We Need To Spend More On Military To Guard Our Own Borders

Trump says, ‘It is a MILITARY operation to secure our borders.’


About that wall… Trucks are caught on camera brazenly driving through a hole in a 10ft high fence on the Mexican border created by smugglers using blowtorches because the fence isn’t being guarded AT ALL. This happened lAST NOVEMBER when Obama was President and refusing to protect America.


Shocking footage has been uncovered showing trucks pouring through the US-Mexican border after blowtorches were used to bust a hole in the 10-foot-high fence.


Blowtorches were used to create a makeshift gate to allow the trucks to easily cross the border illegally in seconds.


This is because the border is NOT patrolled at all, realistically.  The Obama administration inherited the existing wall which was built under Bush Jr.  He then proceeded to ignore patrolling it except with a tiny skeleton crew.


In the two minute surveillance footage clip, which was filmed in November 2016, three trucks are seen crossing the border from Mexico into Douglas, Arizona.


Border agents said it is a daily battle patrolling the country lines, but as Donald Trump takes the first steps to build his wall they expect the president to drain the swamp and say: ‘ours should be the first one drained’.


All countries must patrol borders.  This is due to invasions. All of Europe and the US are being invaded by illegal aliens who want to destroy the countries they are invading.  Mexicans who came to the US illegally, for example, assailed Trump supporters in California, beating them up and screaming that California is now Mexico.


The mainstream media treated all this by refusing to cover the news properly and Hillary laughed about this while the entire DNC leadership snarled that Trump voters better watch out or else.


These traitors were joined by Obama who left the border unprotected.  Trump talked about extending the present fence but he also said he plans to patrol the borders much, much more vigilantly and I hope he isn’t stupid and runs off to protect, say, Europe from its own follies rather than protect us from DNC follies.


The above video is from 2014 where the news people mock the existing fence and talk about how mean it is that we try to have a fence at all.  It is typical of mainstream media stories, a tradition that continues today which is why the DNC plans to disrupt Trump’s State of the Union by bringing in illegal aliens who, I hope, will wave Mexican flags, too.


Remember the Alamo!


The US already has a border wall and it’s basically useless back in 2016 when Obama was guarding it.  Since most of our media refuses to tell the truth, it is interesting that Vice News which is not major US media but which strives to tell the truth even though they are very liberal, they ran a story about the border mess that is fair but of course, they want open borders:


As Trump noted during the final presidential debate, Hillary Clinton has also supported creating a physical barrier between the U.S. and Mexico: She was one of 25 Democratic senators to vote for the Secure Fence Act of 2006. Clinton has promised in this campaign to implement comprehensive immigration reform, and she has also said the U.S. needs “to have secure borders, and what that will take is a combination of technology and a physical barrier.”


The problem with Clinton is, what she says to voters and what she actually does, doesn’t match.  She didn’t run this last year, saying that she was one of the very few DNC clowns to vote for a fence in the first place.  Nor did she condemn illegal aliens attacking US voters or voting illegally.


Indeed, she rejoiced in the illegal voting because the ONLY places she won were ‘sanctuary cities.’  All other places that didn’t allow illegal aliens to vote, went for Trump.


But people who actually live along the border in the Rio Grande Valley are extremely skeptical. Border Patrol agents like Cabrera, local police, elected officials, and people who live with the existing wall in their backyards say it has been an epic boondoggle. Seemingly everyone in the area agrees that any plan to build a new wall or expand the existing fence is a bad idea.


Note: the people being interviewed are uniformly Hispanic.  I know that ranchers in Arizona hate the border crossers but will rescue them if they are stranded.


“It’s a waste of money, period,” said Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio, whose jurisdiction sits opposite Matamoros, one of the most dangerous corners of Mexico. “It’s not going to work. I don’t care what [Trump] is saying.”


Note that this guy has no solution.  This is typical of Democrats.


