University Michigan Demands Resegregation


The above news story is real.  All over America, young people are holding huge demonstrations FOR segregation.  This is insane, it is very dangerous, it shows a grave disconnect from reality.  It is the tail end of the Civil Rights movement: the destruction of first, the black married families and now, resegregation.


The illegal alien invasion is destroying the working lower class and has hammered the black communities particularly hard.  U.S. envoy vows no mass deportation to pacify Mexico because Trump’s tough talk about enforcing laws is being minimized by the people at the top who use illegal aliens to drive down  wages and destroy unions.


U.S. President Donald Trump’s vow to crack down on undocumented migrants has struck fear into immigrants living in the United States, and Mexican officials are concerned that massive deportations could lead to a humanitarian crisis along the border.


Kelly said that “the focus of deportations will be on the criminal element that has made it into the United States. All of this will be done, as it always has been, in close coordination with the government of Mexico.”


All illegals are…breaking laws.  They more or less break multiple laws as well as committing lots of other crimes.


While there will be “no use of military force” in deportation proceedings, said Kelly, a retired Marine Corps general, “we will approach this operation systematically, in a results-oriented way, in an operational way, and in a human dignity way.”


Earlier, Trump had described the deportation campaign as “a military operation.”


Tillerson said the two countries “reiterated our joint commitment to maintaining law and order along our shared border by stopping the potential terrorist and dismantling the transnational criminal networks moving drugs and people into the United States.”


Mexico has zero initiatives to patrol the border because this is an invasion like the invasion of Europe.  It has to be stopped.  Liberals want an invasion in Europe and the US because they use this for political power for other things little figuring out the end game is their destruction by aliens.


China, Italy pledge stronger ties..Japan and US to resist this.  There is no ‘EU’ anymore as far as diplomacy is concerned.


The two heads of state agreed to develop bilateral relations from a strategic and long-term perspective and advance the relationship to a higher level.


Xi called on the two countries to maintain high-level exchanges and close cooperation between their governments, legislative institutions and political parties.


China and Italy should synergize their development strategies and innovate cooperation patterns, Xi told Mattarella, who is on a state visit to China from Feb. 21 to 26.


“China welcomes Italy to participate in the Belt and Road Initiative,” Xi said.


Xi called for more cooperation in technological and industrial innovation and in the field of cultural heritage, promoting the building of culture centers and language teaching in respective country.


The president also stressed that China was willing to work with Italy to maintain world peace, development and stability through close communication on global economic governance, multilateralism and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in the UN and G20.


This, while we talk WWIII with China and Russia. Bad moves.



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4 responses to “University Michigan Demands Resegregation

  1. Lou

    I DAMAND you remove this comment, after you spell check your headline.

  2. emsnews

    Listen, there were TOO MANY ‘E’s in the word ‘Resegregation’ so I lost track of the other letters. 🙂

    And god-damand if you remove any comments, dude.

  3. Lou


  4. Lou

    Michigan has several cities ruined by negroes. Detroit, Pontiac, maybe others. I have not passed thru to check the place.

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