Oroville Dam Still Struggling With Epic Flood Waters, UCLA Professor Alex Hall Says Global Warming Will Make It Wetter, Not Drought

A number of people at the You Tube site think this is ‘fake news’ but this is due to them not understanding an emergency dirt road has been built where the road washed away last week and they are now still pouring cement in the big gouges yesterday.  Now on to today’s story about University people being very stupid:  UCLA Professor Alex Hall claims that the Oroville dam disaster is caused by global warming due to NO SNOW in the Sierra Mountains!


This article written by this very young ‘professor’ is acting as if the history of water/snow/drought in California is only 20 years old. It is frankly, normal during all Interglaicals for California to have drought/flood cycles. This is why there were no native Indian civilizations in California.


They did build in Arizona and New Mexico but not one native ‘city’ was built anywhere in California. Never.  I would suggest that the flood cycles would wipe out anything, totally.  ‘Floods’ in Arizona and New Mexico are no where near as bad as in California, for example.  The fact is, there were no native civilizations in California nor the Northeast, either (due to cold winters, I am assuming).


Indeed, this is a highly unusual winter. In the northern Sierra Nevada, precipitation to date is 230 percent of normal, and the region is on track to see its wettest year in recorded history. Record precipitation has led to record snow accumulation in some locations. However, the extra snow is not proportionate to the overall precipitation increase.


The Donner Pass year was not ‘recorded.’  Records in California go back to the Civil War, all other times is guess work or off and on record keeping.  My grandfather, Edison Pettit, and his fellow astronomers kept accurate records of mountain snow and rain, etc. starting around 1885.  I know because I used to watch my grandfather collect information several times a day when I was a small child.


He taught me about the climate because it is hard to do astronomy and have no idea what is happening with clouds, rain, etc.  I got all his horrific stories about lots of snow in the mountains from him, for example.  Family history passed down through the generations.  Most people in California today are newcomers, not there for nearly 200 years.  Often, not even 20 years.  So they have little idea what is going on there.


Currently, snowpack in the northern Sierra is just 157 percent of normal, not the more-than-doubling we would expect. In other words, what makes this winter so extreme is how much rain we’re getting, as opposed to snow. Instead of being stored in frozen form until spring snowmelt sends it gradually downstream, rain runs off immediately, filling reservoirs quickly.


This is no different that similar weather 100 years ago.  Comparing records is impossible because when my grandfather was born, there were few dams, for example.  Now, everything is dammed up.  This changes a lot of things including the weather.  So does having hot cities with asphalt roads and hot rooftops.  This also raises temperatures.


Some snow depth data:

Top Five Maximum Snow Depths at the Central Sierra Snow Laboratory 7

1952 — 311 inches (26.0 feet)
1969 — 242 inches (20.2 feet)
1971 — 240 inches (20 feet)
1958 — 210 inches (17.5 feet)
2011 — 207 inches (17.2 feet)


It is still snowing up there.  Note, also, this laboratory is not very old.  Less than 100 years.


A comparable snow event occurred near Donner Pass in mid-February 1999, when a powerful winter storm dumped 168 inches (14 feet) at Sugar Bowl Ski Resort from February 6 to 9.

4 Measured by Southern Pacific Railroad at Summit Station elevation 7,017 feet.

5 U.S. seasonal snowfall record currently held by the Mount Baker ski area where 1,140 inches (95 feet) were measured during the 1998-99 winter season. Measurement location was the Heather Meadows day lodge at 4,300 feet in elevation.


Note that these snow falls are all recent.  Mount Baker was named after one of my ancestors, by the way.  No one measured the snow back in the mid 19th century, by the way.


When my grandaddy was born, it was right after Edison did his first miracle:  1877.  This is why his parents named him after the inventor.  My grandfather met Edison when he was a young adult and they had a merry time of it.  Back in 1877, useful climate data was a new art and farmers kept records for obvious reasons but once the astronomers joined in, they made it more comprehensive.  But the point is, the further back in time, the less information we have.


