Heavy Snow/Rain In Oroville Basin Water Catchment Can Cause Dam Collapses

Video from yesterday, it is morning in California and so far, no videos up yet, expect more in a few hours.  The Oroville Dam has dammed rivers above which feed into the Oroville Dam catchment and these are over 100% full, some are very, very full.  It continues to rain and snow in this part of California in particular.  This is very similar to conditions of 1848 when people were stranded in the deep snow all winter and had to resort to cannibalism.


There are ten dams feeding into Oroville dam.  Here is some data I found:


California Data Exchange Center – Reservoirs has data but it is several days old!  Not updated swiftly and so we get old information when we need immediate updates of information because the rain is still falling, snow is still accumulating, the situation is not under control at all, it is teetering on the edge of collapse, literally.


Recently, I have noticed a degradation of Google News as the staff hosting it censors news very heavily.  So I was amused to see them do this to news about a possible dam collapse:


Google is supposed to give the latest up to date news each day but all of these stories are old news some, nearly a month old!  I had to scroll to the bottom of the page to find stuff that was only several days old, nothing from yesterday.


There was news about the dam situation yesterday but was it our beloved ‘fake news’ clowns hiding real news yet again?  I think this may be the case.  I clicked on the Sacramento Bee news story: Feb. 21 update: How full are Northern California reservoirs and rivers? but that story is two days old.


From today’s newspaper, the Bee says: As heavy winter storms continue to hammer California, the Legislature is launching a review of dam and levee safety and bracing for major investments necessary to shore up flood control throughout the state.


Amid the ongoing crisis at Oroville Dam, lawmakers have taken only tentative steps so far. The first oversight hearing to review what happened in Oroville is scheduled for next week, and the Senate leader is proposing a one-time funding source for flood protection efforts.


Broader solutions for California’s aging flood-control facilities will likely not emerge for months, until at least the current emergency passes. But long-standing disagreements over how best to resolve the compounding water problems facing the state are already resurfacing, pointing to the challenges ahead for a deal when tax revenue is tight and budget commitments vast.


And from the same paper comes the answer to why the state has no money for keeping things safe and controlling flooding, etc.:  screen-shot-2017-02-23-at-10-27-04-am


By not facing the fact that illegal aliens which the press falsely calls ‘undocumented immigrants’ California is in deep trouble even while boasting their economy is as big as many nations.  Illegal aliens drive up state taxpayer costs all over the place.  From schools, welfare, hospitals, traffic disasters, crime, you name it, and it is worse due to illegal aliens.


Breaking news! HAHAHA…drought is nearly over in California!


The above map shows San Jose’s surrounding areas next to San Francisco as ‘still drought’ even though these places are UNDER WATER in many places!  Huh?  The yellow blob at the middle of the map is where all that water from Oroville and other dams to the northeast, flow.  If the dam breaks, far from being ‘sort of dry’ these places will be ‘under water.’





The dam system in the mountains is like dominoes.  One crashes, the water rushes to the next and then two dams go and so forth.  This is the real problem now even a small reservoir can trigger this if it collapses.  California let the dams go bad because they wanted to spend money elsewhere.


They elected people who wanted to drive the state into bankruptcy and it will go bankrupt.  All we need now is a major earthquake and that is triggered and trembling and read to blow sky high sooner rather than later, the longer it takes, the more destructive the quake and I am speaking of the frozen part of the San Andreas fault:


Recent Earthquakes in California and Nevada – Index Map


The entire San Andreas fault is shaking like jello with small but very frequent quakes which have now spread to all the neighboring faults, both the top half and the bottom half.  This means very severe pressure is locked in the middle!  It means a terrible disaster as this looming event will be one of the worst earthquakes in California’s 200 year history of tracking quakes.


Meanwhile, the state does absolutely nothing to prepare for this or store money to pay for this event.  I am betting the people there will demand the rest of us pay for this while threatening us because most of us voted differently from them.



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4 responses to “Heavy Snow/Rain In Oroville Basin Water Catchment Can Cause Dam Collapses

  1. Jim R

    The Meinel Minimum.

    Posted yesterday … thought it would go better here than politics thread. Slightly OT.


    ELAINE: Yes, that was my dad’s theory and he convinced me with good data and information about this. I have been fighting for this for years.

  2. Lou

    New crack at end of spillway Oroville

    Oroville Dam Tues 21 Feb 2017 Update

    they don’t dare let the water level rise above where it is

    Huge snowpack buries houses and cars by Lake Tahoe
    http://www.accuweather.com/en/videos/tr … tmnvz3l0uq

  3. Yeah. And it’s not gonna rain anymore and the snowpack isn’t going to melt. Uh huh. Everything’s just fine. No problem. It’s completely under control. Nothing to see here… Move along….

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