Russia Warns DNC, Jewish Bomb Threats Was (Surprise!) Muslim Male, EU Disses East Europe



The US rulers are pissed at Trump and desperate to frame him so the idiotic Democrats who are so stupid, I should call them ‘Dimocratz’ have restarted the Cold War and are having McCarthy witch hunts here in the US meanwhile, the media fake news machine howls at every event seeking to frame Trump and Republicans for stuff their own people are doing to everyone.  For example, a black man from the Caribbean (I believe) tried to frame his ex-girlfriend and Trump with fake bomb threats against Jews.


MAN ARRESTED FOR JEWISH CENTER BOMB THREATS IS AN ANTI-TRUMP MUSLIM CONVERT as I expected.  I just knew it had to be someone with a chip on their shoulder, trying to blame Trump and so it was.  Egg all over fake news media faces, again.


Juan Thompson, 31, was arrested in St. Louis by the FBI for making at least eight bomb threats and the cyberstalking of an ex-girlfriend,” reports the Daily Caller.
“The criminal complaint states that threats made to the Jewish establishments across the country by Thompson were under his name and the name of his ex-girlfriend, and occurred after the relationship ended. The threats were made by both email and phone calls.”


Although his motivation was to frame his ex-girlfriend, it’s likely that Thompson also made the threats in order to make Trump look bad by relying on the media to insinuate the threats were being made by Trump supporters.



So, according to Russian news, the House won’t fund fascists in Ukraine.  Good, it was a coup, after all.  Enough of that.  screen-shot-2017-03-03-at-9-11-29-am

The momentum is for protecting borders and stopping invasions, preventing illegal aliens from entering, stopping the Bilderberg free trade scam.  It is unstoppable.  The man in the picture above has been threatened by Muslim and leftist terrorists but he continues as la Pen stares down the flying monkeys of the EU machine that want to capture her.


The Wicked Witch of the East German communist machine is pissed off because Turkey is pushing her around.  She blames local people for stopping the Ankara rallies.  This is hilarious.  Putin is laughing, that is certain.  So much for NATO’s united front…it is dead.  With Turkey siding more and more with Moscow, we have a collapse of the NATO machine.  It cannot function now.


Of course, Sweden announced it will now conscript Swedes!  Put them to work fighting Putin, that is actually the excuse. I suspect the Swedes will finally wake up and get rid of the lunatics running the joint.  It is nearly too late.  Or they can conscript a million Muslim males, give them guns and then…they will kill the Bilderberg Swedes and voila: Allah Akbar!


EU uni students flee UK without paying a PENNY leaving YOU to pick up £4MILLION bill.  Typical, this is another Bilderberg scheme gone rotten.


Figures show 10,000 students are not repaying because they are unknown to UK authorities, while 8,600 were placed in arrears for failing to stump up the cash.  Tory MPs are now putting pressure on Theresa May to ensure Brussels repays the money owed by EU graduates during Brexit talks.


BRITISH taxpayers will be forced to pay towards a “private army” to protect MEPs in Brussels as the European Union (EU) plans a record £1.7billion spending spree. Looting the home base has a downside: the peasants might revolt.



Under the mammoth spending plan, the European Parliament has outlined plans to create its own private armed response team.


Named the Unit Protection, the body will include an in-house team of 46 bodyguards and security officials, 12 of which who will guard the parliament’s President Antonio Tajani.


The remaining 34 will form the armed response team to be used for “ensuring the security of strategic points” within parliament’s premises, according to a confidential document seen by the Times.


This is set up to stop the revolting peasants from storming the EU meeting hall.  I can’t wait to see that event!


EU-USA Visa WAR: Brussels calls for US citizens visas as it won’t give 5 EU nations access:

MEPs have called on the Commission to reintroduce visa requirements for Americans on the grounds that Washington doesn’t give Bulgarian, Croatian, Cypriot, Polish and Romanian citizens visa-free access to the U.S.


Experts warned this would do serious damage to the European tourism industry, possibly threatening thousands of jobs.


While America is only refusing visa-free access to residents from five EU states, Brussels is treating the development as a snub on the entire bloc.


