Prodded By Bilderberg Brigade, Alex Jones Loses His Cool And Makes Threats

His news cast started out normal and at the same time, he becomes more and more aware of the huge net the Bilderberg Internet giant owners are weaving, they are systematically taking offline all perceived ‘enemies of the State’ that is, the Super State which is how they rule all of us despotically.  Their street troops are the young people who think they will be allowed to run riot…the Bilderberg gang is going to utterly crush the left when the time is ripe.  Right now, their chief enemies are anyone talking about international controls of our media and economy.  Trump is their #1 target to remove.


I have watched Alex Jones get deliberately prodded over and over and over again.  They do this knowing full well, it is illegal and my advice to him would be to sue them all but he is too excitable and so instead, tonight, he just lashed out suddenly and in the last six minutes of his You Tube video, he makes violent threats.


I have always been careful about what I say and write. When I get banned or cut down by our Real Rulers, they have to do it with blood on their hands, so to speak.  When the NYT removed me from their forums years ago, there was an online riot.


So they killed the entire forum business and used only ‘letters to the editor’.  Then they made ‘letters’ fewer and fewer and censored these more and more until it is pathetic.  A dim, tiny echo chamber what was once a fantastically huge newspaper community.  They screwed themselves because they wanted control of everyone’s thoughts.


Alex Jones is an excitable character.  Knowing this, they pin pricked anyone near him and he has very good staff who are not ‘excitable’ but if Jones is taken down, they will struggle just like Breitbart is  now struggling due to Milo also being a big mouth, too.


Both men, by the way, are much younger than I.  I have been on this planet for many years and I remember how goofy I could be like giving a speech in Germany, telling everyone I was going to sneak into East Germany…talk about insane!


Over the years of my youth, I learned the hard lesson: when your enemies have great power, you have to have street smarts to outwit them all.  I watched more than one famous person get destroyed due to ignoring this lesson.


I have moved around in some very violent circles in the past.  In each case, I warned everyone around me about their impending violence and took measures to stop them if I knew of actual plans.  This is why the BATF in DC listen to me over the years.  Ditto, the NSA.


Today, everyone leaves me alone.  I am a ‘nobody’ now.  On the other hand, Alex Jones has ‘high profile’ now because THEY gave it to him.  They did this to set him up to self-destruct.  Instead of backing down and doing the smart thing: have others fight for him, Milos and he and others have come out swinging and bang: they are taken down.


Now I have been banned from nearly everywhere.  Not for being obnoxious or wild but by winning arguments.  As soon as people notice this, they panic and simply hit out at me.  They then live in this stupid bubble and slowly reality recedes and they end up pointless.  Look at a lot of mainstream media today: dying!  The more they flail about, the more they die.


The more they try to misreport reality, the more they die.  They will all fade to nothing eventually due to this need to ignore reality.  Reality is a bitch.  Reality hurts.  Reality always wins in the bitter end, for no one can change reality by pretending it isn’t there.


Alex and others are very upset that this victory won by Trump is being ripped to shreds.  But what else can happen?  When you corner a lion or a dragon, they lash out!  Taking them down is difficult and hard and requires skill and finesse, knowing where to strike.


I learned many years ago, the best way to win a fight is to become less and less emotional and to start studying the one egging on a fight and then with calm deliberation, hit them suddenly and accurately.  This works with words, too, which is why opponents have to resort to childish tactics of removing arguments instead of changing something internally or figuring out what is real and what is not real.


Then there is Medusa: When you look into the Abyss, the Abyss looks back at you.  When humans try this game, it can suck them in and destroy them internally.  This is why I am not scared of all the black magic lunatics in DC and Hollywood.  They are stupid tools who have no idea what is really going on.


Since they don’t understand the Outer Darkness or how Fate works and who the Watchers really are.  They are foolish humans who think they can control these Entities which is ridiculous.  It is really sad, watching them act delusionally.


On the other hand, in vain attempts at aping the powers of these Dark Ones, they stupidly commit grave crimes against humans, animals and the world.  They think this makes them gods when it makes them goats.  Too stupid to riddle out the truth, the Dark Ones only respect people who can see through them and argue with them and win.


One of their tools to win arguments with humans is to offer them bribes.  Oh, do they have bribes!  Many bribes.  They can access anything, anywhere, anytime.   And that is when they are the most dangerous.  If I were evil, I would be rich.  Instead,  I am not rich at all, I live a very simple life on my mountainside.


