California Is Being Systematically Destroyed By Liberalism


A homeowner in California was filmed by brats who torment people, pretending he was mean to them when he pulled a gun.  In California, you can’t call the cops and this man is a cop, to stop kiddies from rampaging in neighborhoods anymore.


California is a big time ‘Democratic state’ like NYC.  NYC has vacillated between law and order Republican and let riots rage Democrats over the years.  I had to organize my own street patrols in the 1970’s to 1980’s to deal with out of control criminals after they tried burning down all the neighborhood during a black out one summer night.


For months afterwards, they rioted every night nonstop.  This terror only abated after we took over the 78th Precinct Council and I began with our team, to actively take on the criminals and trespassers.


These kids weren’t just ‘trespassing’ they were menacing and harassing citizens.  We had to use extreme force when we took over our community, too.  There was no other way.


When gangs heard they couldn’t menace us on our patrols, first they came in great numbers to ‘teach a lesson’ only we turned the tables on them all and won the confrontations.


The problem with neighborhoods being overrun by hoodlums is, if they are typical suburban places, the kids can run between houses and jump low fences and the houses are wide apart leaving lots of room for them to attack and yes, they are attacking when they roam around, causing chaos and crime.


What began as suburban ‘paradise’ quickly descends into hopeless terror as people are forced to put up steel barricades and hide from invaders.  Respecting people’s property is something children have to be taught at a young age.


Single mother families are notorious for failing in this regard.  Since the vast majority of children in the black community are raised by women only with odd men passing in and out of the bedchamber, at home chaos and crime shoots upwards, for non-parents of children have a greater tendency to attack other men’s children.


This is genetic: in all ape communities, if a new male rises to alpha, he drives away or kills young ones so the mothers will become pregnant and intact chimpanzee communities exist only because brothers stick to their mothers.


Lions kill all offspring when they kill an adult alpha male, for example.  It is hard wired in a number of mammals.  So these fractured families have children who are ‘raised in the streets’ and I knew these kids very, very well.


We formed a junior group to shepherd them into cooperation instead of confrontation.  We rewarded them for patrolling and kept a close eye on them, even the really ‘bad’ ones.


Suburbia, on the other hand, is very fractured.  The very privacy parts are the most dangerous when fractured, out of control families move in.  Liberals refuse to face this and deal with it.  Instead, they want to shame and punish victims of this social chaos.


A close reading of this story rings many bells for me. The kids lied to the authorities, they have been hostile, lazy and disrespectful for a long time, and this was inevitable someone would blow up one day.


The cop and his parents have since fled in fear of vandals who smashed windows and spray-painted garage doors in protest over the footage on Wednesday night.


This was NOT a ‘protest’ this was a RIOT.  I wish the media would tell the truth.  These are utterly different things.  The riot will have exactly one result: everyone who isn’t a family of out of control youths will now sell at a loss and flee for their lives.


Anaheim Police officials said the cop feared for his life when he fired his gun into the ground because he believed one of the youths was going to shoot him.


Two teens who were there for the incident are suing officials. One, a 13-year-old girl, says she was threatened and verbally abused by the cop while a 15-year-old boy who was also there claims he was beaten by police who arrived after the fight.


He resisted arrest.  When I was a teen and arrested, I didn’t resist at all and they couldn’t charge me nor could they harm me.  It pays to cooperate.


During the scuffle on Tuesday, and elderly neighbor poked her head out her front door after hearing raised voices but the officer who was struggling with the teens told her to stay indoors.


‘It was one of the scariest experiences of my life. I heard shouting outside and when I opened the door to find out what was going on, I saw him (the cop) involved with a bunch of kids.


‘He wasn’t screaming abuse or yelling – it was the kids who were yelling. In fact, when he saw me, he said, very calmly, “Go back in the house.”‘


Edie said that the officer’s lawn in front of his house, since it’s on a corner, is often used as a shortcut by teens leaving the nearby high school and skate park.


I come from where trespassers would be stopped while being held under a gun, I have done this in Arizona years ago.  Anyone who came to our ranch and wanted to trespass would have the dogs on them and guns pulled.


I considered this normal and when I lived in the cities, I was annoyed at being unable to do this anymore. I had to use other tools but force was still used.  Teaching city kids to not trespass always involves some pain applied to them.


Kids are always cutting across his lawn and when he asks them not to they’re rude and obnoxious. They mess up his lawn, they’ve painted on my fence. They don’t care about the neighborhood.’


