Intelligence Advisor Says CIA Discusses Coup Against Trump

BREAKING: Intelligence Advisor Discusses Coup Against President Trump.  Yes, there is a coup.  As I pointed out in the past, they had various failed schemes to undo the last election and now they are down to the real dirty stuff, leading up to the future assassination.  It has a near 100% chance of happening now that the CIA is totally and openly at war with Trump, they do not want another JFK dirty hit.  They have to figure out how to do a clean hit.

Which may not be possible.  This is due to them being so open about their plans.  Since a lot of people expect them to do this, they have to figure some system to fix things so no one asks any sane questions.  Plant lots and lots of false stories so they can laugh at citizens trying to figure out Byzantine plots hatched at super secret meetings.


The CIA top brass that is still there are fighting Trump openly and not sharing information.  More about that after this breaking story:  ‘Fake News’ Media Outlets CNN, NYT, Buzzfeed Not Invited to White House Presser: looks like Trump is carrying out his threat to cut off Fake News people.  Good for him.  About time, actually, they refused to tell the truth about nearly anything so why bother talking to them all?


It was worse with Obama and Hillary: with both, these same media clowns didn’t ask any useful questions or do any research or figure out even simple news stories so they are worse than useless, they are stupid.  There is no law in the land that says, ‘All Presidents must talk to the Washington Post and the New York Times.’


Now on to the real danger:  Spy Agencies Seek to Create Political Policy – The Ring of Fire Network


It is becoming alarmingly apparent to those who are awake that the most serious threat to the United States is not Trump – nor is it Russia or China. It is a coup d’etat by what is known as the “Deep State,” which the Oxford Dictionary defines as “A body of people, typically influential members of government agencies or the military, believed to be involved in the secret manipulation or control of government policy.”


These are government agencies and corporate interests that maintain a permanent existence as one Administration replaces the one before it – and they wield considerable (as well as dangerous) power.


They are organizations such as the CIA and the NSA, and can include major corporations with vested interests in influencing and shaping government policies (i.e., ones with government contracts). It is made up of bureaucrats who are appointed, not elected – and are accountable to no one. Presidents and Congresses and even judiciaries may come and go, but these members of the “Deep State” remain.


Washington Post’s got a government contract that was double the $300 million Bezos paid for the WP.  He used government money to buy it, in other words.  Then he filled it with Deep State agents.


This is exactly what is going on in Washington today. The intelligence community has been withholding vital information from the White House on one side while leaking other kinds of information to the public. At the same time, Trump is accused of being in bed with Putin and working with and for the Kremlin, or is being blackmailed by Russia – although irrefutable proof of these allegations is lacking.


90% of these ‘leaks’ are lies.


Think about it: why was former CIA director Michael Morell so supportive of Hillary Clinton while accusing Trump of being a Russian operative? Why did Michael Hayden, another CIA and NSA head under Bush II, go to the Washington Post (the owner of which has his own agenda) just before the election and refer to Trump as “Russia’s useful fool”? Could it be because the CIA has been wanting to ramp up the proxy war in Syria – as Clinton wanted to do, escalating tensions with Russia while Trump’s proposal was to put pressure on Moscow and Tehran to come up with a diplomatic resolution?


Let’s go deeper: Israel wants Syria destroyed.  Israeli agents and double players have control of our government and they want Syria destroyed no matter how dangerous that is or if it starts WWIII.


The WP front page today has all the CPAC news, Trump is the real deal.  He is hammering away at ‘trade’ which involves moving US jobs overseas and then running giant trade deficits with everyone else.  The WP is still hammering away at the ‘Trump is a traitor to Russia’ fake story.  They will never stop so they won’t get any access to Trump from now on.


CIA director withheld information in JFK killing – reports today.  Oh, that ugly little CIA/Cuba mess continues onwards relentlessly.


 A declassified CIA report reveals former director John McCone withheld information to the Warren Commission investigating the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.


A secret report written in 2013 by CIA historian David Robarge and declassified in fall of 2014, alleges McCone led a “benign cover up” that kept “incendiary” information about the CIA from the Warren Commission, the report said.


They still won’t release all the details of Operation Paperclip from WWII.  I wait and wait and wait, if a 17 year old girl could dig it all up, why can’t it finally be released a mere 50 years after I got the entire story from my father and a bunch of Nazis?


 McCone’s cover up was designed to keep the commission focused on “what the agency believed was the ‘best truth’ – that Lee Harvey Oswald, … acted alone in killing John Kennedy,” the report said.


McCone withheld the existence of years of CIA plots to work with the mafia to assassinate Fidel Castro. Had that been known by the commission, it would have raised the question of whether Oswald truly acted alone or if he might have worked with Cuba or the Soviet Union.