The Rio Grande Valley is one of the busiest smuggling hubs on the Mexican border. Border Patrol agents in the area seized 516,664 pounds of marijuana in 2015, second only to the agency’s Tucson sector, and 1,809 pounds of cocaine, the most of any sector in the continental U.S. Altogether last year, the Border Patrol seized more than 1.5 million pounds of weed, 11,220 pounds of cocaine, 8,282 ounces of heroin, and 6,443 pounds of meth. Still, those totals are likely just a fraction of the illicit drugs entering the U.S.


I had to deal with a lot of violent crime in Tucson, Arizona, back in the 1970’s.  We finally had to become very violent, that is, pulling guns on criminals, etc. and putting up ‘wanted’ posters so others could nail the criminals down and it was incredibly violent and was ended only by having Tucson wipe out our entire neighborhood (and the military crashing a jet into it).


Construction of the wall here, long a dream project of Republicans and border hawks, was initiated by President George W. Bush initiated in 2006 when he signed the Secure Fence Act. The resulting fence, which cost more than $15 million per mile in some places and $6 billion total, now spans approximately 650 miles of the U.S.-Mexico boundary. Bush said the fence would “help protect the American people” and “make our borders more secure,” but even combined with cameras, drones, sensors, and other surveillance technology, the wall isn’t working.


We have tons of videos of criminals crossing the borders illegally.   The one I linked to was put out yesterday!  But it came from several months ago.  Only now that Trump runs some parts of the government…he has a long, long ways to go to get controls…we are now seeing exactly what is going on.


Brazenly, Mexican criminals were making doors in the fence!  And drove through in broad daylight.


Tamez’s family used to farm the land that is now on the other side of the wall, and she has fond memories of picnics down by the riverbank. In order to access most of her property now, she has to drive a half-mile down the road to pass through a motorized gate, which can be opened with a key code.


Tamez noted that many farms in the area now have similar gates, and she pointed out that the code can be easily passed around among workers, who could share it with drug smugglers or coyotes. “Just imagine,” she said. “One compadre gives it to the next one and the next one, and before you know it, so many people have it. What’s secure about that? It’s just a waste of money. It’s laughable.”


This is why we can’t trust people on this side of the border to cooperate.  They don’t want to cooperate and will let in criminals.  Hello!  It wasn’t just that, I would suggest they are paid to let in criminals.  It seems quite obvious to me.


‘What Do You Think Is the Most Important Problem Facing This Country Today?’ – The New York Times has these color coded charts showing areas of interest for each incoming President:


Since the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Gallup polling organization has asked Americans an open-ended question: “What do you think is the most important problem facing this country today?”


As Donald J. Trump prepares for his first major address to the nation on Tuesday, he has a unique set of issues to tackle. But there is not one singular issue that is dominating the American consciousness.


According to my memory of things, there are these alternating primary interests that leads to a new person entering the White House: Crime, war or employment.  And many times, we are betrayed by winners who don’t do what we want.

screen-shot-2017-02-28-at-8-25-10-am screen-shot-2017-02-28-at-8-25-21-am screen-shot-2017-02-28-at-8-25-31-am

With both Bush Jr. and Obama, one of the big issues was not ‘immigration’ but today it certainly is.  Hillary was a hawk when it came to voting to strengthen the borders but when running for office, she totally switched position and talked all the time about starting WWIII with Russia instead.


The hawks are trying desperately to have Trump start WWIII with Russia.  They are pushing and pushing and the US media that lies about everything is openly pushing to have war with Russia and not protect our borders.


Already, Trump is pushing Mexico very hard over the issue of our border, the illegal Mexican aliens here and other vital issues while the DNC and media giants scream their heads off alternately saying, ‘You can’t do it, it is impossible’ and ‘how dare you try at all, you are evil.’


Europe has piggy back ridden the US on security demanding we pay the vast majority of the guarding of Europe and they have the money and resources to protect themselves.  They even have nuclear bombs!  So why are they whining that we must do this for them?


