Bush Jr. And DNC Bilderberg Gang Complains Trump Can’t Take A Joke



The Obamas have the same ‘sense of humor’ as the Skull and Bones Bush clan!  HAHAHA.  Thanks for the laughs.  George W Bush praises Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘damn good’ anti-Trump Oscars monologue and laughs along as the comedian roasts Donald as this monotonously continues.  Yes, the ‘comics’ owned by the Mainstream Fake News operations which are all Bilderberg operations, had Bush Jr, a drunk, on TV laughing about the GOP President and attacking the new President, too.


During his opening skit at the award ceremony Kimmel on Sunday landed several blows on President Trump about how he’d made the rest of the world ‘hate’ America and described a divided country that no one could fix.


So, the Obamas and mainstream fake news loves a war criminal.  Bush’s invasion of Iraq was based on total lies and therefore, is a war crime.  The Obamas embrace him for they are now war criminals, too.  ‘No honeymoon for the president’: Three major networks’ coverage of Trump in his first month in office was ’88 percent hostile’…back to the anti-Trump TV show with Bush Jr.:


He then mocked Trump’s assessment of Meryl Streep as one of Hollywood’s most ‘overrated actresses’, sarcastically piling on to her apparent mediocrity.


Good lord, has anyone seen her last dozen movies???  Like the Disney movie where she prances around with near butt naked young men singing while wearing flippers???


President Bush, eager to portray his sense of humor on Thursday, appeared to wholeheartedly approve of the roast.


This is because it is a Bilderberg operation.  The Tonight Show is all about hating Trump.  I have a dear friend who watches this show which is why I am writing about it today after being stunned to hear, he likes the Trump attacks.


Too stupid to figure out, this makes the Democrats weaker and weaker, he was stunned when I told him a Black Muslim who I know somewhat due to me being involved fighting with the Newark central mosque which the second in command of the DNC attends, these murderous and dangerous people want to kill all Jews including my friend who is Jewish!


The Jews are playing a suicidal game here.  I am baffled as to why they can’t all see the obvious end to flooding Europe with angry Muslim males and demanding they come here, too.


But Bush didn’t stop there in allowing Kimmel to make pointed comparisons with the current commander-in-chief.  Unlike Trump who has complained incessantly about news networks and their coverage of him, Bush said he didn’t ever watch television during office.


Good lord.  Bush Jr. can’t help but lie nonstop.  The entire media system does this, too.  It is very sad to watch.


‘You’re pretty busy, there’s plenty to do.’  He said he always enjoyed attending the White House Correspondents Dinner- something the current president boycotted – and even used it as an opportunity to poke fun at himself.


This guy was so ‘busy’ he didn’t even bother to see what was happening in NYC when he was doing a photo op with school children in Florida right next to where all the terrorists trained for the 9/11 attack.


‘I love humor, the best humor is when you make fun of yourself,’ President Bush said, carefully resisting Kimmel’s response: ‘Tell that to the president!’.



So, obviously, the Democrats and their puppet pals have no sense of humor because…they don’t make fun of themselves.  Sheesh.  One would think the author of this hit piece and the buddies of this gang would shriek in horror and say, ‘OMG, we have no sense of humor!’


This article shows how deep and nasty the delusional thinking has grown over time:  ON TELEVISION—JANUARY 23, 2017 ISSUE—HOW JOKES WON THE ELECTION

How do you fight an enemy who’s just kidding? By Emily Nussbaum


Growing up a Jewish kid in the nineteen-seventies, in a house full of Holocaust books, giggling at Mel Brooks’s “The Producers,” I had the impression that jokes, like Woody Guthrie’s guitar, were a machine that killed fascists. Comedy might be cruel or stupid, yet, in aggregate, it was the rebel’s stance. Nazis were humorless. The fact that it was mostly men who got to tell the jokes didn’t bother me. Jokes were a superior way to tell the truth—that meant freedom for everyone.


Jewish humor has been collapsing for quite a while.  It is due to Jews embracing pure Naziism.  They can’t joke about their cruelty in Israel.  They can’t joke about walls except when they pretend there are no gigantic walls in Israel.


They are anti-racist until it comes to Israel then total racism is great fun and everyone should bow down to racists.  This schizophrenic belief system is destroying Jewish minds at a rapid pace and it is painful to watch.


