Oroville Dam Operators Will Again Stop Overflow Entirely


Due to popular demand, more Oroville Dam news: DWR to Halt Flows Down Wrecked Spillway Yes, this is news from the last few hours.  We can clearly see from the photo below which was taken yesterday afternoon, that the water level is no longer at flood stage, we can see the brown perimeter of the lake now.  They have to fix the main dam which is what runs the electricity systems and remove tons of flood debris.  Also in the news: France is burning down and the Bilderberg gang is allowing this.



Update, 4:25 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 26: Having drawn down the level of Lake Oroville 60 feet in the two weeks since a spillway emergency that triggered mass evacuations, and with the prospect of mostly dry weather for at least the next week, state water officials announced Sunday they will halt flows down Oroville Dam’s badly damaged main spillway to speed up recovery work there.


The California Department of Water Resources said it would reduce reservoir releases from 50,000 cubic feet per second to zero during the day Monday.


DWR says stopping the flow of water down the main spillway will allow workers to “aggressively attack” a mountain of rubble that now lies submerged in the Feather River channel immediately below the broken concrete chute.


The blockage in the channel, formally called the Thermalito Diversion Pool, has caused water to back up to the hydroelectric power plant at the base of the 770-foot-high dam. That high water, in turn, has forced officials to suspect operations at the plant.


Now I expect a series of hearings on what created this disaster.  It wasn’t just the weather, it was poor weather forecasting, wishful thinking, delusional beliefs about the future weather, a misunderstanding of history, rank incompetence from the top levels where faith in global warming is the strongest…a pure scandal.


With flow rates into the lake peaking at about 190,000 cfs, releases down the damaged spillway were limited to a maximum of 55,000 cfs. The result: The lake rose nearly 50 feet in just four days and, for the first time since Oroville Dam went into service in 1968, flowed over an emergency weir on Feb. 11.


For four days, the dam was on the verge of disintegration.  It barely made it.  It is still quite fragile.


The water cascading over the ungated 1,730-foot-long weir rapidly eroded the adjacent slope. Less than 36 hours after the flow began over the weir, officials became concerned that the erosion was undermining the massive weir structure — a collapse of which could unleash a devastating surge of water. That concern led to the mass evacuation of Oroville, the town of 16,000 just downstream of the dam, and about 180,000 people along the Feather River in Butte, Sutter and Yuba counties.


At least they didn’t wait till the last minute…wait! They did! There was total chaos.  It took hours for people stuck in traffic jams, to escape.  They were all very fortunate the dam didn’t collapse quickly.


The systems protecting the citizens nearly fatally failed.  The death toll of people stuck on the roads, if the dam collapsed, would have been in the thousands.  Heads should roll over how this entire business was conducted.


The emergency prompted federal dam safety authorities to order the Department of Water Resources to immediately form a panel of experts to investigate the cause of the main spillway failure and the performance of the emergency spillway. The federal order directs DWR to report to the panel throughout the process of designing and building a replacement for the main spillway and enhancements for the emergency spillway.


I don’t think anyone at the top wants any real investigation:  Continued erosion of Oroville Dam’s main spillway part of ‘normal process,’ state officials say. HAHAHA.


Oroville Dam’s badly damaged main spillway is still deteriorating from an onslaught of fast-paced water, but state officials insist that it is “stable” as they make repairs.


State officials expected the concrete main spillway to erode last week when they opened its gates, betting that it was a safer option than the dam’s little-used emergency spillway.


Since then, the crater-like hole in the main spillway that triggered concerns about the dam’s condition has expanded. As seen from the top of the dam, the spillway’s left side now bleeds into earth, with water pouring off the concrete and around an outcropping of bedrock.


Head of California GOP says Jerry Brown raised taxes and then ran a budget deficit.


Interestingly, Jim Brulte who is the head of the GOP, said last January, he wasn’t going to run for governor.


But just a few days ago, Democrats in dying California flooded GOP home district meetings like everywhere else to whine about Trump. And these ditzy females all demanded Trump go to war with nuclear armed Russia, too!!! They are insane as well as clueless but then, these creatures read mainstream fake news, I am assuming.


Reading the entire above article is interesting because it is all about how Democrats are assailing the GOP for not fixing Obama’s messes in ONE MONTH.  This is beyond infantile.  It is stupid.


