Total Chaos Continues As Leftists Freak Out Over Trump Triumph


You all know, this finishes Bernie as anyone we should take seriously.  ‘How DARE Trump talk about families who were victims of illegal alien murders!’ is not a winning position for any sane person.  But Bernie isn’t sane.  He has gone barking mad.  As has all the DNC.  Their stupid plot to get illegal aliens to vote for them was disgusting and treason.  They now have to sit on this Easter Egg from Hell and hatch it in the form of violent aliens attacking citizens and this means the Democratic Party is now the walking dead…I see no return possible from this insane position.


They have decided to attack all citizens who talk about illegal aliens.  They plan to use illegals to make themselves very rich and very powerful and even illegal aliens should fear this because they, too, are replaceable.   Now away from the disgusting fraud, Bernie Sanders, an on to the twice as disgusting Chuckie Schumer:


Schumer’s whining is very revealing and shows all the desperation and evil eating up the DNC Bilderberg gang, note his ugly mug shows him not sneering but on the verge of tears:


‘Actions speak louder than words, he has not done anything to unite,’ Schumer said on CBS This Morning.


Absolutely.  The actions of the DNC are obvious: they hate citizens and hope to build a party based on illegal aliens forcing us to do suicidal things.  Meanwhile, the DNC top brass collect bribes overseas with impunity thanks to GOP Reagan getting away with this treason, earlier.


On CNN, Schumer said the Democrats weren’t totally averse to working with the new president.  ‘Yes, we’re waiting, he has not reached out to us once,’ Schumer said.


How on earth can Trump ‘reach out’ to a bunch of howling lunatics who are traitors?  What is there to negotiate?  They made it clear, they want to dictate to citizens, not ‘cooperate’.


On CBS, the Democratic leader brought up infrastructure as an example, but then pointed out that Trump’s plan, which would give tax breaks to developers and also implement tolls to pay them back, would be a non-starter with the more liberal crowd.


So, that is a typical example of the weak DNC negotiations: Nyet.  Always ‘nyet.’


‘Well, he called for public-private partnerships there,’ Schumer said, briefly explaining the plan. ‘So we can’t work with that.’


Another ‘nyet’ DNC moment from this Jewish guy from NYC.  NYC didn’t vote for Trump because of all the illegal aliens there. So Schumer is safe so long as he works for them and not for us citizens in the rest of New York like myself.


Trump floated the idea of a new office that would track crimes committed by immigrants, a plan that got audible groans from the Democrats sitting in the audience.  Schumer denied making a fuss about it in the House chamber, but didn’t like the plan either way.


He is lying. He is very noisy.  I doubt he sat silent while Trump talked about deporting Schumer’s voting base of illegal aliens.


‘I think that office is ridiculous,’ the top Democrat said.


‘Obviously, we want to go after all criminals,’ Schumer continued. ‘The overwhelming majority of immigrants are law-abiding, they want to be part of the American dream. And most Americans agree with this.’


The majority of illegal aliens are NOT law abiding at all.  They commit many crimes from stealing people’s ID, hiding income, dealing drugs, going to public hospitals and then running from the bills, all sorts of big and small crimes that citizens go to prison or are heavily fined if we do this.


Driving without a license, skipping out on rents, on and on, the crimes are many.  The biggest crime is stealing US jobs from citizens!


‘So to put an office like this out there shows how anti-immigrant this president is,’ Schumer added.  Schumer begrudgingly gave Trump some points for starting off his speech condemning anti-Semitism.


‘Yeah, I’m glad he said it no problem there,’ Schumer said on CBS This Morning. ‘But he has to do it regularly and it happens not in just one speech once a month.’


So, this filthy man who believes that Muslims and Christians in Israel must live in ghettoes like the ones run by Nazis, and then Trump, who has Jews in his own family, MUST talk about anti-semitism FREQUENTLY???


