Trump Talks About Illegal Aliens, Fake News Media At CPAC

Two speakers at the CPAC convention, President Trump and  Nigel Farage both gave Powerful Speeches.

2016 was a revolt against the entire Bilderberg gang.  This gang still has enormous power and they are exerting it like crazy since summer and failing more and more.  Yes, many young people have been seduced by this gang which plans to crush them as soon as possible, right now, they want the crazy kiddies to attack, attack, assassinate, do whatever with the help of the media fake news producers.

Both Farage from England and Trump from the US, have been attacking the media giants over and over again.  This will be twisted and tortured by media giants as they seek to use crude propaganda tactics to make the news fit their ideology.


But they are losing ground rapidly.  The foreigners in the US and Europe are turning citizens against these invaders.  The aggressions of people out to destroy our culture, our political systems, our schools, our borders are going to face real resistance that will be harsher and harsher.


And our media systems is trying desperately to wreck everything and exploit everyone, bringing in foreign labor to destroy US workers, driving us into bankruptcy with trade deficits, school loans that are unescapable while foreign labor is brought in to cut off US graduates, etc.


CA budget guts middle-class aid, keeps scholarships for illegals is typical of the Bilderberg gang games. It is amazing that California is going to punish lower middle class citizen’s children while promoting illegal aliens!


A budget deficit that is projected to hit $1.9 billion by the summer of 2017 has forced Brown to recommit to balancing the state’s budget, and one area facing cuts is financial aid for middle income college students, reports KCRA.


My god, when will voters in California wake up?  They let illegal aliens to vote and these millions of illegal voters chose leaders and a party that is treasonous.


In the 2017-18 Governor’s Budget, Brown announced plans to phase out the Middle Class Scholarship program, which covers 40 percent of tuition costs for students with combined family income and assets not exceeding $156,000.


“Given the state’s overall financial condition, to continue the Administration’s support for long?term stable growth in funding for the UC and the CSU, and to maintain the broad Cal Grant entitlement for the state’s neediest students, the Budget proposes a phase?out of the Middle Class Scholarship Program,” the Governor’s proposed budget reads.


The phase-out of the program would save the state approximately $115 million per year by 2021, but despite the desperate situation with the state budget, Brown has refused to decrease funding for illegal immigrant students under the DREAM Act.


The illegal alien dream is citizen’s nightmare.  This is criminal, it is treason, the citizens of California should petition the President to save them from this criminal operation.


[RELATED: UC system pledges $25 million for illegal immigrant scholarships]


Here is a letter to the editor which I am certain, will be ignored.


Kyle Throop
” Middle Class Scholarship program, which covers 40 percent of tuition costs for students with combined family income and assets not exceeding $156,000.”
Ok, but what is the lower end of this “Middle Class” non-illegal immigrant funds financial aid criteria?


Does this mean that if a family makes $40,000 or less a year they will be considered “Middle Class” and denied funding because they are not poor enough or illegal enough?


The upper limit is fairly meaningless without the lower limit. Of course with that said, why on earth do my tax dollars go to pay for someone who is in the country illegally to get paid for going to college? They already get in-state tuition costs even though they are not actually citizen residents so why am I paying for them to be trained to compete with my children and myself for the jobs that are all to scarce in CA.? The smog must rot the brains of Big City liberals.


The left is doomed.  Democrats will never win in the future if illegal alien voting is terminated.  It is a Federal matter.  They are destroying this nation.  Administrators at CSU and Cal Poly are urging students and faculty to contact campus police if government officials ask for information about immigration status. Yes, the Universities which collect US citizen tax funds, are telling staff to lie about these same illegal aliens taking up spaces for US citizens whose parents pay these taxes.



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11 responses to “Trump Talks About Illegal Aliens, Fake News Media At CPAC

  1. emsnews

    OK: debate this…Trump says he wants to ‘eradictate ISIS’. I would say, he should just cease let them be funded by the CIA and NSA. And tell Saudi Arabia to stop…ahem…reminds me of who the majority of 9/11 attackers were from Saudi Arabia.

  2. Claudeeyah

    You are making some invalid assumptions, imo. I think he is leading the military industrial complex into believing he will further fund them. Trump is a guy who likes to make deals. He told Putin that he is dedicated to eradicating ISIS. Surely, they know who funds ISIS. Cutting the snake off from its head isn’t as easy as it sounds. Trump will go after the CIA and NSA when the time is right. As you like to remind folks, the man has been in office now less than a month. Give him a break.

