Stupid Middlebury College Students Attack Professor Murray Violently

Middlebury College professor injured by student mob | Daily Mail Online reports.  The professor has written about how genetics has an effect on intelligence just like it does on other elements, this is basic genealogy.  One can breed for any characteristic including ‘intelligence’.  I did breeding studies with rabbits when I was a child that led to ‘Killer Rabbit’ whereby I proved one can breed for any mental characteristic of any animal with the right breeding selections.


A college professor was injured by a ‘seriously scary’ and violent student mob as she escorted a conservative guest speaker off campus.


This was no mere ‘guest’, it is a man like myself who explains how populations are ‘bred’ by circumstances for various traits including intelligence.  Simple evolution theory shows how this works: if mental agility leads to survival, it will appear more and more so long as the environment moves it forwards.  Also, the reverse happens.


This stark reality infuriates ‘liberals’ who are raised to believe that everyone is the same.  We have equal rights (sort of) but this doesn’t mean equal intelligence.  Stupid people get the same vote as smart people.


Of course, this all can backfire for all breeding programs have to focus on all systems, strength and smarts, size and colors, etc.  The fierce wars of survival in Nature keeps all living things changing to some degree as the environment changes and things happen.


Humans evolved very rapidly not because we were smart but because we were constantly LOSING the fight for life and only a very few out of each generation survived.  The hammer and anvil was the Ice Ages and Interglacials.


Professor Allison Stanger at Middlebury College in Vermont suffered a neck injury after her hair was yanked by unruly demonstrators while she was escorting author Charles Murray off campus on Thursday.


This happened after violent ‘smart’ students who are mainly white kids, drove him off the stage by throwing violent temper tantrums.  They did prove him wrong: white people are not so smart, after all.  They are often victims of an IQ of fairly low levels when it comes to logic systems.


The screaming crowd, made up of students and ‘outside agitators’, were protesting Murray’s visit and attempted to stop his car by climbing on the vehicle, hitting its windows and throwing a stop sign at it, a college official said.


So, the stupid white students acted like monkeys.  Shows us evolution doesn’t move just to ‘smarter and smarter’.  Indeed, the wide range of human intellectual abilities is coupled with genes that have to do with cunning and survival impulses.


Intellectual ‘smarts’ is often coupled with evolutionary downsides, that is, cunning and brute force humans often outwit and outplay extremely smart people.  My experience is, really bright people often fail to understand dangers because they outsmart themselves, that is, override survival impulses deep inside our own brains.


Murray, who has been called a white nationalist, had to have his lecture moved to a private room because of the commotion, and later said in a tweet the students, some of which who were wearing masks, were ‘seriously scary’.


The Middlebury lecture starts off with delusional students attacking Trump on stage, making fun of him and the scientist from MIT.  This ritual making fun of Trump shows the low ‘survival IQ’ is, Trump’s popularity rises the more the ‘smart’ kids act like toddlers.


Middlebury College students turned their backs on Murray just as he started to speak and chanted ‘Who is the enemy? White supremacy!’, ‘Racist, sexist, anti-gay, Charles Murray, go away!’ and ‘Your message is hatred. We cannot tolerate it.’


These brilliant ‘students’ chanted a very stupid chant over and over.  The issue of ‘gay’ and ‘race’ is very much a genetic systems thing which JUSTIFIES helping black children because they need it and it justifies gays for they are ‘born that way’.


There are ‘gay’ animals in every animal community.  It never gets to be greater than 1 or 2 percent due to few or no offspring.  For that is the genetic ‘pay off’: replications.  The real question is, ‘What survival skills have Africans had in the past and present and how has that affected intellect?’


A Middlebury communications official called the protesters a ‘mob’, reported Seven Days.  He said: ‘The demonstrators were trying to block Mr. Murray and Professor Stanger’s way out of the building and to the car.


The demonstrators showed lack of intelligence because they thought, muscling and physically attacking someone who is saying something they don’t want to hear, is smart or good for their own futures.


It certainly is not.  People hiring graduates will look at this school and say, ‘I certainly do not want one of them in my business, they are crazy, dangerous and stupid.’  The students are so stupid, they cannot see how stupid they are, they think they are the smartest people on earth.


Revolutions: any historical peek at revolutions show pretty clearly, these are very disastrous for very smart people.  The one thing left or right revolutionaries hate the most are ‘smartypants’ people.  These are quickly annihilated, yes, KILLED.


‘Think you are so clever, eh?’ asks the tormentor as they prepare to kill their victims.  We can see from the mess in the Middle East with ISIS and others, the brutal, one-minded killers rise to the top when there is social/political chaos.


Proof of how evolution affects intelligence are obvious and many.  One fantastic example is the ghettoes for Jews that kept them bottled up in terrible physical conditions they could not escape.  The struggle for survival led to physically weak but tremendously intelligent and cunning mental situations.