This is quite deliberate.  I have to sacrifice myself to others, save lives, to stay alive, myself.  I want to do this, it means a lot to me.  If I help someone, this is pure happiness.  I really feel for people, but then, passions make people hate me when I tell them the future because people want fantasy, not future forecasts.


That is also an iron rule: I never lie about the future.  I cannot do this.  And no one likes Cassandra.  The future for Alex Jones just turned very dark tonight.  I don’t know if the Deep State will take him down tomorrow, but now they have the ammo to do it.  And he, himself, gave it to them.














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52 responses to “Prodded By Bilderberg Brigade, Alex Jones Loses His Cool And Makes Threats

  1. melponeme_k

    What Alex Jones needs to do is pull back for awhile and let his capable crew hold the reins now. Jones can still work as editor in chief but at the very least, he won’t be a face that represents a huge target. Doing this for even a little while will take the wind out of the Bilderberg sails.

  2. Claudeeyah

    Alex’s ego won’t let him hand over the reins. He has built an empire as well as an alliance with Trump. He doesn’t understand that Trump will feed him to the sharks in order to save his own ass. That is always the way Trump has operated in the past. Hell, Alex Jones even has Hillary on the ropes (another alcoholic). I don’t see that changing. Very sad, because I like and respect Alex Jones. He’s done a great service in bringing the darkness of the Bilderbergers into the light. However, one must rule one’s own emotions. Looking at his weight gains and excessive rants, I suspect Alex is also struggling with alcoholism, which can bring down even the strongest of men (and women). I know this from being around powerful people in the past. Everyone has their Achilles heel.

  3. Name

    Well, winning arguments against Elaine is a great way to banned here.

    Who said, “mirrors are interesting?”.



    ELAINE: I ask only for restraint and people being somewhat polite. I do issue warnings. Banning? You give zero proof. I have only one system to ‘ban’ that is, I might delete something and this is EXTREMELY rare.

  4. Claudeeyah


    Not sure what you mean. Elaine is one of the most tolerant places for dissenting voices on the internet. She speaks her mind and is not afraid to counter opposite opinions. Are we even talking about the same Elaine???

  5. emsnews

    The person doing this even used a ‘name’ code I have never seen before. So I am assuming it is someone I requested be somewhat civil and that teed them off too much to comply. I hope this person reveals who they really are, it would be amusing if nothing else.

    At least I can tell a few jokes, perhaps.

  6. Seraphim

    “Der Mohr hat seine Schuldigkeit getan, der Mohr kann gehen”(The moor has done his duty, the moor can go)”, Friedrich Schiller, “Die Verschwörung des Fiesco zu Genua”, or “Fiesco’s Conspiracy at Genoa”, Act III, Scene 4.
    Vacate the place for the “Young Turks”.

  7. Jim R

    Next thing they’ll do is remove his youtube videos. They’ve done that for videos that run counter to the narrative in the Ukraine.

    RT has its own video servers, though it also uses youtube as an alternate host.

  8. DM

    From the bit I watched – I think he is pretty safe. The only threats of violence were directly towards rapists, molesters – so you would have to identify as one of these to feel threatened.

  9. emsnews

    The thing is, he made threats of physical violence. I know, from when I was in the public eye and watched closely, the smallest move over this invisible line is dangerous, I watched many people step over it and get slammed.

    This is why the only arrest I ever had was when I was JAYWALKING. See? And a riot happened when I was taken down and I told everyone to stand back but the crowd wanted to free me and so…there was too much proof I tried to stop the riot so they couldn’t charge me with that, too.

    See how this works? One has to be very smart and hold one’s temper. Like in any chess game, start yelling and they got you.

  10. emsnews

    The media giants have shot themselves in the foot by heavily censoring any dissent to their news stories which is why 90% no longer take any comments at all and the NYT can only allow comments on very rare articles that are not controversial at all, etc.

    Even then, they have to heavily censor comments they are so scared someone will write something in a smart way that exposes their many lies. So the best course is to totally ignore everyone which is fatal for a news service.

    Here is a typical example which the leftist press pushed to all readers without checking to see if it makes any sense at all:

    Republish by Raw Story which is now a tool of the Bilderberg gang! HAHAHA.

    A U.S. Supreme Court justice has mounted a defense of the free press and praised women who marched in protest at Donald Trump ’s presidency.

