Pegasus Says, Time For Donations! The Storm Won’t Stop Us!

Dear readers: every year I have to pay roughly $100 for having no ads on my website.  I hate online ads.  They are often annoying and ugly and very intrusive and often clash with my message.  So, like so many people, I have to request readers to join in this wonderful place and help out a bit.


I do this service because I love doing this.  And I want to protect humanity in my own way, I predict the future because I can see, living on this mountain, a very far way, all around.


I wish to share this with everyone and I enjoy the comments here greatly even when people tell me, I am wrong or stupid.  Every person here has their own minds and their own histories and when people share this with us all, I love this, too.


So click on Pegasus on the right side of the page or go to the bottom where my address is, I don’t hide from people, anyone who wishes to know where I am can see this easily.


This is because I am not scared of anyone, after all, how can the former Housewife from Hell who fought for years in NYC when crime was the highest, be scared?  Nope.


Indeed, visitors are welcome!  In the past, I have even had readers live here when they needed shelter.  So, I wish to thank everyone who helps out, I appreciate how hard it can be, everyone online likes to ask for money, but I do hope this appeal will do enough to keep this rolling along.


Love and peace (except when we must fight then fight hard and fight to win!),

Elaine Meinel Supkis




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10 responses to “Pegasus Says, Time For Donations! The Storm Won’t Stop Us!

  1. Moe

    “Love and peace (except when we must fight then fight hard and fight to win!),”

    Here’s what we need against the Deep State: a Deep (Fried) Chicken Attack! (Spoiler Alert: this is pretty bad).

  2. vengeur

    I really like reading your take on things, and you are being proven correct daily by current events. 50 bucks from me coming your way

  3. Kenogami

    Elaine, you are like a medieval monk, working cealessly to record important facts for future historians; even adding enluminures to your manuscripts. 🙂

    Since you are too modest to remind us that you do not survive eating love and fresh air only, it is good that Pegasus sent us a reminder that you are not an ethereal ghost.

    You will receive some $ from me tomorrow.

  4. emsnews

    I am very grateful. I try to avoid badgering people about this and I am honest about my overhead costs. Eventually, my old computer will fail me, it is being rather annoying lately…that is a problem and a half.

  5. Moe

    For a reader of a multitude of sites, virtually all financed by donations, one becomes spread out a bit thinly. Just this morning Mozilla, producer of Firebox browser, sent an email asking for a contribution to update one of their ad-ons, Epub Reader. This ad-on is a great free tool but the request was unexpected. Even my email provider survives by donations, as does my email client Thunderbird, etc., etc.. (Try to get an account from betcha can’t). So in total I probably make several dozen donations a year to internet sites.

    To state that your efforts are appreciated by me would be an understatement, and I made a small donation immediately upon reading your request. But in retrospect, I value your site more than any other I read, so I’m prompted to donate a bit more. My apologies for a limited affordability.

  6. emsnews

    No need to stress over this. A small amount from everyone goes a very long ways here.

  7. Lou

    Eventually, my old computer will fail me, it is being rather annoying lately…

    I got a great used Dell Latitude. It cost about 250 dollars on eBay.
    6 years in use, few problems.
    Not sure what your computer needs or budget are, what are you presently using?

  8. Ken

    Check for $100 on its way. In appreciation for all you do. And all you put up with.

  9. Windows or Mac Elaine? I’m sure us I.T. peeps can organise a replacement no problem.
    Do you have online storage anywhere? Easiest way to transfer files online and back to computer. IE…Dropbox/Google Drive.

  10. emsnews

    I have mac computers. I like the interface and other systems attached to it including the wonderful light touch keyboards.

    So far, a fair number of people have responded with great generosity and kindness and it always makes me feel really good, to have such wonderful support! Thank you a million times over!

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