The collective IQ had a heavy lean towards very high intelligence.  There were the other ranges of intelligence and alongside this was inbreeding that led to mental dysfunctions to a high degree, too.  It has been over 100 years and the Jewish situation has changed greatly and the ‘brilliant mind’ aspect is fading, fast.


Catching up and surpassing this are the Chinese in particular.  Centuries of being crushed by the barbarians from the steppes, the urban Chinese lived in terrible, miserable conditions similar to the Jews.  The barbarians, like all brutal regimes, rotted away, becoming stupider each generation and needing the intelligence of the Chin people to run things, everything ran downhill until the Europeans came in and abused the Chin people.


The Japanese then did this, too and then along came the brutal, stupid Maoists who finished the job…and today, the Chinese who come to the West are highly successful, they are beating everyone in intellectual pursuits with the Indians from India, especially the lowest classes, beating everyone too, having been hammered hard by the Muslim invaders and then the European ones.


Africa saw a different force at work: slavery.  Isolated by the Sahara Desert for thousands of years, the high civilization cultures never happened and there were no rewards for being ‘smart’.  Being cunning and quick to respond to danger was a big plus and we see that slavery added to this genetic force for black children even 100 years or more later, are still faster, more physical, quick reflexes and make superb athletes whereas Chinese, Jewish and Indian populations do much more poorly in athletics.


Instead of striving to understand how this all works, young people mix up ‘we are political equals’ with ‘everyone has to be the same’ which is crazy.  Black people in the US in particular, are addicted to ‘quotas’ so they can get jobs in fields they don’t excel in, for example, universities.


They dominate sports to an amazing degree, but limp along in intellectual fields.  The Chinese/Indian forces are becoming enraged about this for key jobs are held aside for blacks only so they can keep the front of ‘equality’ when students who are Asian have to fight EACH OTHER like crazy in a huge, monster competition, for jobs and positions.


This makes them all stronger, not weaker and the gap between black people in Universities and the mob of heavily-qualified Asians will lead to huge conflicts and frankly, the continued rotting away of our university systems which is more interested in coddling black and other ‘minority’ students than competition for highest intellects.


I remember when I was striving for a position when young.  I entered all the contests and took all the major tests and ranked very, very high including the very top.  All this went to hell in a handbasket in just two years as all the universities in tandem, eliminated their German language departments leaving only a small skeleton crew to teach basic German!


So I went into construction because that was where the money was.  Now, we see incredibly smart men who are ‘white’ in many ‘minor’ jobs, excelling at this because they are not operating at the ‘top levels’ because they have been shut out by open racism by blacks and other groups (INCLUDING WOMEN) who want to cripple the systems so they can appear to be functional and ‘good’.


I have competed with men in a number of areas.  It is painfully obvious, for example, I had an extremely high IQ many years ago before I had a severe fever and nearly died, so it dropped to a more ‘normal’ level.


Nonetheless, when I was young and winning scholarship competitions, I could not beat any of the top male students in chess, math, or any ‘male’ areas!  It was embarrassing.  I was very annoyed by this so I spent time and energy trying to figure out why this was so.


Well, eons of males competing with males for females has made their brains operate totally differently from female brains in fundamental ways.  For some reason, the ‘count things’ part of the brain in men are much more agile than in females.


Grrr…HAHAHA.  So, men have their uses!  Incredibly, the female need to lean on males to get them to do various tasks has led to men having an advantage while females perfected the ‘raise kids to be adults’ parts of the brain.  Keeping babies alive and safe is hard, hard, very hard work!


And this advantage is being destroyed in females today!  So they gain nothing out of this mess we are in.  Women don’t even have to have the skills to attract and then keep ‘on target’ males.  Instead, particularly in black populations, women dispense entirely with males raising and caring for the family and have the State do this and it is rapidly causing ‘negative’ evolution.  Each generation is more out of control, more dysfunctional than the previous one and is rapidly self-destructing.


We don’t need a genius to figure out where this evolution is heading!  The white females in universities and colleges today outnumber the white males who have given up on bothering with higher ed due to ‘no jobs there for you, buddy’ situation so they are congregating where I ended up: in construction, building vehicles, etc.  Hands on labor.


The females in these schools are being dumped into the genetic trash can of life because NO MAN will marry a female with $40,000+ debt.  He has to pay it off!  It becomes HIS debt.  So these females, if they reproduce, will be poor and have to support any children they have or hand them to the State to pay for it.


They can’t escape this debt.  All the females in this video above, are unmarriable.  I made up that word.  They can’t get married and no sane man would want to be around except for short term sex because they are nasty, irritable, self-centered and whiny.


And very deep in debt.  Not wife material.  Not at all.