    Speaking to the BBC’s Newsnight program in remarks set to be broadcast Thursday night, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, one of the 11 judges who sits on America’s highest court, said: “I read the Washington Post and the New York Times every day, and I think that the reporters are trying to tell the public the truth.”


    One of 11 judges? See how stupid the mainstream news has become. And a Supreme Court Justice female has praised taking legal matters to the street including the violence that has been going on, and illegal aliens assaulting US citizens going to Trump speeches, etc.

  11. Moe

    Jones should take a page from Paul Joseph Watson, featured on Infowars. This guy is accurate, and categorically scathing in his commentary, but is smart enough to refrain from emotional outbursts and threats. I regard his delivery, style, combined with relevant content, a tour de force.

    Right in Jones own stable. Pay attention Alex!

  12. Moe

    Here’s some timely advice from Jim Stone, Now Stone might not be accurate about everything (and slightly paranoid? ‘Just because he’s paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get him.’). But this is good advice and probably no blogger does script control as well as he.

    Even this blog it is not truly stand-alone in design. For example,I don’t believe this site has an independent IP address.

    Excerpt: “Do not use Google Analytic anymore. Google will lie about your stats anyway, and Google is using the scripts to hang your web site. This is why my web site does not use Google Analytics. Keep all code and resources INTERNAL, never set up any script that calls an outside source for content because when you do that, all anyone has to do to kill your web site is hang the script. Google destroyed Uncensored Publications in America with this, and I could not convince them that Google would be so evil. So they are destroyed, with zero sales and zero traffic. Do not let the same happen to you, GOOGLE IS TRYING TO GET AWAY WITH THIS RIGHT NOW.

    If google won’t give you ads they have already proven malicious intent, do not be silly and allow Google – a known enemy – any chance to destroy you via a hung, delayed, or improperly executed script!

    You are going to be relying on donations from an established reader base now, so MAKE YOUR SITE RUN SMOOTH AS GLASS by ditching as many scripts as possible.”

    For the reader who uses Firefox browser, download the Add-On ‘Ghostery’ even temporarily, just to see how many eavesdroppers on each site. When you realize how much information is being transmitted about your viewing practices and how much profiling is going on, you will soil yourself!

  13. Moe

    @ Name, #3

    Wow! That’s about as an unsuccessful trolling exercise as I’ve ever seen! And there are some pathetically dreadful trolls out there. You deserve one of those ‘Everybody Gets One’ ribbons.

    I’ve quit a few blogs that simply wouldn’t tolerate any deviance from ‘their’ norm. I recall one hard-money site that objected to a posting of mine and deleted it because it contained an expletive explaining: “We want our site suitable for reading by a 12 year old.” I responded: “I don’t want to read or participate in a site suitable only for a 12 year old, I prefer to deal with adults. ‘Bye.”

    Elaine’s is the most liberal (small ‘l’) site I’ve ever posted on. Even her response to you was civilized. Get a life.

  14. emsnews

    I take no ads. Never have, never will. That restricts my freedoms too much.

  15. Name

    Elaine invites people to leave for arguing. She allows debate only insofar as she can control it. It is very similar to the way other propaganda sites work. She is, after all, one of the elites herself.

  16. Name

    Notice the people calling me a ‘troll” are loyal, obedient followers, not arguers. This is part of how the game is played.

  17. Jim R

    #12 @Moe,
    Just out of curiosity, I installed it. I noticed that EMS News has a couple scripts going some time ago, but didn’t worry about it … then this popped up:

    We have great news! Ghostery has been acquired by Cliqz, an awesome privacy-focused company. To reflect this change of ownership, our privacy policy has changed. Follow the link below to learn more.

    But moving along, I find that Gravatar has a script, and WordPress itself has a statistical tracker. And there are a couple other little things. (note also that if someone [such as myself] should post a Twitter message, WordPress will render the tweet along with assorted Twitter scripts)

    On the whole, I’d say this is one of the cleanest sites you can have without Elaine downloading the WordPress code and doing a LOT of tedious IT work.

    Now I’m going to uninstall Ghostery, because I’m not that thrilled with it. I do run an adblocker because some of the other popular sites I visit are so choked with ads that I can’t view them any other way.

  18. laughinglions

    Thanks for the wise hint, I read you already for 10 years now (wow!). And you can be sure you are leaving a legacy and will never be forgotten by me.

  19. emsnews

    I try to keep this site as clean as possible. I do a lot of on hand work but sometimes things can slip in…any suggestions for help are appreciated greatly.

