying to get eyeballs on the cheap — dancing aliens, home mortgages, teeth whitening or back hair removal, that sort of stuff. And that was the makeup of display back then. It wasn’t a pretty world; it was crude. Banners got a bad name. We stuck to our guns, and we ended up working very hard on scaling display.


Well, obviously these two clowns don’t want to do business with a huge hunk of the web that has money.  I listen to right wing and left wing sites.  Not ‘sight’.  Ahem.  The right wing is talking very loudly about boycotting businesses that boycott them.


Lists are being drawn up.  They have every right to advertise to each other, who to boycott.  If they listen to me, they would target ONE business at a time and hit them hard.  Then move to the next one.  The left hates most of these corporations and I would absolutely love to see them try wasting their money advertising on say, the disgusting mess called ‘Salon’ which is hideous (these are the dirty hippie sorts who want draconian laws while they commit various social and family crimes because they are nasty people there).  Well…good luck with that, Kellogs. They hate Kellogs as an entity and their food.


I do too, so I must be a dirty hippie.  HAHAHA.


I suspect Infowars will come up with solutions.  At You Tube, many sites are being banned because they are not left coast PC cool and they are slowly figuring out a way around this but the next step is for the internet dictators cutting out everyone who isn’t PC perfect or PC perverted.  The dictators of China hate my guts after I reamed them out 25 years ago.  So they would love to ban me.


Except I changed my name since then!  HAHAHA.





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33 responses to “Alternative News Is Being Stripped Of Finances By Left Coast Liberal PC Police

  1. Jim R

    You know, a lot of funding for these monumentally huge internet sites comes from government contracts.

    It’s rumored that the spook agencies pay buckets, bales, and barnloads of money to Google for example, to share their spy data.

    Maybe Mr. Trump could crimp their funding a little when the contracts are up for renewal…

    Of course, he’ll have to rustle up more of those crocodiles and get them into cages, or they’re likely to eat him.

  2. emsnews

    You are 100% right…the internet was created by the Pentagon, you know, for Cold War/WWIII purposes. This is why I had access to it in the very, very beginning way back during the Vietnam war. So long as my father didn’t notice I was in the office, of course.

  3. melponeme_k

    It is so hilarious how behind the eight ball the left groups and elites are now. That the internet elite still think themselves cool is ridiculous. They are not the rebels but the oppressors.

    The real liberals have left them and are now in Alex Jones’s camp. I’m with Alex Jones. I don’t care if he has religious views or some political views I don’t.. But one thing I do support his is continual fight against the elites and his bravery to put himself out there. He has become one of the focus points of our cause, the spark we need.

  4. Milo will be back to take on the thugs that took him down as the monster that wears pearls.

  5. Claudeeyah


    Yes, mel, the word is getting around. I had the opportunity to talk to my younger sister during this past weekend and she volunteered that she listens to Alex Jones. She knew my support for Trump, but I never mentioned Infowars to her. She is a big follower of his. I suspect the elite have no idea the sh*tstorm they have unleashed upon themselves. I also suspect that Alex Jones, Donald Trump, and every other person who has been systematically trashed by them over the years are going to release a massive data dump about their treason, sexual perversity, and nefarious, traitorous dealings.

    They won’t be able to hide from it. They are playing checkers with folks who are adept at Chess and Go. This year is turning out to be quite interesting.

  6. Epic Insight…So true …Will pass on!

  7. DM

    Bilderberg gang members have collectively decided to crack down on dissent


    First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Mahatma Gandhi

  8. DM

    Well, I haven’t had time to figure out how to make money from it – but I reckon that the current “internet” paradym will not support “dissent”.

    Peer-to-peer (P2P) computing or networking is a distributed application architecture that partitions tasks or workloads between peers. Peers are equally privileged, equipotent participants in the application. They are said to form a peer-to-peer network of nodes.
    Peers make a portion of their resources, such as processing power, disk storage or network bandwidth, directly available to other network participants, without the need for central coordination by servers or stable hosts.[1] Peers are both suppliers and consumers of resources, in contrast to the traditional client-server model in which the consumption and supply of resources is divided. Emerging collaborative P2P systems are going beyond the era of peers doing similar things while sharing resources, and are looking for diverse peers that can bring in unique resources and capabilities to a virtual community thereby empowering it to engage in greater tasks beyond those that can be accomplished by individual peers, yet that are beneficial to all the peers.[2]
    While P2P systems had previously been used in many application domains,[3] the architecture was popularized by the file sharing system Napster, originally released in 1999. The concept has inspired new structures and philosophies in many areas of human interaction. In such social contexts, peer-to-peer as a meme refers to the egalitarian social networking that has emerged throughout society, enabled by Internet technologies in general

  9. DM

    Sorry – did not mean to post #8 above.

    I was going to compose a short note pointing out that the “original” concept of the internet did not include proprietary servers (eg Google, Facebook).

    I worked with early “internet” applications that were P2P. Can’t be shut down.

  10. Jim R

    DM, the internet was designed as a P2P system. Its fundamental protocols are all inherently P2P.

    It’s just that most of the physical infrastructure has been bought up and/or taken over by the big cable and telecom monopolies.

  11. zifff

    OT some insight into the jfk assassination

  12. emsnews

    Oswald did it. He ran off to the Soviet Union, annoyed them and then came back and did what he did because the CIA let him into the country and used him.

    This is so ridiculously simple to understand, I don’t know why so many people fall for stupid crap.

