Bilderberg Gang Attacks On Trump Shows Clearly GOP And DNC Secret Collusion


It is astonishing how the gang of four, the Bush clan and Clinton clan are joining the Obamas in attacking a new President.  Finally, out of the shadows, we see clearly how the GOP and DNC conspire secretly to rule us with the help of media owners who are also Bilderberg gangsters.  They are openly trying to engineer a coup that is struggling to get off the ground due to Trump’s triumphant passage so they are reduced to constantly attacking Trump’s choices in Congress including smearing fellow party members in the GOP who are Congress people.



Yes, the past President is going to openly attack his successor.  I predict this is going to backfire badly.  The protection Obama enjoys with the Bilderberg media owners won’t save him from citizen rage because the mainstream media is fast losing credibility.


And deservedly so!  I have warned about the media lying about lots of stuff since age 16 when I had access to world media and could compare stories across the range and above all, when the media lied about my friends or myself.  They didn’t check anything to see if it was true, they just publish fake stories and when it is revealed, they would deep six the fake story but not apologize.


This last election was rife with media collusion, lies and deceptions generated by the main stream media which we all call ‘fake news’ these days.  I have been publishing photos of this fake news nearly every day now due to the generation of this fake junk because I want a historical record of this mess.


In desperation, the DNC which is supposedly ‘leftist’ have revived the Red Scare.  This is insane. Russia isn’t communist.  But they dredged up the ghost of McCarthy to attack Trump.  This will backfire badly!  In England, the House of Lords overturned the will of the voters by defeating the Brexit bill and this is due to the Lords being really Bilderberg members or associates of the organization.


They will not let the British people escape annihilation, they will be forced to take in endless legal aliens from all over Europe as the Bilderbergers hate borders and want no patriotism in any country including the USA.


Censorship concerns as European Parliament introduces ‘kill switch’ to cut racist speeches of anyone complaining about the Muslim invasion created by the Bilderberg gang who runs the EU Parliament.



Note how the DHS has no money for a border wall.  We have billions and billions to spend on keeping illegal aliens happy and hardly a nickel for keeping America safe.  The clowns in Congress think that this is a funny way to stop Trump from undoing the harm caused by our Real Rulers.


It will backfire!  I know that Trump will find the money and do this via cancelling something liberals love.  Well, they asked for it.


Note the former governor is whining that Trump is for ‘Wall Street’.  This dummy obviously hasn’t bothered to figure out what Hillary’s Wall Street speeches said.  We know she did say that she openly lies to voters and is really on the side of this evil Wall Street gangsters!


It is funny as hell that the DNC gang is clinging to this particular party lie.  For they are all very anxious to whore themselves to Wall Street.


And the drum beat of ‘Russia is evil!’ goes on and on and on.  And our stupid war against Assad goes on, too.  Any attempts Trump makes to undo these stupid things will be fought tooth and nail by Congress and the fake news media which lies about nearly everything.


Any contacts anyone makes with Russia will be howled at and this is straight out of the copy book of McCarthy and his buddies way back in my childhood.



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9 responses to “Bilderberg Gang Attacks On Trump Shows Clearly GOP And DNC Secret Collusion

  1. charlottemom

    Funny how the same old media whiners and nevertrumpers are calling for sessions resignation re leaks and anonymous intel (by Obama surrogates) and yet…no news, no audio nor intel on mccain and graham secret trips to syria and ukraine. I am disgusted! Dems and traitor Reps can go to H$ll

  2. Nani

    So the liberals have now officially embraced war criminal G.W. Bush. Nice. Did Ellen ask him about his illegal invasion of Iraq?

  3. emsnews

    HAHAHA…they all love the Skull and Bones, right, Kerry?

    This goes WAY BACK….

  4. Jim R

    It’s wall-to-wall Russians on NPR this morning. Tuning over to Sun Radio for some music instead.

    I hope Trump doesn’t cave in on this one. “The Swamp Strikes Back” as Pepe said. It will be hard to prosecute the alligators with an all-alligator cabinet.

  5. Flor

    Entire Zion-Moloch-Luciferian-Satanic system of plundering stealing looting
    destroying raping Mother Earth, her children and animals, history, human & animal DNA, archaeology and these criminal Satanists are walking free , trotting on the street, still being applauded by the masses accepting demons as rulers’

    There is no democracy except a plutoc-rat system serving kletoc-rats, mass murderers, empire of thieves, lowlifes, selling fake images of success while being dirty thieves raping little children draining blood from humanity to stay alive on earth!

    Zion-Satanists worship the serpent’ the fallen angel’ tormented fallen angels who deeeeeeeeply hate humanity’

    It is a battle against knowledge against the truth’

    These satanic demonic diabolic useless liars lazy bums good for nothing must be exposed as the criminaliars, fraudsliars, beastliars they r’

    Walking with impunity on the street destroying and ruining entire nations civilizations that do not belong to these whims thieves, pick pockets’

    While prisons are full of people who have committed small minor crimes paying harsh sentences because they do not worship Satan & Demons’

    These puny autoc-rats ruin nations , humanity, people destroy entire nations civilization leaving the masses of ruined nations naked of the truth, wealth and foremost knowledge’


    Sinking people into outright illiteracy, stupidity imbecility poverty, starving people to death maiming torturing innocent people with the reptilian agenda’


    They r outright criminals assassins of the human race, pick pockets, thieves liars, mass rapists , children of Satan!


    Thank u’


  6. JimmyJ

    Orders “dictated from outside” for Baltic news agencies stop working with Sputnik Latvia and Estonia comes as sudden surprise.

  7. emsnews

    Yes, it seems that Europe wants WWIII really, really badly. It is an awful way for fixing their many messes but then, Europe did this twice before so I assume this is ‘normal’.

  8. Moe

    Not sure where to post this. Lisa Haven’s YouTube site.

    Personally, I don’t like Haven. Something about her turns me off, possibly because she appears to me to be a narcissist. But lots of Deep State news.

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