When this happens, a neighborhood dies rapidly.  The families doing this are often renters so they don’t care if home values fall like a rock.


Last night was even more frightening for Edie when demonstrators and vandals showed up on her street to protest her cop neighbor’s firing of his gun during his confrontation with the teenagers.


‘They painted disgusting words on my garage door. They smashed his (the cop’s) windows. It was terrifying. I’m just praying they don’t come back tonight.
‘There was a high degree of consistency in the information that we received in the interviews,’ he told NBC, explaining he thought the boy ‘was going to shoot him’.


The child says he had threatened not to shoot the cop but to ‘sue’ him and that he simply misheard him. He said he issued the threat because he didn’t like how he’d told his female friend to get off his lawn.


Look at the excuses.  The boy wouldn’t say, ‘I’m going to sue you’ when trespassing and fighting an adult.  The chances the kid said ‘shoot’ is very high.


I had a friend stabbed nearly to death on my front steps in NYC the month I started the street patrols, it was the event that led to the patrols.  A 11 year old black child came up to him, asked for some money, Hirsch said he had nothing so the kid cooly inserted a knife in my friend’s stomach but luckily missed vital organs so he survived…barely.


‘I thought he was just a small child,’ Hirsch told the cops.  I knew the kid’s family and we focused first on getting them to move which they did because our tactic: watching everything they did day and night, inhibited the family from committing crimes.  We followed them everywhere.


‘I was like: “Ay, that’s not how you treat a woman. Like, you could have asked her nicely,”. And then I think he got mad and he came at me,’ he said.


The boy is lying again.  I cannot imagine trespassing teens who scare elderly people being this polite.  In fact, my experience is, these kids don’t know what ‘polite’ is.


A video of the Tuesday scuffle went viral after being shared by one of the many by-standers who watched it unfold.


In the footage, the cop held the teenager by the shirt as he struggled to get away. Their tango began when he believed the youngster threatened to shoot him. The teen insisted he’d said ‘sue’. He was angry that the cop allegedly shouted expletives towards a girl in their group for walking too closely to or on his grass.


Pretending they were ‘walking too close’ is a lie.  They were making a short cut across the property instead of using the sidewalks.  I see this all the time in suburbia.  Generally, kids don’t confront adults when doing this because they know it is illegal for them to do this.


In most neighborhoods that are still sane, if a kid is spotted doing this sort of thing and it is trespassing, all one has to do is talk to the parents.  This isn’t working in black neighborhoods anymore.  There is only half a family now.









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15 responses to “California Is Being Systematically Destroyed By Liberalism

  1. charlottemom

    You couldn’t pay me to live in California. A state of Maoists and earthquakes.

  2. floridasandy

    California wanted the demographics they got because they want big government and intrusion into private rights. White flight from California is NOT a myth.

    Why wouldn’t any freethinking person want to move to any other state with less crime, less excusing bad behavior, and less restrictions on commerce?

    I would hang my head in shame if I had the kid with the red backpack. The little one in the video just looked worried-I still have hope for him!

    I notice how our increasingly creepy media reps glossed over the crime wave and vandalism by these little LA thugs–which is easily available online if you look. Parents that make excuses for their brats bad behavior are really the problem, because kids can’t police their own behavior. The mental connections aren’t there yet.

  3. Moe

    See where this is going? Kids of this cohort and social background will NEVER learn to act civilized. The only thing they understand is violence and that will always be required to control them. From the reader’s own personal experience, how many disadvantaged or spoiled kids that you’ve known have grown up to be responsible, well-adjusted adults? Yeah, me neither.

    Several lost generations of blacks. The greatest violence is blacks on blacks, but I could also state “The race war is coming”, but it’s already here and has been for decades. Only it presently is blacks vs. whites, not yet vice versa.

  4. Claudeeyah

    The kids in the video were overwhelmingly Latino, not black. I think this is important because the Mexicans, especially, have this “La Raza” attitude. They are taught that “La Reconquista” can and should be done against the white “invaders”. The media supports this bizarre message, showing groups of Mexicans carrying the Mexican flag and burning the US flag.

    So what we are seeing, apart from the disrespect that is blatant in broken, fatherless families, is the idea that it is high time to force the white man off of land that once belonged to Mexico. These youth travel in packs like animals, and a herd mentality quickly takes over.

    I have traveled to Mexico and seen the barrios. There is poverty everywhere. Stray dogs who are achingly thin roam the landscape, searching for scraps of food. There is little or no work to be done, so the males spend the majority of the day lounging around, having cock fights, and creating more and more indigent Mexicans during their free time.