Yes, it also intimidates.  But I expect this mainly works only in DNC corners of the nation which are shrinking, not growing.  When one considers the flood of fake news from mainstream media, this isn’t going all too well.  It is near wall to wall stories about citizens hating Trump right now.


I am just horrified at the childish level here.  Expecting him to totally turn around things in one month is lunacy.  And people he selects for positions are quitting due to Congress being so hostile, the Bilderberg gang knows how to play insider games, this is how they gain and hold power.


The only tool Trump has is popular opinion and this is what our Real Rulers are most anxious to destroy.  The bad news for California is, their troubles have just begun, it is not going to get better, all hell is right around the corner in the form of one of the biggest San Andreas events in the last 500 years.


The Democrats seem bent on bankrupting the state so watching them deal with state problems like floods, dams and earthquakes as well as looming riots as illegal aliens will resort to burning down cities like blacks do with clock like regularity…all this is going to be made ten times worse by DNC programs of utterly open borders, free trade, rising debt, no thought for tomorrow strategies.


From Russian news which is saner than US media giant lying machines:


One of the best foreign news sources: RT news. US elites list this as ‘fake news’ of course.

Masked rioters like the ones in California, attack Nantes, France:  They are demanding Le Pen cease running for office…they do this via terrorism and riots.  See how the left works now?


PressTV-Anti-reform rally turns violent in Nantes

Anti-Le Pen protests escalate in Nantes – YouTube

The left has stupidly become the cat’s paw of the Bilderberg gang.  The Bilderberg guys absolutely hate the far left but find it very useful to unleash these animals on society and then have everyone run to the Bilderberg gangsters to save them


THIS IS FAILING NOW.  Enough people are pissed off, they are going to non-Bilderberg people to be saved from this mess.  The media attempts at hiding who is pulling the strings is failing, too, thanks to the internet which is why the rich and powerful now want to control the internet to stop people from hearing real news.

Marine LE PEN Grand Meeting au Zénith de Nantes (26/02/17) COMPLET – YouTube

She is talking in French and I know German really well, and some Russian but only a smidgen of French.  Anyone who can translate, I would like that very much.




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12 responses to “Oroville Dam Operators Will Again Stop Overflow Entirely

  1. Moe

    Le Pen: report

  2. Jim R

    I wonder how much gold is in all that rubbish in the river? After all, this place was the location of a lot of placer mining back in the mid-19th century.

    Probably not enough to make it worth sifting the gravel, but still, …

  3. Jim R

    And as for the ‘normal process’, of course the normal process is for there to be no dam across the stream. That was the normal process. Ain’t nature wonderful?

  4. Christian W

    Enough people are pissed off, they are going to non-Bilderberg people to be saved from this mess.

    Funnily enough the looney right is all that remains of the old systems that hasn’t been directly destroyed by the “Bilderbergs”. Like in the US there is no “left” left.

    In the UK only Jeremy Corbyn represents a left not directly run by the UK establishment. All the rest of the political spectrum, including Nigel Farage’s UIKP, is in service of the Bilderberg establishment.

    LePen will win easily. Her main opponents are a corrupt establishment candidate who gave his wife 500k € (ie another Clinton type self serving criminal) and a “socialist” investment banker (Ha!) from the same old establishment that already failed with Hollande and Sarkozy.

  5. Jim R

    This tweet has some fresh pictures with the water off. It’s pretty much like we’ve been saying. Spillway gone, along with a sizable chunk of that hillside.

  6. Jim R

    More pictures. Some trucks on the road for scale, and you can see how the river is full of rocks and gravel and pulverized concrete from the spillway.

  7. emsnews

    It is a mini-grand canyon.

  8. Jim R

    Well that’s about it for this news event. No more dramatic pictures and videos, no cascading water flows, they dodged a bullet. Even if one of the upstream dams gives way, the reservoir can probably contain it.

    Now the excavator barges are toiling away trying to scoop out all the material washed out of that mini-grand canyon before they have to turn the spillway back on. I suppose they’re just going to let it pour into the canyon when they do, there isn’t much choice.

    Eventually they’ll put the hydroelectric plant back online, but that won’t produce any dramatic pictures either. Turbines will turn and water will invisibly flow through the tailraces while power is invisibly sent out over the grid. Everything will be more or less back to working as planned with the addition of a new canyon in the hill abutting the dam.

  9. emsnews

    Yes, there is gold in them thar granite rock.

  10. Moe

    Video shows spillway destruction

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