After Hitting Muslim Icebergs, The EU Is Going Down Like Titanic

Marine Le Pen leads in polls in France despite desperate Leftist government investigating her friends.


Almost 12 years ago 10 countries in the European Union decided they would allow the public to go to the ballot box to decide whether they would support the EU constitution.


Yes, it was all the rage when the liberals who are really Bilderberg gangsters, thought they conned EU voters into voting to remove all traces of real democracy.  Then they quickly wised up and went on revolt, voting ‘No’.


But after France and the Netherlands voted overwhelmingly to remove themselves from the bloc’s constitution, six other countries cancelled their referendums.


These ‘countries’ didn’t cancel the referendums, the gangsters running things behind the scenes canceled these votes for fear they would vote the ‘wrong way’.  We see this sort of rage here in the US, too.

And France and the Netherlands simply ignored the will of their people after they overwhelmingly rejected Brussels.


‘France and Netherlands’ are countries, not people.  The people voted, the rulers refused to respect these votes so they killed it.  The voters should have revolted but they didn’t and now it is too late.  Now, they are under attack from foreign illegals who were let in by the same people who killed the voting and forced the EU rules on them.


This is why millions of illegal aliens are allowed in: they ally themselves with the Real Rulers who let them all in and attack citizens, pushing them down, destroying their homes, their right to vote, their power, these aliens then menace everyone physically, reminds me of Ancient Rome and the barbarians.


The crunch vote on the EU in both countries sent shockwaves through the establishment – prompting the UK, Portugal, Poland, Denmark, Ireland and the Czech Republic to cancel their votes.


Note that everyone at the top did the same thing at the same time.  Hello, conspiracy time!  Bilderberg gangsters are all in lock step.


In France almost 55 per cent of people voted No with 45 per cent in favour, with a turnout of 70 per cent.


French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin was quickly replaced by Dominique de Villepin and Nicolas Sarkozy became Minister of the Interior.


Sarkozy was then later elected as President of the French Republic in May 2007 and organised a renegotiation and ratification without a referendum, leaving the public furious.


Eventually he brought the Lisbon Treaty to Parliament, against the wishes of the 15,449,508 people who voted no, and pushed the treaty through instead.


No matter who they elect, they get another Bilderberg gangster.  I am puzzled, most of the Bilderberg secret meetings are in Europe.  Why don’ they all attack these meetings and storm the hotels where these happen?  Hello, there is a time for resistance and riots.


President Hllande fires back at Trump over his comment that ‘Paris is no longer Paris’ due to terror attacks as Paris burns as Muslims riot.  At least the Muslims know how to riot.  Sheesh.


Spain, like Greece, will be bankrupt for 50 years.  This will hammer the EU further.  It is a dying dog.  It is like gangrene in the foot (Greece) then in the left arm (Spain) either way, the only fix is amputation and the EU Bilderberg gang won’t allow that so there goes the gang’s gangrene: fatal.


Mr Centento also said the Government and the European Union’s estimations of GDP are completely wrong and has presented them with figures he claims are accurate. He said the country is currently suffering from a “third world production model”.


He added: “We have a third world production model of speculators and waiters, with a labour market where the majority of jobs created are temporary and with remunerations of 600 euros, the largest wage decline in living memory,


“And all this was completed with a broken pension system and an insolvent financial system.”


Sounds like the US after 40 years of Bilderberg rule.


Now on to corruption and the high cost of schools:  Rutgers University in NJ gave Obama $1.5 million to give a SPEECH!  I used to live next to that campus and had students live with me.  Piling a mile of debt on students pays for all these goodies Universities are handing out as obvious bribes.  It is theft.  I hope the students wake up and see who is looting them and putting them all deep in debt.


Last and most disgusting news story of today:  Drive a stake into the Dark Heart of the Vatican: Pope Francis said to be applying his vision of a ‘merciful church’ to sex offenders, He reduced sentence for Rev Mauro Inzoli from defrocking to lifetime of prayer…But Vatican spokesman said abusive priests are also removed from the ministry.


Good grief in hell…oh, that is where these clowns and their leaders go, you know. Happy frying pit times, guys. You are all rather old…not too long to wait…



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5 responses to “After Hitting Muslim Icebergs, The EU Is Going Down Like Titanic

  1. Jim R

    Other topic: that damn dam in Clifornia, today:

    The water from the busted spillway is all running out at the break. 50-60 thousand cfs. You can see how it is eating its way through the “bedrock”.

  2. Christian W

    It’s not “the Muslims” destroying the EU, it’s Neoliberalism and it’s cousin Neocolonialism.

  3. emsnews

    Wow, that’s right, I pointed out that the dam overflow is eating away at the mountainside on one side of the dam. Wow. Thanks for the photos. And yes, that is not ‘bedrock at all,’ I pointed that out two days ago. Now, it is half gone, that mountain shoulder.

  4. Nani

    The huge influx of illegal aliens, mainly young men, is destroying Europe. There can be no denial of this anymore. Look at the ghettos in Sweden and France, where riots and lawlessness is the new reality. Look at the surge in crime in countries like Germany and Sweden. In the UK they even have sharia patrols in the streets! This is just ludicrous, and it has to stop!

  5. Seraphim

    Are we sure that most of the salacious stories about the Catholic Church are not ‘fake news’? The hysterical pitch of the ‘denunciations’ of the Church has all the marks of a smear campaign. Ditto for the underlying contradiction: on the one hand the Church is blamed for being against homosexuality, on the other that it promotes it!

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