  13. Jim R

    People who were there said there was more than one shooter. The Church committee determined that more shots were fired, based on audio tape evidence.

    And, there is no excuse for allowing it to happen. The incipient deep state wanted to get rid of JFK at that time. It was a coup.

  14. emsnews

    There was echo effect. I shoot guns a lot and in the mountains and like in cities with tall buildings, the echoes are considerable.

    But it was a coup. Just not a lot of people actually shooting. Don’t fall for fake stories that Oswald didn’t do it. But then, no one listens to me. I am used to this.

  15. ziff

    i didn’t post that with any bias, bill still is pretty straight, just thought it was another viewpoint and an honest one .

  16. emsnews

    Yup, and it is based on people hearing echoes. I shoot guns a lot. Most people don’t know about this echo effect.

  17. Christian W

    Well, no echo effect produces “magic bullet” trajectories.

  18. Petruchio

    “But it was a coup. Just not a lot of people actually shooting. Don’t fall for fake stories that Oswald didn’t do it. But then, no one listens to me. I am used to this.” No Elaine, Oswald was the patsy. Fact: there were TWO rifles found in the Texas School Book Depository. And the rifle Oswald allegedly used, a Mannlicher-Carcano, was known as “the rifle that never hurt anybody on purpose.” And Oswald, based on his Marine Corps training, was an extremely poor shot; he couldn’t even hit the target. But you have your blind spots, everybody does. I have mine I’m sure, but this one is yours. (I’m a very experienced shooter myself, btw. If we ever meet, I’m gonna challenge you to a shootin’ contest!)

  19. emsnews

    When you make a thing too complicated, you get bogged down in the details which grow and grow and the preemptive force fades from view until it vanishes and no one learns anything.

    Most assassins work just fine ALL ALONE during the actual shooting. The going to the shooting and escaping it is all the ‘group effort’ stuff. Who helped the assassins is important to know. Oswald had helpers.

  20. ziff

    no, my post wasn’t about echos , you didn’t watch . It was about how the ss ervice was racist and hated JFK , also some hints of cuban exile interest. it just provides some background and is not about excluding oswald [ so far, pt 2 is coming ]

  21. Jim R

    I don’t see this as “making too complicated”, but respect your dignity …

    But of course, one tried and true propaganda technique is to obfuscate a story with millions of little details, whether they have any basis in fact or are simply made-up. We have seen this technique used by the fakestream media reporting on the various proxy wars in the ME, Africa, and eastern Europe. Their story gets more and more convoluted as they attempt to blame everything on Russia.

    Also, the 911 story has also been obfuscated with everything from space lizards to teensy tinesy little nuclear bombs … while the real truth hides in plain sight.

  22. Lou

    Oswald had helpers.–were Cheney and Rumsfeld in town that day?

  23. Moe

    Patience grasshoppers. If Trump survives, he just might have JFK assassination investigated. That, and revelation about 9/11 would guarantee a second term.

    But first he’s gotta survive, without being compromised.

    And as for JFK, I disagree with Elaine (and I disregard her use of Occam’s Razor), on one premise: if it’s the ‘Official’ story, it’s a lie. Not because that methodology is always correct, but because it usually is.

  24. Moe

    But then something else occurs to me. Elaine has a background in intelligence community. I am not suggesting for a second that she is trying to deliberately mislead us,but is it possible that she knows more than she states, and perhaps is circumscribed in revelation?

    Sorry Elaine, but that’s what happens when thinking ‘outside the box’.

  25. Jim R

    I think Elaine likes to err on the side of simplicity. Perhaps too simple.

    But for both the JFK assassination and 911, there are significant questions that have not been asked.

    Both events cannot be reasonably explained by a lone wolf nutcase or a small clan of Arab cavemen. They both had to have help, and when that question is fully answered in a public forum, “the rest of the story” shall become clear.

  26. emsnews

    Simple is based on history. It is shocking, what an individual can do.

    On the other hand, 9/11 involved many many people and is huge for it took several teams to carry out and it had to be supported by many other people to cook it up, train everyone and carry out at the same time.

    And the outsiders doing this were never punished.

  27. Christian W

    Much less the insiders…

  28. Jim R

    Just as a little footnote here: Oswald was never convicted of any crime. By American tradition, he is presumed innocent. Period.

    We know that Jack Ruby was a murderer, we watched him shoot someone on live TV. But there were no witnesses to Oswald’s alleged crime.

  29. emsnews

    That is because he is DEAD. Don’t play stupid here.

  30. Jim R

    I’m not stupid. You should know that.

    So the new American paradigm is “Guilty until proven otherwise”?
    (yes, I know, that’s what it really is — it was true when HUAC was turning over rocks looking for Communists, and it is true today when they want to kill Assange for embarrassing them)

  31. Lou

    it was true when HUAC was turning over rocks looking for Communists,–as Stalins commies were killing 10- 80? million Christians?

  32. emsnews

    I never ever heard of a dead person being put on trial. The path of Oswald was so entangled with so many weird things…for example, it was very, very hard to defect from a US embassy in Russia and then RETURN HOME again.

    The number of people doing this in 1960 was near zero, actually.

  33. Jim R

    Well, one theory is that it was because he was a toy of the CIA. Which also explains how he could freely travel between Russia, Cuba, and the USA.

    And as you know, the CIA had a project that attempted to program people … a program that did horrific experiments on people they believed to be vulnerable or unstable … you know the one.

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