Pope Francis Says Fewer EU Christian Babies Due To Global Warming


Rome wakes up to find city full of anti-Pope Francis posters last month.  There is a raging battle going on inside the Vatican and across Europe.  Catholics are not having many children anymore and this has been made worse by yesterday’s news: The Pope wants couples to have fewer children in order to lessen the environmental damage being done to the planet, a Vatican panel has been told.  This Pope believes we are all going to roast to death due to global warming.  Oh, tonight it will be -6 F here on my little mountain!  Brrrr…


Belief manias have severe consequences.  The new Pope is gathering enemies inside the Church at a mad rate. The appearance of these posters which were covered up by authorities at the orders of the Vatican, are a declaration of open theological warfare.


Too bad, all the people fighting this issue are men who don’t marry women or care for children, themselves.


 ROME- On Saturday, posters appeared around Rome featuring a stern-looking Pope Francis and asking “Where’s your mercy?” The unsigned images referred to the “decapitation” of the Knights of Malta and other actions Francis has taken against groups and individuals perceived as conservative.


“Ah Francis, you’ve taken over congregations, removed priests, decapitated the Order of Malta and the Franciscans of the Immaculate, ignored Cardinals… but where’s your mercy?” it reads.


Though there’s no logo on the image, nor any clue as to who might be behind them, the content of the poster makes it clear that they come from conservative, if not traditionalist, quarters within the Catholic Church, many of whom feel ostracized, ignored and even attacked by the more progressive Argentine pontiff.


For instance, by talking of a decapitation of the Order of Malta, they mean Francis’s decision to interfere in the firing of the Grand Chancellor by the Grand Master and American Cardinal Raymond Burke.


The issue concluded with Francis asking Grand Master Matthew Festing for his resignation and with the appointment of a papal delegate that is to be the sole spokesman between the pope and the order, virtually leaving Burke without a job.

The Order of Malta:


Pope Francis had ordered them to hew to his ideology no matter how insane.   I note here a German is in charge of this ancient order, Albrecht Boeselager.  He is very controversial.


Malta: Boeselager is Chancellor again, Festing’s resignation has been accepted
The Order’s Sovereign Council has accepted the Grand Master’s resignation. The number three man who had been dismissed has now got his position back, while Hoffmann von Rumerstein takes up office as Lieutenant ad interim,
both are Germans.  Look at his face!


“In accordance with Article 17 of the Constitution,” the statement reads, “the Grand Commander, Fra’ Ludwig Hoffmann von Rumerstein, has assumed the office of Lieutenant ad interim and will remain the Order of Malta’s head until the election of the successor of the Grand Master. The Sovereign Council thanked Fra’ Matthew Festing for his great commitment during his nine years in office.”


Subsequently, “the Sovereign Council presided over by the Lieutenant ad interim annulled the decrees establishing the disciplinary procedures against Albrecht Boeselager and the suspension of his membership in the Order. Albrecht Boeselager resumes his office as Grand Chancellor immediately.”


So much for ‘cleaning house,’ eh?  Forget all the secret trials and other goofy things, the Pope is a dictator who rules via the Party.  Yes, there are parties and factions within the Church, the Vatican and elsewhere.  The Germans ran the joint for a while until Ratzinger, my old buddy from my wild teen years (HAHAHA) in Tübingen, was forced out suddenly.


The German/Argentina matrix is always very interesting to me, my own German side of the family crosses that frontier, too.  Ahem.


Yesterday, Pope Francis sent a letter to Fra’ Ludwig Hoffmann von Rumerstein and members of the Sovereign Council, emphasising the Sovereign Order of Malta’s special relationship with the Apostolic See.


The Pope affirmed that the Lieutenant ad interim assumes responsibility over the Order’s government, in particular regarding relationships with other States. Readers will recall that in announcing Festing’s resignation, the Holy See had also informed of Francis’ intention to appoint a “papal delegate”. In the letter, the Pope clarified that his “papal delegate” would have the task of working “for the spiritual renewal of the Order, specifically of its professed members”.


