As Trump Tries to Deport Illegal Aliens, The DNC Gang Fights Citizens


I keep using a very verboten word: citizens.  Note how this magic important word has virtually disappeared from our Fake News complex.  They wiped out ‘illegal aliens’ and disguise this crime by calling them ‘undocumented workers’.  But this is bad…it reveals that these aliens are stealing US citizen’s jobs!  Then there is the crime wave illegals bring with them in Europe and the US.  Another verboten topic in EU and US mainstream Fake News systems.



A young army vet is charged with plotting an ISIS attack.  This is a problem for our military.  Like in previous wars that are illegal, citizens who are soldiers end up going insane.  I don’t know if this man was born in the USA.  Like ancient Rome, our government is hiring foreigners more and more to replace citizens or keep them on welfare so they can control the military and do as they please.


This is backfiring just like it backfired on the ancient Romans.


US sets up plan for a sweeping crackdown on illegal immigrants.


Jaime Ramos, 22, pleaded guilty last year in a deal with prosecutors to avoid a possible death sentence at trial. The 2014 robbery and chase through Stockton, 80 miles inland from San Francisco, ended in the deaths of two other suspects and Misty Holt-Singh, a 41-year-old wife, mother of two and bank customer who was taken hostage.


This happened three years ago and the sentencing was yesterday:


All three suspects in a deadly bank robbery and hostage drama in Stockton, California, are members of one of the city’s most violent and entrenched gangs, the Nortenos, police tell NBC News.


While investigators are still trying to determine why the suspects allegedly ended up taking three hostages — one of whom later died along with two of the three gunmen — after robbing the bank on Wednesday, police spokesman Joe Silva said Thursday that the suspects came armed for a fight and were ready to mix it up with police at the slightest provocation.


“We don’t exactly yet know their mindset” said Silva. “But they were ready to get in a gun battle if they thought police officers were going to intervene.”


Silva declined to identify the gang, but at a later news conference police said it was the “Norteno” street gang.


Police in Stockton have been targeting the gang — a local group affiliated with the dominant Latino gang in Northern California — for years. In November 2012, police rounded up at least 39 members of the gang and seized weapons and narcotics, according to KCRA-TV, NBC’s Sacramento affiliate.


This bank robbery happened in Stockton, one of California’s bankrupt cities due to too many illegal aliens and taxpayers fleeing high crime and disorders.  Even the richer cities like NYC and LA teeter on the edge of economic death due to millions of people exploiting the system both rich people and illegal aliens.


Angry crowds attacking legislators are angry Democrats who want to complain about everything and demand the GOP obey them all.  The NYT thinks that liberals doing this are wonderful.  I predict angry mobs of GOP supporters will be showing up eventually but only if meetings are on days they can come.


The left took over the NYC police precinct meetings many years ago when I and supporters showed up and took over the 78th Precinct meetings and the liberals hated me when I did this because all they did was attack the cops and demand less protection and I was the exact polar opposite.


They all tried muscling me including Al Sharpton who went to these meetings but I won and within three years, our Precinct was heralded by the NYT as one of the safest in NYC.  HAHAHA.  The conservatives better wake up and start confronting people who are taking advantage of public meetings.  I warn you all: you can’t rest at home.


Trump calls for a stop to anti-semetic threats because of the phone calls which were made recently about bombs…we still don’t know who did it.  They clamored for him to condemn this as if it is an issue the President must worry about.  It is a POLICE issue.  And FBI, the President should be bothered about this only when it rises higher up the ladder, not when it is disorganized reports with zero proof of anyone doing this.


Way too often, the ones doing these attacks are Jews or women or blacks who want to make it look like they are being persecuted.  This is why waiting for an investigation is important.



Dozens of workers were fired when they went on strike over the issue of illegal aliens being deported after stealing US jobs.  Glad it flushed out some of the criminals.  Illegal aliens are illegal. This is why leftists call them ‘undocumented workers’.  We must stop them from lying about this issue.









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3 responses to “As Trump Tries to Deport Illegal Aliens, The DNC Gang Fights Citizens

  1. Melponeme_k

    US Tech companies looking into moving to Vancouver for less taxes and to regain their foreign visa slaves.

    Good let Canada swallow that poison pill.

    Oh, and Trump better tariff the crap out of these tech companies as foreign entities. That is what you get for leaving the country.

  2. emsnews

    Absolutely. So much for ‘patriotism’ and damn, the stupid liberals should be pissed about this sort of piracy.

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