Fake Mainstream News Goes Insane Thanks To Trump’s Triumph Speech



I  have been indulging in photoshoots of front pages of the Fake News machines because it is unbelievable how they twist and turn and lie to produce ‘news’.  Trump’s perfect, amazing State of the Union speech flumfloxed the fake news machines no end.  They had to frantically scratch and piss until they could find even one point to dispute.  Mainly, they lied about Obama and hissed at Trump.


The above front page is the dying New York Times.  They just had to have the ‘anti-semetic vandalism’ story right there at the top.  We have zero idea who did this, vandals do this to all sorts of cemeteries and because Trump said we have no idea who did it, the NYT jumps on that.


Perchance, it was angry Muslims.  There is a 50% chance it was a Jewish person wanting to manufacture ‘anti-semitism’ so it would be blamed on Trump.  Who knows?


The NYT last night even had the temerity to claim ‘GOP Laments lack of engagement from President’ even as, of that hour, they were jumping out of their seats to cheer Trump very, very loudly.


Here is this morning’s NYT site:


Now the ‘Jews are being persecuted and it is all Trump’s fault’ is missing.  Good.  Then there is four reporters talking to ‘people’ which means their friends.  None of them were very impressed.


‘Trump seesaws on status of illegal aliens’…I had to correct the stupid NYT for using code words to describe people coming here to loot the US and steal jobs and live off of welfare and commit crimes.


They whine about him ‘offering miracles’ when their genius Obama created race riots, blacks mobbing everything in sight and then fighting with each other and anyone else, failing in school and needed a huge crutch to get jobs at the top due to imposition of race quotas.  It was a roaring failure and the black community is worse off after 8 Obama years.


Now off to the other fake news rag: the Washington Post.  Here is last night’s screen shot showing confusion of the reporters as they are obviously unable to find much in the way of flaws so they latched desperately on trivia.


The front page mentions a distant cousin of mine, Christopher Steele and his troubles from a desperate attempt at framing Trump with false information.


Here is today’s front page:


I love the article: Winners and losers…’and people rooting for his imminent demise may be disappointed’ the poor darling screamers.  But then another ‘reporter’ (sic) hisses ‘Maiden address filled with NUMEROUS inaccuracies’.  HAHAHA.  Pray tell, did these clowns hear politicians at any time in their miserable lives?


They whined that we had to watch the DNC clown car show to see how Trump will fare in Congress.  If the Democrats want to die as a party, all they have to do is refuse to negotiate and be as obnoxious as possible.  Anyone sitting on the fence who watched Trump’s speech has been won over.


The WP claims that Trump is ‘juggling’ things.  Well, DUH.  They are so used to Obama simply sitting on his duff, they aren’t used to people doing one thing one day and then another thing and then yet another.  The mainstream hysterics who call themselves ‘news’ have been shouting this week that Trump hasn’t done ALL the things he promised in just one month while the DNC and GOP dinosaurs attacked him daily with the fake news machines running attacks like this is the Battle of the Bulge.


They have no idea how infantile they sound.  I want to send them to their ‘naughty step’ to think about how adults must behave.  Here is the ‘Israel must have giant walls and strong military to keep out the real people, those dirty, nasty Muslim Palestinians and the Christian Palestinians, too’ NYT whining about everything, namely, why should the US have any border controls:



How dare the NYT whine about money?  They applauded Obama as he outspent every previous President combined. Then the Jewish dude, Bruni, whine about Trump fixing our messed up military.  ‘…a rebuilt military is about VANITY, not safety.’  Well, go home to your wretched police state of Israel, you creep.  Go.


Escobar writes about how she and her ilk want ‘open borders’.  And Douthat worries that ‘populism’ meaning ‘French citizens’ might win the coming election because people there are finally scared enough to want a much saner leader than the inept Bilderberg crew running Paris into destruction.


The entire Bilderberg gang went nuts when Trump won and screamed, ‘We don’t want him to come to Europe’ and I am betting, once all the conservatives win elections, Trump will be wildly popular with huge crowds cheering him instead of crouching at home, hoping the rioters and terrorists will not smash down the doors and literally kill them.


As in Britain and the US, they won’t tell pollsters what they all plan to vote.  So the ‘polls’ are meaningless.  We have to wait for real voting to see what real citizens want.


The above screen shot is from ‘Do as much harm as possible’ Google News.  They have been very stupid for a year now and I used to use this site but now only come to laugh or tear it apart.  The choices of  ‘top stories’ is extremely biased and often, fake news.