The reason for this shift is that it’s warmer than normal, so a greater share of precipitation is falling as rain. There’s reason to believe climate change is at play. For example, research from one of our labs found that between 2012 and 2015, human-caused warming resulted in a snowpack roughly one-fifth smaller than would otherwise have accumulated.


Looking toward the future, climate modeling studies conducted at UCLA and elsewhere show significant declines in Sierra snowpack over this century. These declines are due not to changes in overall precipitation totals, but rather to a shift from a snow-dominated to a rain-dominated regime. This means we can expect to see more years like this one. The situation that Oroville Dam engineers once considered rare will become more common.


Click here to see the snow pack/water table for California.Shimmy Lake has the deepest snow pack/water amount.


It is painfully obvious that this stupid professor is indulging in outright lies.  What?  He cleverly uses the modifier, ‘OVERALL’ to hide the truth.  He and his stupid clown buddies whined like crazy, ‘There is NO RAIN.’  Then he said, ‘There will never be more rain’ and then he said, ‘CO2 is rising and this causes no rain.’  Ergo: it will be drier and drier.  Not wetter and wetter!


California leads the world in climate science, greenhouse gas reduction strategies and climate mitigation investments, but we have largely neglected our responsibility to make the state more resilient to climate change. Currently, there is no mechanism to fund adaptation research and implementation projects that comes close to matching the scale of our challenges.


Note that this idiot savant wants more money to study climate when he has zero understanding about climate and furthermore, lies about what little he knows.  Hello, stupid: California is a notorious drought/flood cycle climate.  It is not ‘stable’ at all, never was and never will be.  The ‘agricultural revolution’ is 100% due to building dams, not natural rain cycles.


And the last 200 years has been much wetter than the last 2000 years.  Cut out any time cycle frame and you get alternate wet/dry cycles of various lengths and sorts.  This is true all the way back to the last Ice Age.  During all Ice Ages, mastodons can roam California.  Now they are extinct but back during Ice Ages, they were very much alive there.  Climates change on this planet especially in the last 2.5 million years.


In 2005 during the global warming hysteria, Alex Hall was named UCLA’s ‘Climate Action Champion’ for telling everyone, CO2 causes California droughts. This man is the age of my youngest child. That is, barely an ‘adult’ in my older eyes. A whippersnapper as my granddad would say.


A member of the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, Hall is an expert on climate modeling, the mechanisms that govern Earth’s climate and the planet’s sensitivity to historical increases in greenhouse gas emissions.


That is, he makes up future scenarios based on his assumptions and then yells, we are all going to roast to death.


The UC program, which is in its inaugural year, is designed to help meet and focus students’ interest in climate-action education, and to inspire other faculty members to help the university’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2025 through engaged research and education. The 2015-16 champions — one at each of the university’s 10 campuses — will work with students on projects aimed at building community engagement and awareness.


So, it is a pure propaganda operation. I hope they cut off all use of other fuels by 2025.  No more tooling around LA in cars.  Even electric cars because these have to be manufactured using energy of all sorts and not batteries or electricity…melting metal or making plastics requires lots of the nasty kinds of energy.  No, they must live like my granddaddy who was horse and buggy back in 1880.  I lived like that, in a tent, in cold upstate NY for ten years.  It isn’t impossible at all.


I had two horses and an ox team who did all the hauling and riding stuff.  I used a bike, too.  I had sheep and pulled up water from a well with a hand pump.  Come on, guys in California, you can do this, too!  Stop being so hypocritical and lazy.


The Climate Action Champion recognition comes with a $25,000 award, which Hall will apply to an educational and public outreach project to “downscale” information from global climate models to create high-resolution projections of future climate at the neighborhood scale. This approach, which Hall pioneered, helps people envision how climate change will affect them in their own backyards and increases public support for action to adapt to inevitable impacts and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions so the worst impacts can be prevented.