How about talking about Jewish crimes?  I want daily reports. Here are comments by readers of the above article…90% of the comments make fun of Schumer:


Mail Lady, Louisiana, United States, 36 minutes ago


The Democratic Party as a whole are the Anti-America Party. They are Anti-Citizen, Anti Law & Order, Anti-Christian, Anti-Jobs, Anti-Constitution, Anti-Flag, Anti-White, Anti-Border, Anti-Patriotic, etc. The Liberal Progressives and Alt-Left have hijacked the party, so they will only go more left to pander to the rabid haters. I don’t see them winning elections in the future, especially with the hate, protesters and rioters, and George S0roz, Obama, and others funding every hate group they stand with. My whole family left the party over a year ago. Never going back.
simply irresistible,


Amanda, United States, 27 minutes ago


This man was the first one on the Today show today slamming trump. Within the first 5 min. It was another biased attempt by the media to put down our President. I purposely watched NBC to see if they would be biased. And of course they were.


Jerrod Reaux, Mobile, United States, 36 minutes ago


The Democrats proved themselves during Trump’s speech to the Congress to be bitter, useless, Establishment / Globalist lackeys. They demonstrated they have NO interest in representing Americans. They’re primary goal is to erase the United States in favor of a global government. Before now, that clarity had not been as strong as it has become today. The Democrats don’t give one crap about the American People. They are more concerned about people in other nations than they are about us. It think it’s quickly becoming time to find an alternative party to the Democrats.
Claire, NC, United States, 28 minutes ago


Here we go again with the “anti-immigrant” stuff. Chuck it is anti – ILLEGAL – immigrant. Most of the Dems looked like petulant children last night. Who doesn’t stand up for American jobs, less regulation and national security? Petulant child like Democrats, that’s who.


This evil ‘professor’ thinks attacking the US is OK.  This means this foreigner is a DANGER to the people of the US and should be immediately deported.  I was deported from Germany for giving a speech.  This monster was on CNN making threats against our nation, our citizens and our police.  Deport this ass, now!


Austria moves to strip rejected asylum seekers of food & shelter — RT News of Russia reports.  The EU is freaking out and backing down from earlier promises to coddle illegal alien Muslim males.


Leaked Doc Shows Germany’s Plan for Deportations of Mass Refugees – YouTube as Merkel flounders about, trying to undo the mess she created.  The world is changing rapidly.  And about time.  We are all in very grave danger now.




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9 responses to “Total Chaos Continues As Leftists Freak Out Over Trump Triumph

  1. paul

    off topic

    dow jones going crazy or great ??

    is this foreign money coming home?

    where is money coming from?

    can you give commentry

  2. Pete

    Chris Mathews and Michael Moore !
    Idiots on parade 🙂

  3. Ziff

    @1 Paul ,read Armstrong Economics

  4. Petruchio

    So Bernie “the sellout” Sanders says that Trump is “spreading fear and hatred” by bringing family members of victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens. Really? Do these victims of illegal immigrants crimes have ANY rights according to Sanders? People like Bernie Sanders are the REAL racists. One group, the illegal aliens in the US have to be coddled and catered to and the legal citizens of the US must just shut up and take the abuse. Really??!! What a smug, arrogant bastard Sanders–and his kind are!
    Same thing goes for that sleazy, dual Israeli American citizen Chuckie Schumer.

  5. Seraphim

    Bernie Sanders is ga-ga. Wonder whether he can hold in his farts.

  6. emsnews

    Yes, Sander’s face was distorted by hatred when he listened to Trump’s speech. The danger of hate is, it eats the heart out and destroys the soul. I never hated Obama but I do admit, Hillary pissed me off greatly and I had to find room for joking about her because she has betrayed everyone and did so, bald faced, after immense mountains of proof showed up.

    Never did she apologize and back down, no, she today, is ‘in our faces’ sneering openly at us. The arrogance of the Bilderberg gangsters is astonishing.

    They are on full attack in Europe, by the way, demanding the people there put up with a gigantic Muslim invasion that is systematically destroying all the democracies there while screaming for WWIII with powerful Russia.

  7. Petruchio

    Elaine: don’t get me started on that sleazy, corrupt, vile hag Mrs. Clinton! This article already has Sanders and Chuckie Schumer in it. No reason at all to pour more sludge into it by bringing up Mrs. Clinton.

  8. Moe

    More Stupid News:

    ‘Pope Francis has urged us to have fewer children’

    What we need are fewer Popes.

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