Daily Mail Has Multiple Stories About ‘Towergate’ The FBI Spying Illegally On Trump


I hope they arrest Clapper finally.  He has been a jerk for a long time now.  And will Obama be arrested?  That would be interesting since they let Nixon get off way too easy.  I wanted both Bushes arrested but they still slipped the leash, so far.  We shall see if Hillary can be arrested, too.  Of course, the mainstream media doesn’t want any of these traitors arrested. For the biggest traitors are the media giants.  Some of them founded the Bilderberg gang in the first place.

Remember Watergate? The head of the FBI, Patrick Gray, had to resign in disgrace due to participating in the cover up of the Watergate break-in.  That was the beginning of the end of Nixon.

Comey is still running the FBI.  I thought he would be kind to us all and resign way back when Trump won the election despite all the stupid things Comey did about the Podesta revelations, that is, Comey did nothing.  Well, leaving this creep in charge of the FBI is criminal.  Get rid of him, now.


All this contradictory news is from the London Daily Mail.  US media is nearly useless these days, sometimes Fox News has news.  Otherwise, it is a dead zone.  I have given up nearly entirely on US media systems due to this.


HAHAHA.  Clapper is in deep trouble now.  Of course, he and his buddies spied on Trump!  It was obvious to me from day one because this is how the secret government operates.  They go to court and follow rules ONLY if they must.


In this case, they fully expected that Hillary and her gang of Bilderberg buddies had a 98% chance of winning which is hilarious because a rule of thumb is, never believe your own propaganda!  But that is the trap of propaganda: they become stupid because they want reality to fit their desires and thus, ignore real stuff.

Trey Gowdy is a hound dog prosecutor and he is now going to put his two bits into this mess and I expect him to be honest and go after whatever he finds, high or low, big or small.  And he is NOT a Bilderberg gangster, either.


Can they assassinate him, too?  Who knows.  Nixon backed off on assassinating everyone who thwarted him, he gave up.  Obama, is he strong enough to do mass murder?  Ask his new best buddy, Bush Jr. about mass murder, he thought 9/11 was funny.



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3 responses to “Daily Mail Has Multiple Stories About ‘Towergate’ The FBI Spying Illegally On Trump

  1. floridasandy

    Mass murderers are not strong for crying out loud. That was badly worded there. They are the low hanging fruit that can’t outsmart anyone.

    Of course, they spied on Trump and of course that was discussed between Lynch and Clinton on the plane. She owed him, after all.

    The plot is thickening, so I expect the media to get back on that Russia taking over the US bandwagon pronto. The media has turned itself into a joke, not to be taken seriously.

    Ask Ms. Attkisson about spying.

  2. Melponeme_k


    Yeah, the “Russians stole everyone’s dirty underwear” is the only story they have now. There doesn’t seem to be any alternative narrative.

  3. KHS71

    As if right on cue. From Zero Hedge this morning. The Russian hackers are now black mailing left wing groups.


    Also a good read from the Z man this morning. Read the comments too.


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