NYT Has Hilarious Article About Keeping Europe Under Bilderberg Control: More Fake News!

The NYT has a MAJOR Bilderberg lunacy story where the Real Rulers of poor Europe whine like crazy that RUSSIA is running their idiotic ‘elections’ and getting…right wing parties that want higher security, into power.  What?  Wait!!!  Isn’t that counter to the evil Soviet Union…oh!  Russia is the right wing place that is supporting nationalist movements that want a safer Europe, not open borders like the Bilderberg gang demands.  Ooops.  This NYT article is full of this insanity that is utterly hilarious to read and shows clearly how our Real Rulers are freaking out very much now.


And pay attention, I will highlight all the parts that are about restarting the Cold War and leading to WWIII as our Real Rulers would rather annihilate us all rather than lose power:


In a year when the French, Germans and Dutch will elect leaders, the European authorities are scrambling to counter a rising tide of fake news and anti-European Union propaganda aimed at destabilizing people’s trust in institutions.


HAHAHA.  So, the disastrous decisions of the EU leaders to open borders to millions of alien male invaders isn’t causing their troubles, it is ‘propaganda’ that is causing troubles. Oh, are Europeans reading my news service?  HAHAHA.  Maybe they are reading my favorite news people, Russian news agencies which have better news than EU papers which have all decapitated their staff so it is near nonstop nonsense?


As officials play catch-up in the fight against sophisticated hacking and fake news operations, they fear Europe and its elections remain vulnerable at a critical moment: The region’s decades-old project of unity hangs in the balance, challenged by populist forces within the bloc and pressures from Russia and beyond.


I seriously am going to laugh to death now.  HAHAHA.  So, Russia is causing EU populations to revolt, eh?  They would be happy to be gunned down, blown up, burned out, robbed and raped by millions of angry Muslim men if only the dirty Russian commies didn’t comment about all this!


“If you look at how European media, and even big American media, are covering the issue now, I would say that it is those few people on that team who have been able to raise awareness,” said Jakub Janda, a deputy director with European Values, a think tank based in Prague, who has worked with East Stratcom.


‘East Stratcom’ sounds like a commie operation!  Wait:


East StratCom Team – Wikipedia is…a part of the administration of the European union, focused on proactive communication of EU policies and activities in the Eastern neighbourhood (ArmeniaAzerbaijanBelarusGeorgiaMoldova and Ukraine)[1] and beyond[2] (Russia itself).[1] The Team was created as a conclusion of the European Council meeting on 19 and 20 March 2015, stressing the need to challenge Russia‘s ongoing disinformation campaigns.“[3


That is, it is an EU/Bilderberg propaganda machine that hands out…propaganda lies about Russia and the real world which is why it is a roaring failure.


Many false claims target politicians who present the biggest obstacles to Moscow’s goal of undermining the European Union. Others seek to portray refugees from the Middle East as terrorists or rapists, fomenting populist anger.


I swear to god, the NYT has this insidious plot to make me laugh to death.  So, the dirty commie Russians are the ones who are telling us, Muslim terrorists are blowing up people, gunning them down, running the over, raping them, etc. in Europe, it is all made up!  Wow.  Alternative reality is fun if a person is insane and these people are utterly mad.


In France, the head of the En Marche! party said last week that Russian news channels had targeted the presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron, who belongs to the party and is running on a pro-European Union platform. Richard Ferrand, the party’s secretary-general, said the campaign’s databases and websites had been hit by “hundreds, if not thousands,” of attacks from inside Russia.


I do believe that Russian citizens are attacking EU Bilderberg gang operations because the Bilderberg gang has declared war on Russia.  Putin doesn’t have to lift a finger, teenagers are adept at doing this and Russian kids are often extremely intelligent and they don’t have to spend their energy trying to avoid being raped, robbed or blown up by insane Islamic terrorists.


The team in Brussels is not the only force in Europe fighting the problem. Similar groups are being created from Finland to the Czech Republic to disprove online hoaxes, state agencies are improving online security to counter potential hacking attacks and European news media outlets are expanding fact-checking teams to counter false reports.


Too bad the ‘fact-checking teams’ are lying bastards working for noxious people.


One of the biggest problems policy makers across Europe say they face is a lack of tech specialists. Germany recently passed a cybersecurity law that called for a rapid response team to combat hacking attacks. Officials quietly acknowledged, though, that they would need three teams, if they could only find people to staff them.


HAHAHA.  None of the young people who are tech-savy want to work for these stupid clowns.  Good for them all.  Keep away from these idiots who read ‘1984’ and thought it was an instruction manual.