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13 responses to “Stupid Middlebury College Students Attack Professor Murray Violently

  1. Moe

    In the past ten years I note that the inheritablity of intelligence is not the taboo subject it was for a couple of generations, and that has to be an influence of the Internet. It was amazing to me that the genetics of racial and tribal IQ was a verboten subject for so long: one can see the hand of liberals in this. (Actually, libtards: there still exist genuine small-l ‘liberals’).

    The Unz Review and has quite a few contributors to this subject. I would recommend reading Fred Reed there for balance with the other submitters: Fred shoots a lot of holes in the various theories. HBD Chick is also interesting

  2. emsnews

    One can breed any animal for intelligence or temperament. Ditto with humans which is why all royals everywhere rot away within 500 years.

    Back when kings had to fight for a throne, they are super strong. When it is inherited and they never fight (medieval kings fought) and live in protected palaces, they rot away rapidly and become very stupid as well as weak.

  3. Lou

    In the past ten years I note that the inheritablity of intelligence is not the taboo subject it was for a couple of generations, and that has to be an influence of the Internet. It was amazing to me that the genetics of racial and tribal IQ was a verboten subject for so long: one can see the hand of liberals in this. (Actually, libtards: there still exist genuine small-l ‘liberals’

    –Nonsense. Bruce Lahn was shut down.

    Blacks have very low IQs [average 85], hence testing for IQ at job interview is illegal.

  4. KHS71

    Did any of the major media outlets cover this story or was it just overseas?

  5. Ken

    For many years It has been a litmus test for liberalism to denounce the inheritability of intelligence – ever since The Bell Curve was published. Any “true liberal” had to toe the official line and claim that intelligence had no genetic factor. In spite of this being incredibly stupid on its face. Of course intelligence is inherited. That is why people are smarter than dogs and cats. They inherit it from their parents.

    Recent studies have even shown that intelligence is one of the most inherited traits. Even more closely determined by genetics than height.

    All of this idiocy has its foundation in one thing – making excuses for groups which (with some exceptions) are less intelligent. That is what made The Bell Curve controversial. In one chapter it recommended acknowledging the differences between groups and adjusting expectations. Very verboten.

  6. Lou

    One rumor is that Blacks were tested [military testing] and millions of them
    had IQs that had a cumulative average of 85.
    So 2 things happened,
    1] Mental retardation definition was lowered from 85 to 75.
    2] it was made illegal for employers to test for IQ.

    Heritability, I have read the mothers IQ is more inportant than the fathers.
    Also research ‘Bruce Lahn at school in Chicago.’

  7. Lou

    This stark reality infuriates ‘liberals’ who are raised to believe that everyone is the same. —All men are created equal.

  8. Lou

    Wiki—-an example of racist science, …
    [Search domain]

    Charles Murray | Southern Poverty Law Center
    … using racist pseudoscience and misleading statistics to argue that social inequality is caused by the genetic … Charles Murray, … —The Bell Curve, …
    [Search domain]
    The Bell Curve revisited. – Slate Magazine
    But I do know that in response to The Bell Curve, the widely esteemed Harvard sociologist Christopher Jencks organized a yearlong … American Racism, …
    [Search domain]…

    Endorsing Racism: The Story of The Bell Curve – Aaron Swartz
    Endorsing Racism: The Story of The Bell Curve … † That’s certainly what The Bell Curve did, … then making such a statement would be as racist as saying that …
    [Search domain]
    Racism Resurgent | FAIR
    Racism Resurgent How Media Let The Bell Curve’s Pseudo-Science Define the Agenda on Race. … The Bell Curve uses Bouchard to rehabilitate —

    Aaron Swartz–another joo trying to doo us in.

  9. Lou

    Wiki [predictably] does not like ‘BC’. as in,

    {{{Noam Chomsky}}} criticized the book’s accusations about race, saying that there is little evidence that IQ is genetic but that it is influenced by the environment.

    He goes on to criticize the notion that Blacks and people with lower IQs having more children is even a problem and criticized solutions the authors propose to stop it:

    / All I have to do is look at Haiti and Congo to see how primitive [dumb] Blacks are. But Elaine has criticized me for this. [I know lots of smart Haitians].

  10. Lou

    Charles Murray is a self-identified libertarian author whose 1994 book The Bell Curve spawned 100 “response” books attempting to refute the chapter about racial differences in IQ. These differences are statistically significant and have never been refuted. Murray also wrote Coming Apart (2012), which examines anomie and dysfunction among America’s white working class.
    “Not until media coverage of Trump is 100% negative will he be living up to his glorious potential.”

    Of course, saying anything short of “white people are evil” is a sure way to cause a near-riot on college campuses these days. So on Thursday afternoon as the lumpy yet genteel Murray attempted to launch into his speech at Middlebury College in the exceedingly white state of Vermont, a scraggly cabal of mostly white students and apparently every living black person in Vermont—yes, all half-dozen of them—stood up, turned their backs to the stage, read some asinine prepared statement, an

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