  20. Moe

    @ Name #16

    “Notice the people calling me a ‘troll” are loyal, obedient followers”

    I’m the only one that called you a troll, so you can only be referring to me. I am definitely a loyal reader and contributor, but I assure you Elaine would not regard me as a “follower”. We definitely don’t agree on many issues, and quite frankly, we probably never will because we have different life experiences that shape our perceptions. Plus she’s a lot smarter than me so has an advantage.

    But, I assure you, not a person in this world who knows me would describe me as an “obedient follower”, nor I’m sure would anyone else here: It is to laugh.

    So with the totality of your responses it is obvious you are trolling, and I’m done with you. With the least amount of veneration (since I am not nearly as tolerant or pleasant as Elaine), fuck off.

    Elaine: you should be able to track this poster and identify him/her. I don’t know how WordPress functions but he/she has to be traceable.


    ELAINE: Moe, thanks for the support and thanks for the kind words here and you got your one-two punch right in the nose of this ‘anonymous’ person.

  21. Name

    You must obey

  22. DM

    @20 ‘Name’ likely a 12 year old – best to ignore and hope it goes away.

    Anyway – I would just like to commend Elaine for her diligence, most especially of late. The topics being covered may be specially useful to some future forensic historian. Also, as Google News and other news aggregation sites etc are now totally useless, I come here first for news updates.

  23. BK

    DM- news aggregators are now useless because they censor actual news, or because they’re filled with actually fake news? I believe it’s both. Other reasons? We’ve become our own aggregators again, which is good… but also sad.

  24. emsnews

    Look, the ‘news’ has been toyed with all my long, long life. It only becomes obvious to outsiders when it is this out of hand as today, nearly nonstop.

    I keep pointing out, the real crime is HIDING news. They do this all the time in concert with each other.

  25. emsnews

    Curious readers want to know who ‘anonymous’ is:

  26. Name

    Yes, readers, your obedience shall be rewarded.

  27. Name

    Hypocrisy at its finest, no call for civility from the obedient ones.

    Instead, I am prodded like Alex Jones.

    Yes, mirrors are quire interesting, after all.

  28. Name

    How dare you reveal the truth here:

    We will track you down, punch you in the nose, and send you harassing emails.

    Got it.

  29. Name

    Also, almost everyone that comments here is “annonymous”.

  30. emsnews

    Do come by my mountain and pick a fight if you insist. The Sheriff will take care of the mess afterwards.

  31. Name

    Just like the Bilderbergs:

    When the truth is exposed, violence is the ultimate silencer.

  32. emsnews

    But really dumb, eh? I am a veteran of many physical battles. More than one assassination attempt. On the other hand, I love hunting.

  33. Name

    You’re calling me dumb? With rhetorical skills like that?

    Apparently at this point it would be much simpler and efficacious for you to to simply admit that I am right on this point and move on.

    FWI, In fact I have given my fair share to EMS news over the years. I simply pointed out the obvious fact there is no real debate going on here. There is merely an illusion of debate which may fool the weak minded. Your flailing about, thanking your readers for cursing me and professing that I deserve violent treatment only illuminates the correctness of my original statement.

  34. Lou

    Dear Name, whats your biggest problem with this site?

    She is, after all, one of the elites herself.—An old lady, shoveling snow and living in a tent at 30 BELOW, doesnt seem like an elite.
    Wheres the caviar and kobe beef, to go along with your beef?

  35. Name

    I never said I had a “problem” with this site. I merely pointed out the obvious fact that real debate is not tolerated (Elaine gets “annoyed” and invites the offender to leave) and was attacked by all and sundry. Since then I have merely been defending my position.

  36. emsnews

    You have tied yourself into knots trying to say nothing, why do you wish to expose yourself this way? I only ask you to leave because you are terribly unhappy and obviously have some mental problems I cannot fix but if you want to stay and be boring, be my guest.

    Just don’t break obvious social rules like cussing at people or threatening them.

    You did talk as if you wanted a hostile visit to my mountain and I gave you fair warning, only visitors who clear with me are allowed to come here. But then, people are often pig headed and even stupid so…

    Why on earth are you here? I still can’t fathom this riddle.