But by 2016 the wheel had spun hard the other way: now it was the neo-fascist strongman who held the microphone and an army of anonymous dirty-joke dispensers who helped put him in office. Online, jokes were powerful accelerants for lies—a tweet was the size of a one-liner, a “dank meme” carried farther than any op-ed, and the distinction between a Nazi and someone pretending to be a Nazi for “lulz” had become a blur.


She is such a Nazi, she can’t see why she, herself, isn’t a real liberal. There are damn few liberals left on the left.  There are Jewish people who are angry about the cruel racism of Jews in Israel but they are a tiny minority.


All the top Jews in the DNC embrace vicious racism and are proud of it and deny it is real while engineering it harder and harder.  They ‘fix’ this by forming this insane alliance with Muslims, both black power Muslims and overseas Muslims.


They think they are manipulating both to do Jewish bidding but this is insanity.  I know the real Muslims!!! A great deal!!!!!  I know their plans which is to infiltrate, take over and then…kill all the Jews.  The fact that Jewish DNC leaders have convinced many Jewish voters that the opposite will happen is insanity.


Ads looked like news and so did propaganda and so did actual comedy, on both the right and the left—and every combination of the four was labelled “satire.” In a perverse twist, Trump may even have run for President as payback for a comedy routine: Obama’s lacerating takedown of him at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner. By the campaign’s final days, the race felt driven less by policy disputes than by an ugly war of disinformation, one played for laughs. How do you fight an enemy who’s just kidding?


This lunatic lady lives in Bizarro World.  So, when we were all talking about the actual actions of Hillary, Obama and Podesta thanks to Wikileaks getting their hands on real information, the Democrats and media giants were lying like crazy, howling with rage and attacking everyone on ridiculous reasons.


‘Trump’s hands are TINY’ was one of these memes, for example.  It was racist and stupid at the same time.  ‘Look at his hair!’ they yelled while Hillary had convulsive fits in public which they tried desperately to cover up.


Nit picking the stupidest things while a debate raged about war crimes, thefts, black magic of all things, all kinds of hideous things were happening and the mainstream jokers and media focused on Trump’s physical body while lying about Hillary collapsing all the time!


Rand Paul stages comical hunt for ‘secret’ Republican healthcare bill to replace Obamacare that is being prepared behind closed doors in Congress as the GOP old guard prevents anyone interacting with changing laws…


Trump can’t overturn everything, himself. And he can’t get rid of the Bilderberg controls alone. No human can do this. He is an outsider and the Bilderberg gang is a bunch of outright criminals and they can’t let outsiders inside unless they first agree to be criminals, too.


Stopping all this will be a titanic battle and I expect no one person succeeding. It has to be ground down, bit by painful bit.


Oregon judge is accused of helping illegal immigrant drunk driver ESCAPE from her courtroom while ICE agents waited outside to deport him to Mexico.  This shows that liberals think law breaking is OK.  I guess they love crime and no wonder!


You can’t have ‘law and order’ when people at the top are war criminals, robbers, thieves and liars!  Cynicism can go only so far.  Joking about all this is getting harder to do as it becomes more and more brazen.





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6 responses to “Bush Jr. And DNC Bilderberg Gang Complains Trump Can’t Take A Joke

  1. Judge has a Hispanic last name but looks white

  2. Moe

    ems: “So, obviously, the Democrats and their puppet pals have no sense of humor because…they don’t make fun of themselves.”

    Democrats would have to have a sense of humor since Pelosi is a joke!

  3. Petruchio

    I think it is very telling that the Elites have to drag George W. Bush out as their point man for their latest initiative. Apparently nobody in Elective office wants to risk it. Why on Earth would the Elites bring out “Dubaya” when they KNOW that Bush II is about as popular as Chicken Pox? Because nobody else wants the job. You can almost smell the desperation on the Bilderberger crew. (The Elites apparently are also bringing Obama back to work on Congressional Re-districting. Again, nobody else seems to want this job.)

  4. ziff

    In canada the pointless anti trumpe media have their knickers in a twist about the Sessions nonsense but i ‘m not seeing much from down there ??

  5. emsnews

    I gave up on that, all of Trump’s choices will be hammered to death over stupid stuff the DNC clowns and Bush clowns do all the time. Maybe Trump should put me forward?

    I can make fun of all of them and talk about the Bilderberg gang in Congress! Wouldn’t that be fun, fun, fun?

  6. ziff

    90% of british columbians hate trump the ”poll’ says but who cares ?

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