“There are concerns shared by many governments that fake news could become weaponized,” said Damian Collins, a British politician in charge of a new parliamentary investigation examining the phenomenon. “The spread of this type of material could eventually undermine our democratic institutions.”


Good lord!  The utterly secretive, surrounded by armed troops and tanks when they meet, Bilderberg gang is worried about ‘democracy’????  They hate democracy.  They want the EU government to rule Europe, not nation states


Despite the regionwide push to counter false reports, experts question whether such fact-checking efforts by governments and publishers will have a meaningful effect. Fake reports can easily be shared through social media with few, if any, checks for accuracy.


There seems to be no barriers for ‘mainstream news’ when it comes to spreading utter lies and sharing fake stories and pretending reality is the reverse of reality…these clowns have no idea that lying all the time means people reject even real news.  They should read ‘The boy who cried wolf’ and realize, they are the nasty kid in the story.


“Most people just don’t care about where their news comes from,” said Mark Deuze, a professor at the University of Amsterdam. He added that “nep news,” Dutch for “fake news,” has been growing ahead of the country’s national elections next month. “People are exposed to a ridiculous amount of information online.”


See how insane these clowns are?  Oh, we are all very aware of ‘fake news’.  It is increasingly easy to detect.  When fake news from mainstream Bilderberg forces appears it doesn’t match what we see with our own eyes.  They lie about everything especially stuff like elections.


Officials are also anxious about hackers’ attempts to infiltrate the email accounts of candidates and politicians to steal compromising information.


Again: we laugh derisively.  So, they don’t want anyone hacking their junk lest we learn the truth, eh?


In Germany, where Chancellor Angela Merkel is facing tough competition ahead of elections in September, the country’s domestic intelligence service already has reported a sharp rise in so-called phishing attacks in recent months aimed at political parties and members of the country’s Parliament.


Desperate citizens need to find out what the hell our rulers are doing or planning to do.


They attribute these efforts to the hacking group known as Fancy Bear, or APT 28, which American intelligence agencies linked to the hacking of the Democratic National Committee before the presidential election. Both American and German intelligence officials believe the group is operated by the G.R.U., the Russian military intelligence service.


This is utter fake news with zero proof of anything.  We figured this out months ago yet the mainstream fake news continues to publish these lies with zero proof.


The German government is weighing potential hefty fines for tech giants like Google and Facebook, whose platforms allow false stories to be quickly circulated. The companies insist that they cannot be held responsible because they do not generate the stories.


Merkel is an East German Statsi plant.  She is a real ‘commie’ and really worked with the Soviet Union not Putin’s Russia which is much freer than Germany now.  In Germany, if you write about the immigration disaster or tell people about the real crime rate, you can be put in PRISON.


Hans-Georg Maassen, the head of Germany’s domestic intelligence service, said that although there was no “smoking gun,” Russia was likely to be involved in the increase in online misinformation aimed at destabilizing German politics.


No proof needed to make utterly fake accusations.


“What makes cyberattacks so sexy for foreign powers is that it is nearly impossible to find a smoking gun,” Mr. Maassen said in an interview with Phoenix TV Feb. 12. “It is always possible to cover your tracks and operate undercover.”


American tech giants also have stepped in after they were accused of not doing enough to counter false reports on their platforms, accusations that Facebook, Google and other companies deny. They are now funding initiatives in the United States, France and elsewhere to flag fake news online and remove posts if they are found to violate companies’ terms of use or local laws.


Kill free speech, silence the citizens!  Note how Facebook and Google ‘do no evil’ are aping East German suppression of free speech.  To hell with them all.  I hate Facebook and in the last two years, Google has become rapidly unusable.


“This isn’t just about debunking falsehoods,” said Jenni Sargent, the managing director of First Draft News, a nonprofit that is partly funded by Google and expanding rapidly in France ahead of the country’s elections, as well as across Europe and beyond. “What we’re trying to do is to deal with the content as opposed to the source.”


A clue for the Bilderberg jerks: more propaganda won’t stop us.


Such efforts across Europe have gained momentum since the United States’ presidential election.


Soon after Donald J. Trump’s victory in November, David Alandete gathered his team in the El País newsroom in downtown Madrid with one goal in mind: to respond to fake news.


Like many journalists, Mr. Alandete, the Spanish newspaper’s managing editor and a former United States correspondent, had seen waves of false reports during the presidential campaign, many directed at Mexico — a country that accounts for roughly half of El País’ online readership.