This nasty, stupid, awful man…I bet he doesn’t have an ox team, nor grow his own food, or do all the stuff I did for years.  Far from practicing what he preaches, we can easily bet he flies in jets all over the darn planet, lecturing us about how we are destroying the climate and must stop now or we will all roast to death.  It is below freezing on my mountain today.  It was warm for three days before this which is common in the NE in winter.  It will be bitterly cold tonight after a warm day yesterday.


This is normal.  Spring is coming.  This is also normal.  California doesn’t have spring or winter except in the mountains.  This is normal for California.  This idiot should move out of LA for my granddaddy said way, way back in 1957 to me, ‘There are too many people here, this is terrible, I want them to all go away.’  HAHAHA.  Instead, they plowed down his Victorian ranch house and replaced it with a 15 story building!


They did this illegally.  We sued the city government and won and this gave me my inheritance from grandpa: my school tuition and I lived on it for years.  While working, too, because I didn’t want to live on campus, I had my own home which the city of Tucson destroyed and then the military crashed a jet into the place and that was flown by a Saudi Arabian guy…here is more about the classes this clown teaches:


Working with Katharine Reich, associate director of the Center for Climate Change Solutions and a specialist in science communication, Hall will focus on his research team’s recently completed Climate Change in the Sierra Nevada Project, which explores the potential consequences of climate change for water resources in California. The project will include the production of video, data visualization and other materials; the presentation of a special lecture on campus; teaching the undergraduate GE class, “Climate Change: From Puzzles to Policy”; meeting with stakeholders and potential collaborators across the state; and engaging with researchers with a wide range of expertise to pursue future interdisciplinary research.


He teaches propaganda and does the endless ‘computer studies’ that infamously miscall events nearly nonstop now.  And he specializes in ‘water resources’ from exactly the Oroville dam area.  That is, I believe he is one of the idiots who told the state of California, to not release water last month but hoard it because there was not going to be any more rain.  Another reason to fire him for incompetence.


UCLA pulls a “children aren’t going to know what snow is” —WUWT carried this guy’s story back in 2005, read the comments for amusement.



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19 responses to “Oroville Dam Still Struggling With Epic Flood Waters, UCLA Professor Alex Hall Says Global Warming Will Make It Wetter, Not Drought

  1. Moe

    Here’s the comment I liked best:

    “All models are wrong, but some are useful.” -George E. P. Box
    “Your theory is crazy, but it’s not crazy enough to be true.” -Niels Bohr
    “It is not only not right, it is not even wrong.” -Wolfgang Pauli

    Climate scientists strive for relevancy, and fail dismally.

  2. Jim R

    OK, I looked at the comment to your Oroville video. The commenter might be right. It is a little bit harsh to call it “fake”, but it is a stale video shot a week ago, not today nor yesterday.

    The evidence is:
    1. some of the water is still going down the main spillway all the way to the river. Recent pictures show all the water exiting at the break.
    2. There are only a few trucks and concrete mixers on the temporary road. More recent pictures showed a traffic jam of rock trucks, concrete mixers, workmen, lighting rigs.
    3. The workers are still tearing out trees and brush from the emergency spillway area. They finished with that at least a week ago, as I recall.

    In the very most recent pictures, there is a brand-new temporary concrete “apron” in front of the emergency spillway, and ALL the water from the main spillway is going down its new alternate route. And there are barges in the river with excavators on them, starting to work on clearing the power plant’s tailrace area.

  3. Jim R

    “No one believes a model, except the guy who built the model, and everyone believes empirical data, except the guy who recorded the data.”

  4. Moe

    @ Jim #3

    Cynicism becomes us. That comes from the realization that we really know Jackshit. But the alternative to search for knowledge is to do the Ostrich thing and that way lies ruin and despair.

    I just keep hoping for Revelatory Enlightenment, but so far it ain’t happening!

    (On a serious note, one day I’ll write about my undertaking in ‘Courageousness’ but the evolution is not yet mature).

  5. Jim R

    Before enlightenment: chop wood, carry water;
    After enlightenment: chop wood, carry water.

  6. ziff

    i can see Mt Baker from here .