This is a coup.


The Sovereign Order of Malta, the statement adds, “assures its full collaboration with the Special Delegate whom the Holy Father intends to appoint. The Sovereign Order of Malta is most grateful to Pope Francis and the Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin for their interest in and care for the Order.


The Order appreciates that the Holy Father’s decisions were all carefully taken with regard to and respect for the Order, with a determination to strengthen its sovereignty”. Finally, it informs that “the Lieutenant ad interim together with the Sovereign Council will soon convene the Council Complete of State for the election of the successor of the Grand Master, according to Art. 23 of the Constitution.”
The Order’s statement denies outright that the Pope’s decisions have harmed the sovereignty of the Knights of Malta, as claimed by some in recent weeks who have poured fuel on the fire, trying to force a link between an internal issue affecting the Order and the controversy over the “dubia” which four cardinals presented in relation to the “Amoris Laetitia”.


For the last two years, Francis has been kicking ass.  Removing lots of people and installing lots of people.  And his beliefs are very extraordinary.  This is a real change at the top and one that is very unpopular in some ranks and indeed, quite dangerous.


He has embraced Muslims and at the same time  Pope Francis signals openness to birth control for Zika virus and to save us from being warm, for example.
Then, under pressure, he backed down again with confusing stuff about ‘have no sex’ instead.


The Holy See took the very serious decision to ask Festing to resign, in light of the results of the inquiry conducted by the papal commission headed by Archbishop Silvano Tomasi.


Evidently some serious proven facts emerged from the documents and testimonies collected, such as the innocence of the Grand Chancellor who had initially been ousted over the condom incident in Myanmar.


Oh boy, a ‘condom incident’ in an Asian non-Catholic holiday joint?  HAHAHA.  At the heart of the case lies the firing of the Maltese Order’s grand chancellor, Albrecht von Boeselager, who was suspended on 8 December after he refused to resign after allegations that thousands of condoms were distributed in Myanmar by its charitable arm under his watch.


The conservative order said in a statement it intended to protect its sovereignty from official oversight and its members had the legal right not to cooperate with the Vatican investigation, which was approved by Pope Francis late last year, and is being led by the Vatican’s second most senior official, the secretary of state, Pietro Parolin.


The fight is increasingly being seen not just as a battle over the investigation, but as a sign of the increasing anger and disobedience by some Catholic traditionalists who are opposed to Francis’s papacy because they view him as too progressive on issues involving social doctrine.


This is one huge mix-up and it is all caused by women and our ways.  The elderly men at the Vatican who are not real fathers, love to dictate to women, what to do.  The crisis in birthing that the Catholics and others in Europe is very real.  Japan, too, is below ‘replacement’ rates in births, too.


The numbers look a lot worse when we deduct the Muslim women in Europe from the birthing statistics.  The Muslims know this and work hard at ‘winning via population increases’ for more power.


Italy had the lowest rate of births in the EU last year, with just eight babies born for every 1,000 residents, according to figures published by Eurostat on Friday.


Well, the Pope has the dictatorial power to win this battle within but it can undermine him, too.  We shall see.  His friendliness with Muslims coupled with indiscretely saying he wanted fewer Catholic children will seriously undermine his position within the Church.  I wonder if they will get rid of him now.  We shall see.





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5 responses to “Pope Francis Says Fewer EU Christian Babies Due To Global Warming

  1. Lou

    The above link is to an old article, but I still find eye popping.

  2. hblinken

    I wonder if they will get rid of him now. We shall see.

    no chance, the Rothschild Zionist have always wanted a Jesuit in power in the Vatican, he will be got rid of when the Grater Israel project comes tumbling down. May 2017 is the crucial month, let’s see what happens.

  3. emsnews

    Yes, my own British Protestant family totally didn’t allow Catholics into the family until I did it. My husband is ‘Catholic’. My brother’s fiancé back in 1970 was Catholic and her parents didn’t allow the wedding because of this rift.

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