The Jews who are a huge force at Google News, are now whining that he ‘sticks with radical Islamic terrorism’ rather than use some liberal euphemism like, ‘religious freedom fighters’….I joke.  They change the names of obvious things all the time to hide these things and confuse citizens.


I love the ‘Jewish groups’ who I assume are liberals, attacked Trump for saying it is possible the bomb threats were planned to have an effect but were not serious at all.  It was either a prank or even…heaven forbid!  A Jewish person doing this.  We have no idea right now.


This whining and dying is hilarious to watch.  I think Trump struggles to not die laughing at them.  I know I find it immensely funny now because it is so nakedly stupid.  The British Daily Mail was attacking Trump nonstop, too, while nearly all the comments there were attacking the Daily Mail staff for being nasty or stupid or partisan.  Suddenly, last night, the owners decided to change direction:


HAHAHA.  This was a triumphal front page for Trump and for Brexit voters in England.  screen-shot-2017-02-28-at-10-20-47-pm

The nasty females at the NYT and WP hissed and clawed at Melania since day one.  They hate her clothes because these are restrained and tasteful, not the ugly rags the elites wear to show off their cosmetic surgeries.  Trump had a gallery of people who were victims of Obama’s policies against cops and against patrolling our borders.


Trump looked up to his wife and the women sitting with her and in a gentle but firm voice, addressed a number of these grieving ladies directly and some of them cried as he told Congress their sad stories and why they were sitting there.


I didn’t transcribe what he said because I was too moved to type at that point.  But this is when he really ‘won’.  He wiped the sneers off of all the DNC clowns.  They even stood up and applauded Trump for fear, if they sat, the real news people would take notice and attack them.


But at the end of his amazing speech, the DNC ran for the doors like scared rabbits and began howling at the New Moon in the sky, how horrible he was and how they will fight him forever and never cooperate with anyone and that was the stupidest thing they could possibly do.  Very stupid.  They have painted themselves into a very dark corner and can’t see how this amputates their power.


And here is La La Land LA Times Mc Manus whining while admitting Trump did great: Promise the world, leave out the details…he has to share his hatred and fury that Trump didn’t fix everything in one month:


 “A new chapter of American greatness is now beginning,” he said. “Dying industries will come roaring back to life…. Our neglected inner cities will see a rebirth of hope, safety, and opportunity. Above all else, we will keep our promises to the American people.”


But the president’s bravado masked a less upbeat reality: His agenda’s already in trouble — for the simple reason that it’s inconsistent and unrealistic.


HAHAHA.  So why didn’t the Democrats and their illegal alien buddies fix everything during Obama’s long 8 years. They will claim he didn’t have any help from the GOP which is a lie.  But then, he had everything at the beginning, he and the DNC controlled DC.  So why didn’t these doddering fools fix everything totally, back then?  HAHAHA.


It’s true that the president has kept several of his promises – the easy ones.


Oh my, 40 days and 40 nights it rained Trump demands and agendas and so forth and we are still inside the Ark because we are surrounded by a sea of red ink!  And who, pray tell, created this ‘red ink sea’?  Oh, the people whining about how Trump hasn’t made it magically disappear!


He’s signed, with a jagged flourish, dozens of executive actions. He’s told federal agencies to cut regulations (although few have actually been eliminated; it’s a time-consuming process). He’s ordered a wave of deportations of undocumented immigrants. He’s pulled out of a trans-Pacific trade deal. He’s jawboned a handful of companies into preserving a handful of American jobs.


And all this in 40 days while the DNC ran around egging on riots and then blaming Trump for these DNC-funded riots.


That, plus hints of lower tax rates to come, has been enough to send the stock market soaring — another achievement the president claimed.


This writer even whines about that!  Well, the stocks went up for a good reason!


But Trump’s most ambitious promises — a much longer list — are a long way from getting done.


Duh, you dummy.  This loon has no idea how very stupid he sounds.  Maybe I should call him and tell him he is a laughing stock here.


Retired Gen. David H. Petraeus and 120 other generals and admirals even signed a letter defending the State Department budget. (The letter quoted then-Gen. James N. Mattis, now Trump’s secretary of defense: “If you don’t fund the State Department fully, then I need to buy more ammunition.”)


These guys are hold overs from Peace Prize Faker, Obama.