But Robarge asserts that McCone was convinced that Oswald had acted alone and directed the agency to only provide “passive, reactive and selective” assistance to the commission.


Sigh.  Oswald was the only SHOOTER but he DIDN’T ACT ALONE.  Far from it.  People laid out the path for him, they gave him access and room to act and let him get his tools together and then pretended they were no spying on him!   THAT is the crime.


They KNEW.  It was no surprise.  This finesse point is hard to get across to people.  If Oswald failed, they would have done the same ‘open door/let the assassin in’ game again and again until success.  See?  Instead of PROTECTING the President, they enable/assist and encourage others to kill the President.


In Trump’s case, they may end up doing it themselves.  I would not be shocked at all if they did this themselves, directly, after all, the CIA does this in many countries over the decades and this is familiar territory for them.



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34 responses to “Intelligence Advisor Says CIA Discusses Coup Against Trump

  1. Jim R

    “People laid out the path for him, they gave him access …”

    Apparently they also gave him magic bullets that can do a zigzag do-se-do and puncture Gov. Connally a couple times, ding the windshield of the limo, blow Kennedy’s head off, and then land on the stretcher on which they took him to Parkland. Without a scratch on them…

  2. floridasandy

    they won’t.

    Trump needs to clean house and get some new people in at the top. There are a lot of talented Americans who could do a great job for the CIA.

    Off topic, interesting reading on the chemical agent that awful girl used to kill the half brother:
    The British scientists who first synthesized VX in 1955 wanted to kill insects. But they quickly realized they’d created something so powerful it could kill people too. The British government took notice, studied VX for its potential as a chemical weapon, and eventually shared the recipe with the United States. In 1993, the UN banned VX at the Chemical Weapons Convention, a treaty forbidding the stockpiling and use of any chemical weapon of mass destruction. The US destroyed its remaining VX stockpile in 2012, the New York Times reports.

    4) VX is absurdly potent, and a little bit can go a long way. By bringing it into a crowded airport, the assailants put many people at risk. According to the National Academies of Sciences, a lethal dose can be as low as 0.04 milligrams per kilogram of bodyweight. For a 150-pound person, that means just 2.72 milligrams — just a speck — placed on exposed skin can summon the reaper. Ten milligrams, really just a drop, is thought to be a lethal dose for most people. “VX is at least 100 times more toxic than sarin,” which is another potent neurological poison, the National Academies reports. (end)

    This is what makes America GREAT. We had it, could have produced it, could have used it, but DESTROYED it instead. I am so sick of the media ragging on us all the time, when we are the most generous people in the world, and the fastest evolving nation ever.

  3. JimmyJ

    George C Scott directed and starred in the memorable film Rage 1972, about military mishandling of VX gas. I saw this as a kid and still remember the ending. Wonder why you never see it on tv.

  4. emsnews

    It only took 5 DECADES to decide to stop holding it in reserve. Yup.

  5. ziff

    i heard 6 anti trump brainwash items on CDn news today.

  6. Tacitus

    Elaine, I think you are misinformed about a sole shooter at Dallas – read “JFK and the Unspeakable” by Jim Douglass.

  7. Ziff

    Watching Bill Still again on JFK , something I didn’t know , the motorcade route was changed at the last moment , by whom is a secret.

  8. Moe

    One thing always bothered me about Oswald. He would have been able to see the approaching presidential limousine after it turned the corner and approached the Book Depository. As a hunter, I know that one of the cardinal rules of hunting is: ‘Take the first good shot’. That was the best shot afforded on the route past the depository, with the vehicle traveling at its slowest speed and approaching Oswald. The shot taken later in the route was much more difficult, with the limousine opening up the distance as it moved away from Oswald, and only a pretty good shooter could have made it.

    And if an intelligence organization was going to sit back and let an assassination attempt occur, wouldn’t they want a near certitude of success? If Kennedy had survived, there would have been hell to pay for the negligence involved. IMO, there would have had to be a backup plan to guarantee success of the operation. Additional shooters would have been necessary.

    Anyway, rehashing old news. But incongruities like this are disconcerting. And the fact that we don’t know the full level of complicity after fifty-plus years shows who’s really been in charge of the US for this period.

  9. Jim R

    There’s a story going around now that the girls who assaulted Kim in the Kuala Lumpur airport thought they were doing some kind of prank for reality TV.

    … although, if they thought it was a prank, and this oily liquid was harmless, you’d think they might have gotten some of it on themselves …

  10. emsnews

    North Korea is as murky as the CIA.