“Trump winning was a major turning point for us,” Mr. Alandete said. “Many of our readers were asking whether they could even travel to the States.”


I hope people who fall for this ridiculous fake news by the super powerful and super rich and super connected, don’t come to the US.  Please stay away, stay home and perhaps some screaming terrorist will come to you all and kill all of you.


Until then, stay home and bring in more illegal alien terrorists.  I assure you, your Real Rulers, your bosses will love you for this since they will save on pension costs later when you all are dead and gone.




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15 responses to “NYT Has Hilarious Article About Keeping Europe Under Bilderberg Control: More Fake News!

  1. Claudeeyah

    I assure you, your Real Rulers, your bosses will love you for this since they will save on pension costs later when you all are dead and gone.


    True for them and true for us as well. Kill off the surplus population and let the remaining few starve to death on a devalued currency; Social Security wage. Lovely plan if they can make it work. Meanwhile, the public is entranced with who is wearing what gown at the oscars.. God forbid the average wage earner get off his fanny and demand change.

  2. Pete

    Wasn’t it just a year or so ago they caught the NSA
    hacking into Merkel’s phone?

  3. tio

    The Al-Nusra Front just won an Oscar, replete with trembling dewy eyed actresses. A more perfect allegory of where we are I cannot imagine. Oh wait, what about a career in IT?


    *sigh* I am now going into the garden to eat worms.

  4. Moe

    Mark Dice on the (barf…) Oscars, quote: “…pure liberal propaganda.”

    @tio #3: is this what you’re referring to?

    Query: who watches this crap? Who could be so uninformed that they would tune into this? I must be trapped in some kind of time warp or something, since I find it difficult to believe anyone could be that insipid and stupid. Kill me now: please.

  5. tio

    I don’t think it was that one. I was watching RT this morning when I saw this particular news item, they (RT) have done in depth coverage of this bunch of jihadi asshats for years. I imagine their news desk was spitting feathers ..

    Film about Syrian White Helmets wins Oscar amid allegations of terrorist ties
    “A documentary film praising Syria’s White Helmets, a rescue group hailed as heroes and saviors by the MSM, amid allegations of having ties with terrorist organizations, has won the Oscar for best documentary short feature.”

    Just type “white helmets Al Nusra” into your favourite search engine video finder. As Oscars are bought not won, it isn’t really that surprising now is it?

    *deep sigh*

  6. tio

    “I must be trapped in some kind of time warp or something”, personally I get the impression that this is more akin to an episode of the twilight zone, but hey .. it’s just a jump to the left *ahem*

  7. Jim R

    It’s OK @tio, the Oscar can go in the trophy case in the lowest sub-basement at CIA headquarters, along with all their peace prizes and whatnot…

  8. tio

    Thanks Jim, you must mean the “ends justify the means” special cabinet, you know, the one with 4x1000lb flying buttresses to stop it collapsing under the weight of its own B.S. 😀

  9. emsnews

    It is the CRYPT. Thank you. Yes, they have secret memorial stuff in the CIA and NSA and ONI. I used to joke with my ONI/CIA dad about ONI is ‘demon’ in Japanese.

  10. Lou

    WaPo hires major pervert—-

  11. emsnews

    HAHAHA…can we order pizzas from the WP? 🙂

  12. Lou

    Buzz is Amazon was attacked, due to Bezos and his WaPo.

  13. Lou

    This is from Voat.co—– Tony Podesta sent this email to john Podesta 2014-01-31 :

    “Title : Last night was fun.
    Still in torture chamber Another question. Do you two wanna have feb 14 valentines day dinner”


    “Torture chamber” is an egyptian ritual

    Here is some pages of a book about this, recommended by FBI Ted Gunderson


    The following passages from The Egyptian Book of The Dead are graphic and repulsive and are presented solely for the purpose of expose. “[1] DRINKING BLOOD (15) “Hail, devourer of Blood, who camest forth from the block of slaughter, I have not acted guilefully”.135

    “[2] CANNABALISM- EATING INTESTINES Hail, Eater of intestines, coming forth from Mabet, not have I desolated ploughed lands.”136

    “[3] TORTURE CHAMBER (21) “Hail, thou two headed serpent, who comest forth from the torture chamber, I have not defiled the wife of any man.”137

    “[4] THE CRUSHER OF BONES (9) Hail, Crusher of Bones, who

  14. Lou

    The Podestas may have a grade school–The Podesta School. And Brian Podesta works for NCMEC. Top government clearance.

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