Of course, it comes down to money: it is cheaper for them to do nothing and force us to do all the heavy lifting.  Well, Europe has to wake up and start acting like adults and not spoiled brats!  Both political parties pushed us into foreign wars which did us zero good.


It is time to defend our own borders.





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10 responses to “We Need To Spend More On Military To Guard Our Own Borders

  1. Flor

    Zion-Satanists worship soulless gods on earth: gold oil drugs demons devils diamonds, dollars to purchase earthly corrupt pleasures and foremost impunity’
    Under Free Trade Nafta, Merica Initiative Mexico was turned into a little Colombia by the same losers useless liars who came back in 1492 who have been raping stealing yanking and trashing the most advanced civilizations on earth’ These brutal plunderers- Satanists have sunken Indigenous Americans into outright illiteracy, poverty, stupidity, imbecility to exploit, rape, using fake religions, false theories fake political parties’

    Inventing Darwin Theories as the Out of Africa, human beings are from apes and that is a blatant lie due to jealousy’ Zion-Satanists are the most inferior beings owners of the most inferior lowest feelings The live and exist full of deep hatred against humanity and have done their best to corrupt humanity using fake religiones, false sects, false political parties’

    Capitalism has suffered several mutations to Neoliberalism and Imperialism

    Nafta has absolutely devasted Agriculture in Mexico, working class in the US and Mexico has been absolutely destroyed raped plundered by the same Zion-Satanists plunderers who arrived back in 1492 to rape and plunder the most advanced civilizations on earth and not one single word of ever mentioned how much Mexicas has been destroyed raped plundered pissed on ancestors’


    Zion.Satanists are reptilians with a reptilian brain


    Donald Trump is another illuminazi puppet who wants to keep plundering the masses{ he is not your ally’


  2. Flor

    Zion-Satanists-Reptilians are expert geneticists scientists’ they have manipulated the human brain to make humanity to their image, brutal , sozioáths, aggressive, liars , just like themselves, Reptilians are territorial, hierarchical, dominants just like reptiles’


    Humanity we r image of God’

    However Zion-Satanists manipulated humanity imposing their seed, reptilian seed on humanity’ to exploit humanity using fake religions, fear, etc.


  3. Flor


    Before the arrival of invators to America , there was order not chaos’

    All this chaos was due to invation and destruction of Mother Civilizations that made possible soulless fascist capitalist in Zion-America'{


  4. emsnews

    Mount Etna’s eruptions are very similar to those in Hawaii: lots of lava, virtually no heavy smoke/violent explosions. The ‘dirty’ volcanoes are the dangerous ones. All the volcanoes on the West Coast are ‘dirty’, same with Japan.

    Iceland’s volcanoes are mostly like Mt. Etna/Hawaii.

  5. Melponeme_k

    I think the fear about Etna is that it is connected to the super volcano chain.
    Camp Flegrei is now on alert since December but the news is already downplaying a big eruption event.



  6. Petruchio

    “This is because the border is NOT patrolled at all, realistically.” Isn’t that interesting? The oligarchs who run the US Government will not, under any circumstances guard the USA’s real, ACTUAL border!! However, these VERY SAME oligarchs have no problems at all bombing the sh#t out of any and every other country in the World. If a country has oil or if it might provoke a War with Russia–or if ISRAEL orders the US War Machine to attack a country, it is Bomb’s Away!”. Obviously, the people and entities that run the US do not want to protect US citizens. It isn’t what these oligarchs do. And it isn’t because the US War Machine opposes violence; they obviously don’t mind killing people by the 100’s of thousands.

  7. Floridasandy

    Trump will build the fence and will patrol the borders.

    Good fences make good neighbors

  8. Petruchio

    I don’t have much respect for Rick Perry, the Texas Governor, but he had this one right. Perry said this: “If there were thousands and thousands of journalists and bankers crossing the US-Mexico border into the US each day, The Wall would be built and guarded within 3 months.” Perry’s right; if the Real Rulers wanted The Wall along the US-Mexico border built, a Platinum caliber Wall would be built.

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