  37. Name

    Dear readers,

    It should be obvious how this works: selected commenters are asked to be civil while others, including Elaine, are allowed to be as abusive as they want. For example, she asks me to not break “obvious social rules” but in this very thread thanks a commenter for cussing at me! Even the most loyal of followers should be able see the issue here. For example, how did I indicate I “wanted a hostile visit”. Absolutely fake! Accusations of mental problems? Again, obviously a really poor attempt to use petty ad hominem insults to avoid the point. This is all designed to control the debate just like every propaganda site. It is like Zionists saying “we are not Nazis”.

    Big Brother does not have to be an “evil government”. It can be any outside entity that gives substance to one’s life. A university, the military, a church, a sports team, a band, a big brother, or…..a blogger.

    And I can already hear people jumping to the unwarranted assumption that I am advocating eliminating these entities from one’s life. I am not. Independent minded people, however, remain vigilant to the possibility for abuse.

    EMS is OK for news, but no one will ever be allowed to seriously debate Elaine here. That is beyond simple to figure out.

  38. emsnews

    My god, you love to complain. I would suggest you visit a doctor and get some assistance. I love psychiatrists and think they are often wonderful people and they won’t hurt you at all. It helps a great deal to unburden your unhappiness on a professional.

    If you want these services from me, first donate about $100 a week and I will be all ears.

  39. Name


    Oh, Elaine is very much one of the elites, trust me on this. With her ilk, you are OK only so long as you assume a submissive posture.


    Au contraire, it appears you are the one that is hallucinating. I haven’t complained about anything. I just made one rather obvious, neutral fact observation that I really have no emotional attachment to at all (I really don’t care if you allow debate or not) when I was subject to all kinds of abuse which, ironically, proved my very point.

    For example, you are doing to me exactly what you complained about people doing to you at other sites you commented on.

    Again, your observation that mirrors are very interesting is quite salient here. I suggest you ponder it carefully. 🙂

  40. Lou

    If you want these services from me, first donate about $100 a week and I will be all ears.–Cheap.

    A Malibu psychiatrist was hired by a superstar [I cant give her name, but
    its a household name] and he charged $600/ hr and she hired
    him for round the clock hand holding.
    Shes depressed, fat, alcoholic.

  41. Name

    BTW, Here Elaine takes her own page out of 1984: those who discuss the ugly truth and illusion provided by the masters are accused of having “mental problems”.

  42. ziff

    maybe its Devaul , doesn’t sound like him though.

  43. ziff

    nameless has a point though , i won my ‘bet’ about oroville and never received any credit.

  44. emsnews

    Huh? What? Since when did we have any ‘bets’ going on here? This isn’t a legal gambling site.

    If anyone is gambling here, I get a 10% cut. 🙂

  45. Name

    I’m not DeVaul. I don’t want anyone else taking a rap for my thoughtcrimes.

  46. emsnews

    HAHAHA. You think you think?

  47. Name

    Obviously I do. Don’t be childish.

    This thread has laid bare the fact that you indeed sometimes regulate content under the guise of enforcing civility. If you were truly concerned with civility, you would step up and lead by example. I am very pleased that one commenter has spoken out in my defense. I highly suspect there are some others that share my sentiments, at least to a certain extent, but are too timid too speak up.

  48. emsnews

    So you intend to lead a revolt! HAHAHA.

  49. Name

    No, I only intend to fend off uncivil abuse.

    I am actually a very nice person. I abhor violence. I am as peaceful as a butterfly. And I have good Karma. At least, people that treat me unjustly tend to have bad luck. Your best bet would be to issue my long overdue apology and move on.

  50. Jim R

    Hey @name, if you have anything to say, why don’t you start your own blog? If you are really clever, you can lure away all of Elaine’s followers. She only has a few of us — it ought to be easy, right?

    Note the address in your address line: You can just go there, sign up, it’s cheap, and pick your own name and start blogging!

    I’ll read your blog, once. If it doesn’t seem completely boring and pointless I might come back and read it again.

  51. Jim R

    * … ‘scuse me. The .org addres is for downloading the source and constructing your own universe. I doubt that you are up to that.

  52. Name


    Are my little pixels in this corner of cyberspace really bothering you so much you have to invite me elsewhere? You’re that sensitive? Really? I’ll tell your mommy to give you a hug.

    And I doubt you are up to composing music in the style of Johann Sebastian Bach. Which has exactly the same relevance as whatever you think I am not up to. Only you know why it would seem necessary to raise such an irrelevant point in the first place, but if it makes you feel better somehow then by all means have a jolly time.

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