    It is a truly depressing site, against a backdrop of luxurious resorts that are all over the coastal areas. This is what California (and much of the rest of the United States) will look like inside of twenty years or so. It is, after all, the Bilderberg plan.

  5. Claudeeyah


    I abandoned Kunstler’s site a few years ago, but what drew me to him in the first place was his spot on observations about suburbia. It went from being a Utopian dream of close set, diverse housing sites of street car suburbs, dotted with apartment houses and town houses, to cookie-cutter ranch houses and split levels on cul-de-sacs. Especially after WW 2, you had to drive everywhere. That meant if you didn’t have a car, you had to drive your kid to soccer practice, piano lessons, tutoring sessions, rather than have him or her walk the two or three blocks to the destination.

    This is important, because I agree with Kunstler’s assessment that the very thing that made the suburbs attractive in the first place morphed into a vacuous wasteland where isolation reigned supreme and social cohesion was destroyed. By the middle of the last century, society was already becoming unglued due to this very disconnect.

    In the meantime, here’s some Malvina Reynolds for you bitchez! 🙂

  6. Moe

    From Chicago, not California, but related sinc the same issue will arise in all cities with a large underclass (e.g., Democratic bastions):

    Some Chicago gangs turning to rifles for added firepower

    Well, why wouldn’t they? Perfectly logical. The article identifies that standard issue police vests don’t provide protection against rifle fire. That is an understatement: they provide NO protection against rifle fire.

    Pistol cartridges are notoriously anemic compared to the weakest rifle cartridge (excepting of course those rifles chambered for pistol cartridges). Even those old, previously ubiquitous wimpy .30-.30 lever actions will punch through a standard Kevlar vest.

    So police have a genuine reason to be alarmed. I’m only surprised that this has not been a development much sooner than this and suspect the article may reflect an alarmist note related to more promotion of gun control. But a genuine threat always was extant, merely not exercised to any degree.

  7. Moe

    Patrick Buchanan: Secession A Solution To Cultural War?

    Answer: Yep.

  8. Petruchio

    @#7 Moe: Yeah, California wants to secede! Actually they want the Gringos out–but they can’t come right out and say that. You just wait. When the Big One Earthquake hits, they’re gonna “rediscover” their Patriotism. BTW: has everyone seen those “Discover California” ads on TV? I would be really curious to find out just how hard CA has been hit with a lack of Tourism. I’m guessing that businesses AND tourism are both down in California.

  9. Melponeme_k


    Not only are the Elites doing their black magic. Now they are pulling in the non-coven members too.

    When this all backlashes on them, I will laugh. This is why I never ask for anything in any way. There is a reason in fairy tales, seekers are only allowed 3 questions or wishes. Any more than that and you lose what you ask OR you get to live forever with the Baba Yaga as her house slave.

  10. emsnews

    Playing black magic is always destructive to the user.

  11. floridasandy

    Petruchio, so right.

    They are losing tourism, so they feel the need to spend taxpayer money to get some “business”.

    the latest player to leave:

    It isn’t over yet, although I don’t want to bash the good citizens left in California who are stuck between a rock and a hard place with their lousy governor.

    Just as voodoo never helped Haiti, black magic is for losers who are powerless and pretend that they are getting power. They are clueless, in general.

  12. Petruchio

    @#11 Floridasandy: I think California is, as they say, a picture of the future for the rest of the country. California is ahead of the rest of the country in terms of income inequality. Note San Francisco. Beautiful , but VERY expensive to live there. LA? Another example like SF, but bigger and more striking in the inequality dept. San Diego? Same thing. California has like these ‘islands’ a plush, high end homes, affordable only to the very wealthy, but they are surrounded by areas of poverty just as extreme.

  13. emsnews

    California has ‘climate’ which means DRY as HELL. And…they whine about this all the time which pisses me, a desert child, no end. The idiots.

    My family lived out West for generations and none of us live in California anymore.

  14. kenogami

    But if California secedes, where will they get their water? Does most of it come from other states? I think that sustainable population would get cut drastically.

  15. melponeme_k


    ALL their water comes from the surrounding states, particularly Colorado. And mind you Colorado has not forgotten how California used more than its fair share. The other states are just itching to pull the plug.

    In fact, I think the President SHOULD pull their plug. Then we can see where the La RAZA rats drinking ocean water. Polluted Fukushima water to boot.

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