Suicidal Democrats Plan to Bring Illegal Aliens and Muslims to Trump State of Union Speech

Suicidal Democrats are planning to disrupt Trump’s State of the Union talk with Congress by inviting illegal aliens and Muslims to be there to boo and hiss and I assume, wave Mexican flags and yell ‘Allah akbar’ etc.  This stupid gesture, if it happens, will eclipse the stupid Oscars that got all screwed up when they handed best picture to some black PC performers.  That is, it will backfire badly. So go ahead, just do it, Democrats!  Reap the whirlwind.



Why don’t they just put on black suits and masks and riot like at Berkeley?  Evidently, they think this is a fantastic idea.  House Democrats plan to troll Trump at big speech – POLITICO reports:


“It’s my hope that gallery is going to look like America,” said Rep. Jim Langevin (D-R.I.), who is leading an effort to have his colleagues bring diverse guests Tuesday and will be joined by Rhode Island Dr. Ehsun Mirza, a Muslim-American born in Pakistan. “It’s another reminder to the president that he’s not the arbiter of patriotism.”


The effort is designed to put a human face on Trump’s immigration and refugee policies — and perhaps steal a bit of the spotlight from the president’s big speech. Though it’s unlikely to resonate much beyond Tuesday night, members said doing something is better than nothing.


How brainless. If the DNC were honest, at least half of their visitors would be white people from the suburbs. But according to the DNC, those people are ‘deplorables’ and are to be hated and persecuted. So bring on the Black Lives Matter crowd and have fun, do the entire thing, be as nasty as can be…riot, even.


Rep. Chellie Pingree (D-Maine) will be accompanied by Banah Alhanfy, a young Iraqi woman who was temporarily separated from her family, including her Iraqi-interpreter father, because of the executive order.


Langevin expects 10 to 15 of his colleagues and their guests to participate in a press conference railing against Trump’s policies Tuesday.


Whine, whine, whine. I should have whined like this back in 1967. But I didn’t. And no media would have covered it, either. The reason we have Iraqi interpreters is because of Bush’s illegal invasion that is destroying our homeland via shipping here various terrorists and sending citizens to Iraq to die for nothing useful.


Other lawmakers have invited Muslim guests who have been victims of hate crimes.


What about the THOUSANDS of victims of Muslim hate crimes against citizens?  Eh?  Has the DNC already forgotten all of these?  They have happened year after year after year.


The Daily 202: Democrats predict anti-Trump ‘tsunami’ in 2018 …the Washington Post is always very funny and extremely delusional.  They hope that campaigning nonstop against Trump and spreading lies or screaming, ‘You haven’t fixed everything Obama messed up in six WEEKS!!!’ will result wining the next between elections for Congress that traditionally has smaller turnout than Presidential elections.


The Immigrant Proletariat, the Muslim Ban, and the Capitalist Class | Dissident Voice is a leftist online news that sides always with illegal aliens and strike breakers which never ceases to amaze me, the hostility towards citizens who work.  I say, the huge gaping door letting the far right to power is exactly in this area: the working class citizens being replaced by foreign labor.


Numerous companies and CEOs have put out critical statements about Trump’s (immigration) order. This included the top executives of Microsoft, Apple, Netflix, Airbnb, Box, GE, Lyft, Uber (later on), Koch Industries, TripAdvisor, SpaceX/Tesla Motors, JPMorganCase, and Goldman Sachs, most of whom pledged to help their own employees directly affected.1 Others that spoke out on the ban included the head of the Internet Association, an industry trade group for the Internet industry, with some investors, like Chris Sacca, sending thousands of dollars to the ACLU, just like Lyft, Tim Cook of Apple declaring that “Apple would not exist without immigration, let alone thrive and innovate the way we do” and Twitter mirroring this by saying “Twitter is built by immigrants of all religions. We stand for and with them, always.”2


Most of these are in California which has seen wholesale removal of citizens from these exact same corporations and replaced mainly with Chinese and Indians.  Since the polls will be greatly patrolled next election with only hard core treason states like California refusing to check citizenship, illegal aliens will hang onto their various spots which are easy to see since these places vote only for Democrats, the US election map has changed as aliens poured into the country, the Democrats are nearly totally only in various cities.  And outside these cities it is totally Republican.


This is why the election map is 80% ‘red’ now which didn’t happen before Bush Sr. was President.



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8 responses to “Suicidal Democrats Plan to Bring Illegal Aliens and Muslims to Trump State of Union Speech

  1. CK

    ICE will be at the doors.

  2. Mewswithaview

    Looks like someone has John “bomb everything” McCain in their sights.

    McCain cuts off questions about Saudi donation

  3. Christian W

    @ # 2

    From Wikileaks:

    WikiLeaks‏Verified account @wikileaks 8h8 hours ago

    Close Hillary Clinton friend Lynn Forester de Rothschild (Economist publisher) is a trustee of the Saudi funded John McCain Institute.

  4. Christian W

    Also from Wikileaks:

    Trump has announced he will ask Congress for a $54b increase in the US military budget–almost equal to the entire Russian military budget.

    Sieg Heil.

  5. floridasandy

    Christian, I see nothing wrong with defense. It creates higher paying jobs and helps protect the citizens.

    it’s offense that scares me.

    and isn’t protecting citizens really the ONLY job of the government????

    mews, I am so glad they are starting to put some heat on Mccain. He has used up all the goodwill that anybody has ever had for him.

  6. emsnews

    McCain is corrupt. But then, most of Congress is corrupt ever since Ronald Reagan ran off to Japan to collect a giant bribe for opening our borders to one way ‘trade’.

    The defense budget better be used to station troops on our borders which are still utterly wide open.

  7. CK

    In re John McCain
    Corrupt is too nice a word for this one.
    In him is the true definition of politics. Poli ( many) tics ( bloodsucking insects)

  8. CK

    The imans and the illegals were not in evidence last night; but the dear sweet congresswomen of the Democratic party dress in ” sufferjet” white to show their solidarity with something or another. Virginal they looked, untouched by reality.

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