In the end, that’s the whole of Trump’s plan: cut taxes, eliminate regulations, and pray for a boom. It would be nice if it happened, but economists think it’s unlikely.


I have a rule of thumb: don’t listen to ‘economists’ who live on US university campuses which are run, it seems, as a looting operation/Red Guard Maoist terror operation.


It’s not a knock on Trump that he hasn’t delivered on his biggest promises; his presidency is still only in its fifth week.


HAHAHA.  Then why in heaven’s name are YOU whining, Mr. Brain?  Why didn’t he write, ‘It is a miracle that Trump has been able to do anything with the Democrats constantly attacking him and setting cities on fire and screaming nonstop?’  That would have been a smart article and that is verboten in our Fake News systems.



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15 responses to “Fake Mainstream News Goes Insane Thanks To Trump’s Triumph Speech

  1. Moe

    O’Donnell vs. The Donald

    ‘Psychological projection is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against their own unconscious impulses or qualities by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others’. Wikipedia

    This ego defense mechanism is a subconscious process, in which a person projects or externalizes, his thoughts, feelings or intentions to another. Today’s libtards practice this so thoroughly it’s astounding. The sole question is whether the actual proceedings are as clinically defined, subconscious, or deliberate.


  2. Melponeme_k

    Even if Trump sprouted angel wings and flew around the room bathed in heavenly light while sprinkling fairy dust, the elite bag boys would still say it was proof that he is pure evil.

    The craziness at the Oscars and Pelosi’s bizarre speeches just proves that they are all cracking up under the pressure to hold to the elite agenda.

  3. vengeur

    The best part of the evening was watching the Democrats bolt for the exits with their tails between their legs like dogs shot in the @ss with buckshot as soon as the speech was over. That was funny!


    ELAINE: Monty Python:

  4. Lou

    Mel, as judged by that email to Hillary C –‘sacrifice a chicken to Moloch’
    and The Owl Statue at BG–they want a demon, not an angel.

    found elsewhere—

    – Curious and skeptical concerning the rash of Jewish cemeteries, community centers etc. targeted for vandalism and threats recently, yet not one person or group wants to take pride in their work or has left clues that might lead to at least a hint of their identity.
    Further, with cameras everywhere these days and the ability to trace calls, why are those forensic means somehow missing in every single one of these incidents? Plus with the heightened security interests sophisticated Jewish organizations claim, again, why?
    Why should we accept that “anti-Semitism” is behind it without question? Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, but Jewish culture and certain of its institutions, known for their pathological devotion to self-aggrandizing self-pity, plus heavy Jewish involvement in radical leftism, is good reason to believe that some among them might decide it’s a good time to stir up some good old anti-Semitic anti-Trumpism. No evidence required.

    • Given Jews are among the “protected minorities”, one can rest assured authorities will allocate sufficient resources to identify those responsible and persecute them to the full extent of the law. Yet in the very few cases when somebody has been apprehended, they’ve turned out to be ordinary vandals.

    The closest one can get to a genuine “hate crime” are a few cases in France, when Muslim teenagers were apprehended for spray-painting swastikas on Jewish graves. Questioned by the authorities, they gave the same reasons as weekend Satanists spray-painting “Hail Satan!” and “666” on a church wall: boredom, the desire to impress their mates, drunkeness etc.

    So far not a single “Nazi sympathizer” or “white supremacist” has been questioned, let alone detained, and it’s not for lack of trying: like in the US the FBI has heavily infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan to such an extent it’s now the stuff of jokes, “extreme right wing movements” in Europe have been infiltrated by the police for so long plainclothes agents and police informers are probably the only members left.

    Even more so than some Jews themselves, those getting the biggest kick from such acts of vandalism are local politicians, who have a ready made-excuse to go on television and kill two birds with the same stone: demand “more powers and resources” and pretend they are Dirty Harry.

  5. Lou

    Elaine, did you read of the White Supremacist sentenced yesterday?
    He disrupted a party and got 20 years sentence.

    Meanwhile ‘fake hate’ gets no jail term [Crystal Magnum, Tawana, etc].

  6. CK

    Gov. Beshear was a standout.
    Where is Anthony Weiner when the dems need him?

  7. emsnews

    Yes, I saw that ridiculous sentence and I think they will appeal for it was totally out of order.

  8. Moe

    CNN poll favorable to Trump.

    So this is what Fake News ‘eating crow’ tastes like?


