US Mainstream Fake News Continues Desperately Hammering ‘Putin/Trump’ Libel


Washington Post front page ignores all the news of all the army of DNC clowns who hung out with Putin and his people all the time…pretending there was no news is the mainstream Fake News machines, they all pretended there was no news about Democrats doing what they accuse Trump of doing, that is, talking to Russians.  This stupid story is still be peddled nonstop by the DNC which is desperate, hopelessly desperate to smear Trump before assassinating him.


The New York Times…might as well call the WP  the Washington Pest and the NYT, the New York Slimes…joins this nonstop liberal attack on Trump talking to Russians.  Oh, how dare he do diplomacy!  He is supposed to do nothing like Obama…


In between this horror of a President doing business with foreign governments…remember Nixon going to China?  Oh, it wasn’t merely Chinese, it was Mao and his insane wife, Madame Mao, Nixon and Kissinger talked to both!  And the NYT and WP both greeted this as a great victory!


Well, the black radicals are furious that Trump met with black leaders.  Another evil moment for them.  Everything is evil, rioting, on the other hand, is OK.  The Democrats have chained themselves to violent rioters screaming to kill people.  This is very bad for the DNC.  They will possibly be wiped out due to this position.



London Daily Mail is in England and so, it carries much more real news than US mainstream media.  So, they jumped on the story of all the hypocrites in the DNC whining about meeting with Russians.


Then there is the totally evil man from my own state, Schumer.  So, this creep who is a big wig in the women’s rights business, helped bring in a foreign Muslim rapists so he could do sports?  And this is the clown that believes building huge walls in Israel to keep out Muslims and to have us taxpayers pay for this…same guy!


Talk about inconsistent.  He is also against building any walls here.  Or stopping rapist Muslims from coming here, too.


Russian news has this story: Vast majority of media coverage on Trump’s first month in office ‘hostile’ – study by US group ‘Media Research Center.’  The above stories or lack of stories due to censorship, the proof is obvious.  I nearly never find any pro-Trump stories in mainstream media.



Now for some hidden foreign news:  Zulu President Zuma’risks race war’ as he demands land owned by white ‘occupiers’ can be taken without compensation.  This will not show up in US news.


Speaking to parliament, he called for unity between black parties. The controversial move would require a change to the constitution.


Zuma’s comments echo those of his rival Julius Malema, who said earlier this week: ‘So, we are saying black people, all of us must unite so that we can change the constitution so that we can expropriate land without compensation.


‘There is no white man that will understand it.’


Zuma told the Council of Traditional Leaders: ‘The black parties should unite on this issue. We cannot fight about nothing.’


South Africa limps along and soon will be crashing.  Why black African nations can’t cope isn’t hard to figure out.  All nations like to jump off of cliffs.  The concept of ‘nation’ is very new to Africa which is very tribal and there is serious problems with creating ‘countries’ when Europe can’t do this too well, for example.



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9 responses to “US Mainstream Fake News Continues Desperately Hammering ‘Putin/Trump’ Libel

  1. Moe

    My question is, does Fake News have any real impact? Or are they preaching only to the ‘choir’, that element of US population that was already anti-Trump, pro-Democrat? If the latter, then I’m sure a plan is afoot to if-need-be instigate large-scale rebellion at some point.

    I was in South Africa in 2007. The shanties the Blacks lived in wouldn’t suffice for a dilapidated garage in America. The whites in general lived in much better conditions. The population was 90% Black: now what does one think will eventually happen to the white minority? Can you say ‘Rhodesia’?

    Zuma or his successor will drive the whites out, only to end up eating the seed-corn. Here’s my pean to Ling-a-Ling Zuma (Zuma comes up at middle of song):

  2. JimmyJ

    I’ve met a few South African white expats over the years that saw the writing on the wall and left forever, so it’s hard to have any sympathy for those whites who now will lose property, especially when we’ve all seen consequences a lot worse than simply “appropriation”. I guess if they complain it could get worse for them too.

    Back to US politics, there is an interesting word war developing between Obama and Trump about the former authorizing the wiretapping of Trump Tower during late stage pres campaign, and the assumption seems to be that Trump has a FISA document that proves it. Headlines over at Zerohedge.

  3. emsnews

    My phones have been tapped more than once in my long life, a lot more than once. His being tapped: there is a 100% chance it was.

  4. ziff

    If you want to see a hot bed of antitrumpiness take a look at the F*king NY’r mag , i hadn’t in a while even though i get it free but its open hate.

  5. Lou

    His being tapped: there is a 100% chance it was.–Thanks.

  6. csurge

    Watching upcoming black despots in SA is very amusing, especially while watching the white traitors in the West preach to whites about ‘diversity’ and ‘tolerance’

  7. csurge

    SA will become another African basket case, only this time the international fallout will be greater. The liberal Nazis in the West won’t be able to hide this forever. When the white anti-white majorities get wind of it, they’ll resort to mafia tactics to push their white racist bastards out of power and then they will retaliate against minorities in their own lands. Sad

  8. floridasandy

    the Washington Post hysteria continues with this headline:

    In the era of Donald Trump, Germans debate a military buildup (end)

    So embarrassing to be them–and POWERLESS.

    The European Union is reduced to financial threats against Britain, and getting ready to have more countries exit.

    We aren’t in a race war– we are in a nationalist vs globalist war. The leftists are pushing for the women’s movement (which isn’t going to happen, make sure you support the country on March 8) since they have already lost control of the “black movement”, with many blacks (and whites0 voting for Trump. It’s game on now.

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