CNN Tapes Hit Internet! Project Veritas Needs Volunteers To Listen And Write Text!

CNN Leaks: Part I | Project Veritas all the information is at their website.  I am reproducing it here in case they are hacked or taken down:

Part I:

119 Hours of Raw Audio From Inside CNN

Project Veritas was given over 200 hours of audio from an anonymous source earlier this month. This secretly recorded audio was obtained at CNN’s Atlanta headquarters in 2009.

In order to expose media malfeasance within CNN, we need your help transcribing, investigating and connecting the dots on these 200+ hours of audio. Leave comments, upload transcriptions or contact us with your tips below.


They want TRANSCRIBERS.  Anyone can volunteer.

  • 001T_060509_0725.mp3

  • 002T_060809_1004.mp3

  • 003T_060909_0730.mp3

  • 004T_061009_0725.mp3

  • 005T_061109_0857.mp3

  • 006T_061209_0856.mp3

  • 007T_061509_0753.mp3

  • 008T_061709_1518.mp3

  • 009T_ 061809_0722.mp3

  • 0010T_062309_0721.mp3

  • 0011T_062409_0728.mp3

  • 0012T_062509_1357.mp3

  • 0013T_ 062909_0731.mp3

  • 0014T_062909_1914.mp3

  • 0015T_063009_2223.mp3

  • 0016T_07.02.09_2226.mp3

  • 0017T_070509_2225.mp3

  • 0018T_070809_0950.mp3

  • 0019T_070909_0933.mp3


Click on their website to volunteer.  These tapes came from an insider employee of CNN.  It shows how the media does things, this is from 2009, by the way.  I wish we had information  like this from this year!  I hope enough people volunteer to do this.


I am a speed typist and can do transcriptions but also am busy taking elderly people all over the place.  But I may give it a stab.  Click on CNN Leaks: Part I | Project Veritas and go to the bottom of the page to sign up.  Good luck, everyone!


MORE INFORMATION:  Click here to go to a cool web page that is trying to decipher the tapes:


Hey everyone! James O’Keefe here. Today Project Veritas released part one of a series of secret audio recordings from within CNN’s Atlanta headquarters. My team and I don’t have the man power to sort through the 119 hours we released today, so we are asking you to help us. The recordings have been posted to On our website we have highlighted some portions about CNN employee’s views about Fox News and their polling tactics.
All of you were extremely helpful during our Democracy Partners video release and you helped us connect the dots and identify who the targets were. We are asking for you to help us do the same with this.
Thank you!
–James O’Keefe


Click here for a mirror site that just went up.

Click here for another mirror site.



A note  here: I knew the actual Ted Turner who ran CNN.  Got to know him way back when Bush Sr. was President.  He actually GAVE ME an entire film crew to use as I pleased and we had great fun together, this is the ONLY TIME in my entire life, I was on the news, totally uncensored.  I loved him greatly for this and he was very generous to me.


(When the Chinese government ordered all the Western news media out right before crushing the students there in Beijing, CNN refused to go and simply let their cameras run from a hotel window and this is the only videos we have of the crushing literally crushing of the students the following night.)  This is what brought Ted and I together.


Then the Money Guys of the Bilderberg gang showed up and told him, ‘Be one with us and we will give you great power’ and he didn’t listen to my warnings, I was freaked out angry…and they took CNN from him and now he is gone and CNN became a tool to use to destroy me and anyone else who irritates this stupid gang of lunatics.


End of story.  I hope CNN is utterly destroyed because of this information, it shouldn’t exist anymore.  It is dead to me, long, dead, long long ago.





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2 responses to “CNN Tapes Hit Internet! Project Veritas Needs Volunteers To Listen And Write Text!

  1. nclaughlin

    According to Roosh V, these tapes are nine years old.

  2. emsnews

    As I said, they are old but give a reveal about how business is done.

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