Good, kill NATO.  If the fools in Europe can’t protect themselves, let them learn history lessons all over again.  How dare they provoke war with Russia and demand we fight it.  I am furious about this.  Hitler tried this and failed, so did Napoleon.


Speak of the devil: ‘We can’t have an EU core & then the rest!’ Bulgaria, Slovakia and Hungary yell:  JEAN-CLAUDE Juncker’s desperate “masterplan” to save the floundering European Union (EU) has come under attack from a Central European alliance who fear they are being left behind.


The European Union’s founding members, Italy, Germany and France, have thrown their support bhind post-Brexit plans would allow countries to further integrate and cooperate on tax and security and finance, while a peripheral group will continue in the bloc with looser ties.


But Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico warned against “a collection of individual, national interests which cannot help anyone today but can only do harm”.


Visegrad is made up of four EU members, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia who united in a bid to tackle the migrant crisis.


The plan was heavily endorsed by German chancellor Angela Merkel, who recently hinted: “We certainy learned from the history of the last years, that there will be as well a European Union with different speeds, that not all will participate every time in all steps of integration.


The entire scheme to move NATO to Russia’s front yard is collapsing as it ought to collapse.  The EU and US lied when they told Russia, we would never do this and then off they went and did exactly that.  It was amoral, wrong, stupid, a historical mistake, a disaster.


It was caused by Bush Jr. and Hillary Clinton and Obama.  And the gang in Brussels that is sneering and shouting and threatening anyone who is angry about the messes they have made of everything in sight.  Entire countries are going bankrupt, being invaded by illegal aliens out to destroy these countries, it has alienated much of the US and British people, it is noxious, stupid and suicidal.


Germans, in particular, have a strong suicidal ethos that creeps to the surface regularly like clockwork, every other generation thinks it is a good thing to set the entire place on fire, I guess.  Watching all of Europe collapse is interesting in a historical sense but painful to watch for many citizens there probably think this is a terrible thing.  Indeed, it is!


But they can’t stop this gang by letting them run riot!  Resistance means fighting and I do mean ‘go to battle’ fighting, not yapping and whining.  Ask the Muslim men, they fight!  And they will win due to willingness to fight.  How about that?



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8 responses to “Russia Warns DNC, Jewish Bomb Threats Was (Surprise!) Muslim Male, EU Disses East Europe

  1. Lou

    “are having McCarthy witch hunts”, No, Democrats are circling the wagons round.
    Stalin is their un named hero.
    IF they wanted to hunt witches, they can start with Cheryl Mills [sacrifice a chick to Moloch].

  2. Nani

    When the elite treats the population they are supposed to serve with contempt and disregard, this can be the end result:

  3. tio

    “If the fools in Europe can’t protect themselves, let them learn history lessons all over again. How dare they provoke war with Russia and demand we fight it. I am furious about this.”

    Quite. However, everyone here is convinced their ‘leaders’ are following Washington’s orders. Neat huh? There is evidence to support your argument if one is prepared to do a little digging.

    BUT. A new cold war, Qui bono? Financially who has the fattest MIC piggies? Ideologically, who has the most fervent neocon nutters?

    Could it be, that what ails you, ails me?

  4. Flotudadandy

    Interesting liberal desperation;

    Trying to get Obama to run for president of France . Yeah, that worked out so well for us

  5. Moe

    More Bullsh*t Russian Conflict News

    Here’s an example of completely irresponsible reporting by YourNewsWire reporting Russian jets shooting at USS Porter:

    And here’s the original report from UK Mirror:

    Mirror reports the jets ‘buzzing’ Porter, but YourNewsWire decides to spice it up a bit (i.e., lie) by changing ‘buzzing’ to ‘shooting’. As in ‘shooting’, getting close to. But it’s impossible to imagine the reader will interpret this as anything else but a genuine shooting, with projectiles.

    A purposeful, disingenuous, mendacious misrepresentation.

  6. Moe

    Sputnik’s interpretation of Flynn’s resignation. Completely different perspective.

  7. emsnews

    The Deep State is where the war starters/assassins reside and work.

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