  7. JimmyJ

    Hard on the heels of the coldest winter in decades in the Lower Mainland comes this study saying Vancouver climate will be like San Diego in 30 years, with not one skeptical reference or any sense of irony. Its weird to see the once “conservative” Postmedia journalists always crowing the liberal agenda these days.


    Scott Adams has a good blog post on Chelsea Clinton and Rex Tillerson’s Twitter war over climate science from two different frames of reference (as usual) and the popular mistake of conflating ‘scientific’ modelling with actual science.


  8. Flor

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  9. Flor

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  10. emsnews

    About the dam videos: I look at the data and the various things to figure out when a video is made and…no one is perfect but objections to this video are not solid.

  11. Jim R

    It might have been posted yesterday, but looks to me like the state of the dam a little over a week ago.

    Not necessarily a bad thing, as it’s very nice video, it gives an oversight of this flooding event at the dam, the damage done, and the repair effort.

  12. emsnews

    I can’t tell for certain, neither can anyone else right now.

  13. Lou

    Off Topic, Id like to read what EMS has on this,
    found this online;

    Most bad news is minimal compared to Fukushima continuously pouring massive radiation into the ocean! 500 times deadly levels


  14. Shawntoh


    Dam[n], this dam business looks bad and thanks for the update– though I wish like all of us it was better news.

    My condolences to you and your family on what happened with the loss of your Grandfather’s house in LA and your house in Tucson, AZ. You said in that regard that…

    “…..I had my own home which the city of Tucson destroyed and then the military crashed a jet into the place and that was flown by a Saudi Arabian guy….”

    Did this reference of yours refer to the crash of a military jet that happened in 1967 or 1978? The reason I ask is this–

    I’m puzzled because there are two major events noted where a military jet aircraft crashed into Tucson, AZ and I can’t find evidence that any of the jets were “…. flown by a Saudi Arabian guy”.

    In the 1967 disaster, the Arizona Daily Star, Tuesday, Dec. 19, 1967 notes that the flight crew were Flight Lt. Jack R. Hamilton of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), the pilot, and U.S. Capt. Gary L. Hughes, the navigator.

    In the 1978 disaster, the Arizona Daily Star, Friday, Oct. 27, 1978 notes that the pilot was Capt. Fredrick L. Ashler, who was 28 years old at the time of the disaster.

    In both disasters, the flight crews survived, though some with injuries after parachuting to safety. Both sources listed come from the Arizona Daily Star online site.

    I don’t find any evidence of some “Saudi Arabian guy”– am I missing something here? I’m not from that area of the country and–

    There have been MANY crashes by military aircraft in the Tuscon area it looks to me from the scant research I have done online, so I know this is just a minor mistake on your part.

    Sorry to be such a nitpicker but I hate it when your critics attempt to marginalize you for what I consider to be an understandable mistake considering all of what you have been through.





  15. Moe

    Can Oroville Dam’s badly damaged spillway hold up through the rainy season?


  16. Jim R

    That’s the $500 million question. Or more.

    If the emergency spillway were overtopped tonight, that concrete patch they just applied would wash away in about 20 minutes. It takes concrete a couple weeks to reach full hardness. And it actually keeps getting harder for years after. New concrete like that will not resist erosion.

    And the main spillway continues to eat through the hillside there. They have to keep it running until the dry season arrives.

    So the question is whether that hillside has enough stuff to make it through several more months of this abuse.

  17. emsnews

    The jet business: it was the later episode and yes, it was a Saudi pilot. My memory in this matter is perfect. Because something isn’t in a story doesn’t mean it isn’t real!!! For god’s sake, ‘fake news’ has been around all my long, long life especially when it concerns things directly impacting on ME.

    It is like living in this huge black hole of news, on the other hand, keeping information out means They can’t watch ME! It backfires on them but don’t tell them this…shush, everyone. 🙂

  18. emsnews

    Jim, I don’t think the dam operators will try to keep the reservoir totally full again. They did this several weeks ago, claiming there was no more rain coming which was false or stupid or both.

    So they left the water at a very dangerous level and the governor told everyone to not use water because ‘the drought isn’t over’.

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