  11. Jim R

    @floridasandy #2,
    According to Wikipedia,

    The only exception is for “research, medical or pharmaceutical purposes outside a single small-scale facility in aggregate quantities not exceeding 10 kg [22 lb] per year per facility”

    So you could have 10 kg of the stuff around any place that does biomedical research. Or, you could make 100g of it just for fun in your chemistry lab, and not violate the UN regulation. (even if I were Walter White, I wouldn’t want 1g of it around my shop, that stuff is nasty)

    10 kg is a LOT of something so potent. And you can bet that the MIC has some of it stashed here and there, or at least precursors to it … not enough to prosecute a WMD war, but plenty enough for the odd false flag or assassination here and there.

  12. Jim R

    With that said, I’m not trying to say that this particular assassination was the work of the CIA. Just that they are known for their dirty tricks, and I’m speculating that they probably have some of this weird poison available to them.

    I had never heard of the North Korean guy before this story hit the news, and it seems reasonable that he was killed by the North Koreans. The whole story is a curiosity here in America — there’s no reason to believe that the CIA has the corner on the dirty trick market.

  13. emsnews

    North Korea has its own CIA operations and is infamous for assassinations as are a number of nations like say, Israel!

  14. Jim R

    Yup. And North Korea is the only place that cared, one way or the other, about the victim in this attack.

  15. Tacitus

    There were 8 shooters ….. also, the explanation of Officer Tippett’s death is particularly interesting.

  16. Tacitus

    sorry, that should be Tippit

  17. emsnews

    Good lord, how about 100 shooters or the entire Red Army?

  18. Jim R

    Elaine, never mind. Let’s get answers to the easy obvious questions first.

  19. Moe

    Holy fornication! I’ve hit deer in the breadbasket on the dead run at well over 100 yards, and 8 so-called professional assassins miss almost every shot except one from close range? I call bovine excrement.

    I still disagree with Elaine on the lone shooter scenario, but this is the opposite nonsensical extreme.

    There are always two rationales to understand terror events (which is what this was): ‘qui bono?’ and ‘the government always lies’. The first qui bono? is easily answered: by that self-same government, or rather the individuals that control it and the second criteria is then self-evident.

    We’d better hope Trump is for real, for unlike mythological thinking, revolutions ONLY happen from the top social stratum or from an external elite, never from the bottom.

  20. emsnews

    My husband won shooting contests in the past and I have won various contests with throwing knives, axes and archery. 100 yards is nothing to people who are good at this stuff and I and my husband are both very good.

    Shooting a rifle with a scope at 300 yards is easy, I do 100 yards without sights.

    This is why I don’t fall for the goofy stories. Oswald was trained to snipe.

  21. Jim R

    How did he make the bullets do a U-turn and arrive from the opposite direction?

  22. Petruchio

    @#1Jim R: There were MORE bullet fragments left in Gov. Connally than could have been lost by the so-called “magic bullet”. Not only did this magic bullet defy ALL laws of physics with its zig zagging and hard turns, it also, just by coincidence, went through two human bodies–striking bone–and exited in almost perfect condition. Amazing. Also: NOT in dispute: there were TWO rifles found in the Texas School Book Depository building. We may never know who killed Kennedy, but we cab safely say Oswald was, like he said he was, a Patsy. Elaine can’t recognize a Political Coup when she sees one.

  23. Jim R

    Yeah, I was ready to change the subject, but Elaine wants to talk about marksmanship and ballistics and such. Apparently in rural New York, you can make multiple different holes at varying angles with one shot.

    The Zapruder film clearly shows the fatal shot was from the general direction of the front of the limousine. Simple Newtonian kinetics. Various purveyors of the “official narrative” have crafted some stories about that, and tell you that you are not supposed to believe your lying eyes, but the film is still there…

  24. Jim R

    And, no, 8 shooters is ridiculous. But there were two.

  25. Petruchio

    When Bush II was President, he RE-sealed the records on the Kennedy assassination. We don’t know what is on the records, but it does make you wonder: Why? Why re-seal records unless it contains embarrassing and/or incriminating information.

  26. Jim R

    From back in the day, when the papers occasionally published something about the CIA:

  27. E


    George killed JFK, JFK Jr. used “George” as the name of his magazine, and was killed soon after.

    JFK Jr. Told The World Who Murdered His Father – But Nobody Was Paying Attention

    FBI director J. Edgar Hoover wrote this memo 5 days after the assassination, naming George Bush as a CIA officer.

    It will come up again in a minute, so please read the first line carefully. Bush identifies himself to the FBI as an independent oil man from Houston.

    This memo establishes that sort of direct connection between Bush and Hunt, in Dallas, on the day of the assassination.

    This memo records Bush’s phone call to the FBI, precisely an hour and fifteen minutes after the assassination. When I first encountered this memo, and when I first put it into my movie, JFK II, I simply called it “weird”.