  9. JimmyJ

    CNN poll finds 75% speech viewers felt ‘more optimistic’.


    Marine LePen soon to lose EU immunity for posting the truth, err, violent IS images.


  10. JimmyJ

    Heh Moe beat me, got to refresh more often I guess.

  11. Moe

    Ya snooze, ya lose!

  12. John F

    So Elaine – Trump wants to normalize relations with Russia; good. He is also giving a massive boost to the supermassive US military budget. So what’s the point? Where is the peace dividend?

  13. Moe

    Oprah Realizes You Don’t Need Experience to Be President

    Ha, Ha, ha, ha…. I just peed myself after reading this! Gee, ya t’ink she’s a Democrat. Hahaha. LOL


  14. Moe

    And from the ZeroHedge Bleachers on Oprah: (some really cruel ones here: be brave).

    – No Weight Watcher left behind

    – Black and a women, that should squash any chance of Hillary mounting a comeback

    – Oprah’s campaign slogan: I’m running for President in 2020. Slogan “Not One of the Same Old
    a**holes!” (I’m a new and improved a**hole!). (Moe’s note: I can type asterisks now. The one upper case numeral 8 didn’t work but I just discovered another on the keyboard upper left on number pad. Man, I’m a slow learner, just been doing this for twenty years!).

    – Oprah’s lost quite a few pounds, but her ass STILL doesn’t fit on the screen of my big-ass TV.

    – Expose this person for what she is, a nice fat chick who really isn’t that smart. (Oooo, that hurts).

    – If Oprah ever became POTUS, I would consider it a CURSE from GOD.

    – It makes sense. This satanist system has already been relying on actors to directly take over or train the professional liars to be even better professional liars.

    – Is this fukin stoopid or what? The next presidential elections aren’t for almost 4 years. By then this washout from the 80s bitch and most other sore losers will be forgotten. What a waste of time and oxygen! Cankles will be in an oxygen tent and Bill will be as limp as an old used Billy Boy rubber.

    – Her White House grocery bill alone would bankrupt America.

    – She’s dumb as a box of rocks on economics or finance.

    – NEVER GO~ “full batshit crazy”.

    – That woman is so emotionally unhinged it would be a complete disaster for the Dems to run her:  SHE’S PERFECT!

    – The Democratic Party has now “jumped the shark

    – Pass the popcorn, please. They’re sailing beyond full retarrd!

    – More like a “run for the refrigerator.”

    – Kim Kardashian, Lena Dunham and Mrs Bruce Jenner can be their campaign managers. Meryl Streep can be their acting coach and Mr Khan can be their token muzzie again.

    – They’d have trouble finding a platform to stand (or run) on.

    – There would be pussy hats all over the f9cking place.

    – Silly me for thinking the idiocracy had reached its peak.

    – Truly a WTF moment. The mind wobbles.

    – Oprah would be the largest (figuratively and actually) the LARGEST f*ckup in American history.  The batshit crazy feminist racist bullshit that you would inflict on yourselves by voting that harpy into power would be historic.  Also you would need to enlarge the white house so that she could get her inflated opinion of herself into the building.

    – They’ll need a lot of dynamite to get her up Mount Rushmore.

    – Please run as a Democrat Oprah.-

    – Actually, if Orca’s I.Q. were 4 points higher, she’d be a napkin.

    – “Uh oh…were gonna need a bigger White House”…

    – Whatever happened to Black Pride?

    – Her 1st campaign promise is to eat the national deficit.

    – My f*ckin brain is hurting… Make it stop.

    – And finally:

    She would win in a f*cking landslide and we all know it. F*ck I hope this happens!!! Trump, then this. There has to be a God. This is the proof. He is just f*cking with us now for killing his kid.

  15. emsnews

    I never said there would be a peace dividend.

    Trump is surrounded by people who don’t believe in protecting our own country, our entire government system has been predicated on ruling the planet earth at our own expense and stopping this will be titanic and huge and with the fake news screaming bloody murder, nearly impossible.

    There can be no revolt unless the citizens do this, themselves. Trump opened the possibility but it won’t happen passively. This is going to be a fight from holy hell.

    The Bilderberg gang isn’t giving up! Thinking that Trump will hand us everything on a platter is delusional. WE have to fight. I have fought for what I believe in all my long, long life.

    Many times, nearly alone! I didn’t let that stop me. Eventually, the People will win but only if they work at it. Victory has a price and it doesn’t come free or easy.

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