  3. floridasandy

    brown is a genius at driving actual taxpayers out of California. How does this jackass think that they will pay for the illegal scholarships when they have driven out all the taxpayers?

    I agree claudeeyah that it is ridiculous that no president has ever been under the scrutiny that Trump has been under, from leftists, media, and even his own party jerks.

    He is going to be a great president, and they will have to deal with it.

    If they continue to give him so much trouble, we, the citizens, will need to start recall movements in those states-AND IT CAN BE DONE! I heard a senator (forget which one) say that repealing and replacing Obamacare was a dream-maybe he needs to be the first recall.

  4. floridasandy

    I see the unhinged media is going after Le Pen in France:

    Marine Le Pen Declines Police Interview Request In ‘Fake Job’ Inquiry

    Hope she is a strong woman.

  5. emsnews

    Le Pen is very strong, she is as bad as me when it comes to push and shove stuff. This is why they fear her. The Bilderberg gang, that is, she knows exactly who they are, as individuals because they loved going to Paris all the time.

  6. Lou

    Brown is a genius at driving actual taxpayers out of California. How does this jackass think that they will pay for the illegal scholarships when they have driven out all the taxpayers?

    ———————Paper currency is printed.

  7. Petruchio

    “CA budget guts middle-class aid, keeps scholarships for illegals is typical of the Bilderberg gang games. It is amazing that California is going to punish lower middle class citizen’s children while promoting illegal aliens!” Not really. With the Bilderbergers and the other Real Rulers, it has ALWAYS been about Class Warfare. Destroy the Middle Class. Destroy the things that make the Middle Class strong, like the Family unit. Destroy Motherhood, where Dad makes the money and Mom raises the kids. The Bilderbergers look at the world as a zero sum game. It is why the elites set out to destroy Higher Ed. and eliminate things such as German studies. The last thing these creepy a##holes want is an educated Middle Class, so the “elites” sabotaged it. Make everybody a debt slave, especially students, who have t move back home and can’t get married because they can’t afford it.

  8. floridasandy

    His state cannot print currency, unless of course that changes too:
    The Constitution contains only two sections dealing with monetary issues. Section 8 permits Congress to coin money and to regulate its value. Section 10 denies states the right to coin or to print their own money

    Speaking of destroying the middle class, more insanity in Arizona:
    An average of 400 “criminal illegal immigrants” are being released every 10 days by the newly elected sheriff in Arizona’s most populous county, federal law enforcement sources tell Judicial Watch, many of them violent offenders.

    It’s part of Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone’s new policy to protect illegal aliens, even those who have committed serious state crimes, from deportation. Under a longtime partnership between the county and the feds, the Phoenix field office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) was notified when “aliens unlawfully present with additional Arizona charges” were released from the Maricopa County Jail, which is one of the nation’s largest with a population of about 8,000. That ended when Penzone, who refers to illegal immigrants as “guests,” took office this year and, though he formally announced the change last week, it was put into practice much earlier.

    During a recent 10-day period, more than 400 criminal illegal immigrants were released from the Maricopa County Jail, according to federal law enforcement officials directly involved in the process in Phoenix.

    Invite those guests to Mr. Penzone’s personal residence, please!

  9. emsnews

    Illegal aliens were allowed to vote out West and in NYC. This is the results.

    I lived in Phoenix once and Tucson for a number of years and I and my neighbors ran our own rather very violent patrols in Tucson and when I grew up on the ranch years ago, I WAS the ‘cops’ and DID use guns on visitors who didn’t know the Law of the West back 60 years ago.

    Now, I wouldn’t want to live out there if you paid me, I am happy on my mountain in NY. As in my childhood, we are the ‘Law’ and can draw guns on visitors who are annoying.

  10. Moe

    The Saker’s latest comments on Trump. (Skip halfway down article if you don’t want to read about Ukraine).

  11. Jim R

    Here’s one for the open-border-hypocrisy department:

    By the way, the russophobes are always carping about the ‘annexation’ of the Crimea, but when is the USA going to give Hawaii back to the Kamehameha family?

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