  28. Jim R

    @E, that was a long article … kinda lost me at “Khazarian Illuminati Masons Mafia” or whatever. But I kept reading. And came to:

    This is just the sort thing that happened with the theory of Evolution and the Big Bang theory; and the theory of continental drift [all three of which are actually bunkum].

    So, you’re saying that if I “believe” in evolution, this story is bunkum?

  29. Petruchio

    “This is why I don’t fall for the goofy stories. Oswald was trained to snipe.” And you know this how? What we DO know about Oswald’s shooting skills is from his rifle training in the US Marine Corps. Oswald was a lousy shot. He couldn’t even hit the target paper! And we know that Oswald as a youth couldn’t hit anything as a hunter. His brother would have to shoot game and give it to his brother Lee. Yes, I know. These are all fabricated stories designed to deflect attention to the REAL perpetrators of the Kennedy Assassination who actually DID use Oswald as the shooter, right Elaine? HaHa. Those CIA types you are so impressed with Elaine aint so special in reality. They’re just a bunch of ultra spoiled rotten rich kids who use their money and family connections to get and keep their jobs. They get handed Ivy League degrees (George W. Bush, exhibit 1AA) and then think they are entitled to Rule The World.
    The Soviets (and the Russians today) ran rings around the CIA. The KGB leadership told their spy handlers to stop recruiting CIA agents; the KGB had more CIA spies than they could use already. The first time the CIA knew that the Soviet Union had fallen was when they saw it on CNN!
    The JFK assassination was a political coup; they used Lee Harvey Oswald as the Patsy, the Fall Guy. Who exactly engineered the Kennedy assassination? Bush Jr. re-sealed the records. That should tell you something. I could go on, but the “Oswald as Lone Assassin” is pure….poppycock. Nonsense. The Who killed JFK is not as important as the WHY they wanted JFK dead. That should be the focus,

  30. Jim R

    Thanks, @Petruchio. That sums it up nicely.

    It is always so frustrating when someone publishes a long article, with lots of relevant links, and then goes off on a tangent talking about fluoride and precious bodily fluids, or space lizards, or the secret Masonic markings on the dollar bill.

    It was always only ever about the power of this bunch of over-privileged, borderline, or over-the-border psychopaths who think they are entitled to rule the planet. You have some really ancient members of this group like Kissinger and Soros, and then more recent joiners like the Clintons.

    But the one thing that they clearly, obviously have in common is the will to power.

    The sunlight of public exposure is their worst enemy. Thus the rapidly rising noise level of lies and bullshit. And the never-ending effort to renew, reinforce, and patch old lies and bullshit. It’s a little annoying to see Elaine join the noise chorus, but very refreshing that she is willing to host this forum…

  31. emsnews

    This is why all Bilderberg meetings are super secret.

    And they get new members all the time but some are there forever and ever since Day One like Kissinger, the German dude. A lot of them are German, by the way.

  32. Petruchio

    @330 Jim R: another tactic used is to bring out–even today 54 years after the JFK assassination–outrageous “theories” about the JFK assassination. The main purpose for these ‘false flag’ stories is to throw people off the trail of the REAL perpetrators AND to make it easy to dismiss ALL JFK assassination information as being from unreliable people. Kooks. Conspiracy theorists. It’s why they try to “muddy the water so much with baseless and/or ridiculous theories or versions of the Event. The objective is to dismiss every new piece of information that may come out. These guys are proactive Spin Doctors, I’ll give them that.

  33. Jim R

    Yes, the same is true of 911.

    Two popular disinfo themes are “micro-nukes” and “space-based energy beams”. I think a lot of kooks have picked up these themes and run with them, but they did not originate with kooks. They originated with disinformation agents.

  34. E

    @Jim R

    Didn’t have time to search that day, so that wasn’t a good link, too much spin.

    These two are much better.

    You can call this conspiracy theory spin.
    But when it came from Jfk Jr himself you know it’s the real deal.

    JFK Jr’s magazine is all about conspiracy.

    And he said as long as he was alive the magazine will publish, he was killed that same day.

    Jr could choose to live a wealthy life, but he chose to risk his life for exposing the truth.

    the day John died, he told his staff that “as long as I am alive, this magazine will publish.”

    He was planning to run for National office according to Newsweek and People. He told friends he would have run for Senate in New York, but let Hillary Clinton run instead. And he would have won. He was the most popular man in the US. And for good reason. He was a great guy. But he was the only Kennedy to ever acknowledge a conspiracy in his father’s death. He not only acknowledge it, he published an article by Oliver Stone, in his magazine, George, about assassination, conspiracies, and lying history books. Who would want to kill him? The people who killed his father had to kill him. Kennedy Jr. was going to go after them.

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